Keeping track of infant matters used to be a challenging effort, but it's easier than ever today. We now offer applications built expressly to assist you with your Baby's needs. 

Almost everything can be tracked, from diaper changes to nursing sessions.

The Best four Apple Watch Apps for Babies and Newborns

1) Sprout Babies (Best Baby Tracker App for Apple Watch)

Sprout Babies (Best Baby Tracker App for Apple Watch)

One of the greatest Apple Watch Apps for Newborns & Babies is Sprout Baby. The brilliant thing about Sprout Baby is that you don't have to join up for anything; all you have to do is download the app, and you're ready to go. 

Sprout baby may track various things, like your eating, sleep, sickness, medications, progress, health emergencies, and more. The app also saves full summaries on everything so that you or your physician can track how things are going. Furthermore, Sprout Baby's Growth tracker and charts are based on WHO information, ensuring accuracy.

You may also use the app to capture and export important experiences with your Baby as an eBook. You may even use the app to simultaneously maintain a count of many infants. Overall, Sprout Baby is a fantastic baby tracker app for Apple Watch, and it's a perfect choice for you.

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2) Cloud Baby Monitor (Best Baby Monitor for Apple Watch)

Cloud Baby Monitor (Best Baby Monitor for Apple Watch)

Another excellent Apple Watch App for Newborn babies is Cloud Baby Monitor. Cloud Baby Monitor is unusual because it enables you to use your iPhone, iPad, or another device as a safe baby monitor. 

Cloud Baby Monitor utilizes the sensor on your smartphone to keep a record of your Baby. It includes Live Video Streaming, Noise and Motion Alerts, Live Video and Audio Chat with Baby, and a slew of additional features. 

The app also makes it possible to control display brightness, which is a really useful function if you want to keep an eye on your child late at night.

It also supports multiple parents, allowing both parents to view the live feed simultaneously. Additionally, you may make personalized playlists to play on your smartphone to help your Baby go to sleep. For $4.99, you can buy Cloud Baby Monitor, a professional Apple Watch app.

3) Feed Baby (Best Baby Tracking Apps for Both Parents)

Another famous Apple Watch App for Infants and Babies is Feed Baby. The app's key feature is that it permits you and your companion to track your progress simultaneously. 

Breastfeeds, nappy changes, sleeping schedules, diaper changes, and other data may all be tracked using Feed Baby. Feed Baby also provides thorough reports and charts that give valuable information. 

Furthermore, it keeps track of a complete chronology of various actions so you can see when they took place. Ultimately, Feed Baby is a good app for new parents who wish to keep watch of their Baby's activities with their spouse.

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4) Glow Baby (Best Baby Sleep Tracker App for Apple Watch)

Glow Baby (Best Baby Sleep Tracker App for Apple Watch)

You may use the Glow Baby App, perhaps the greatest Baby Sleep Tracker App for Apple Watch, to keep track of your Baby's sleep. The program has a very polished User Interface that is also quite simple. 

It has an integrated Sleep Log that you may use to record your Baby's sleep data. Using the app, you may also keep track of mealtime times, diapers, and other information. The app also has a plethora of CDC-approved developmental milestones for Baby.

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How can I monitor the heart rate of my Baby at home? 

If you have an Apple Watch, you could use this to monitor your Baby's heart rate. Apple Watch has an extremely precise heart-rate sensor, which you may use to determine your Baby's heart rate. Wrap it around your Baby's wrist and hold it firmly while the sensor takes the reading.

Is there a way to keep track of your heart rate using the Apple Watch? 

Yes. When your child wears the watch, keep complete track of all the heart-rate data it records. If you want to check your Baby's heart rate record, activate the pulse rate app on the Smartwatch, and you'll get a thorough breakdown of his or her heartbeat.

What is the best Apple Watch heart rate monitor app? 

Most people will be satisfied with the standard heart-rate app on the Apple Watch, but if you want something more, Cardiogram, a powerful heart-rate monitor, is a good option. The app's Apple Watch version displays minimal data, but if you download it to your iPhone, you'll receive a thorough overview of your heart-rate statistics. Cardiogram's Heart-rate Monitor is free to use; however, it does include in-app purchases. 

A chest strap should be considered if you want a more precise HR readout from your Apple watch.


That's all there is to it, guys. I listed the Best Apple Watch Apps for Newborn babies in this article. I picked the finest applications for various reasons to assist you in selecting the best app for your Baby. Now, let me know which app appeals to you the most. Please leave your response in the comments section. 


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