When you go out with friends, it can be hard to figure out how to split the bill. Do you split the bill fairly, or do you write down each person's drinks and meals? How much should everyone give as a tip? And splitting bigger bills, like rent, utilities, and buying toilet paper for your flat, can make things even more complicated.

1. Sideways: To make it easy to move

This free app is great if you often split costs with someone, like a roommate. It works on both iPhone and Android. Splitwise keeps track of how much each person pays, from the last three times you bought groceries to the Friday happy hour your roommate paid for. When you're ready to pay, all you have to do is send money through PayPal.

2. Billr: To split costs and list them all in one place.

If you love going out to eat with friends and have an iPhone, you need this 99-cent app. Billr will figure out how much each person owes for their own entree (since you don't want to pay for someone else's lobster when you had a salad) and how much each person owes for shared items like starters and wine. The app will also add the tax and tip, and it can even text or email a copy of the split bill to the other people in the group.

3. Divvy:

You don't even have to put anything into your iPhone to Snap and Split with Divvy. Just take a picture of your ticket and drag each item to the person who will pay for it. The app will add the right tax and tip to each person's share immediately. You can get it for $0.99.

4. To remind your friends they owe you money

Did you pay for a group birthday gift or trip with the plan that everyone would pay you back later? This free app lets you send money requests at any time to remind your friends of what they owe you. If your friends ask you to, you can also pay them back.

5. Bank of Me: To Keep Track of More Than Money

You might give a friend $20 once in a while, but more often you might tell her you'll pay for her next lunch if she gets this one. This 99-cent app lets you make up your own currencies so you can keep track of how much your best friend owes you in favors, meals, or drinks. Bank of Me will also keep track of how much everyone owes each other and connect to your contacts so you can send receipts and notes to your friends.


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