Your Apple Watch accompanies a lot of sensors that assist it with tracking your steps, pulse, and different measurements. It is likewise equipped for tracking exercises in many testing situations; however, the present question is: will the Apple watch include steps in the pocket? How about we find out.

About Apple Watch

Apple Watch utilizes the inbuilt Accelerometer and GPS sensor to track your exercises, including the step. Apple suggests wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist for effective tracking. Yet on the off chance that you would rather not wear it and need to keep it in your pocket, you can do it as well.

The Apple watch can, in any case, track your steps in your pocket, yet the step count considered won't be as precise as the one you get when you wear the watch on your wrist.

About Apple Watch

Will Apple Watch count Steps if in the pocket?

Before getting to the real issue, we must see how the Apple Watch tracks your steps. Apple Watch utilizes the Accelerometer to track your activity, and the GPS sensor gives some extra data that the watch uses to confirm the outcomes.

An accelerometer is a sensor that essentially tracks your movement, and it can follow the movement toward any direction. When the Accelerometer recognizes that you are moving, it begins considering your step counts as well. GPS sensors additionally assist the watch in tracking your movement with the assistance of the GPS.

The Apple Watch involves the information from the two sensors and your information like your height, weight, etc., to decide the step counts and distance.

Will Apple Watch count Steps if in the pocket?

Presently we should get to the real issue, will the apple watch count steps if in the pocket. The response is. Indeed, it tracks your steps when you put it in your pocket. The step count considered may not be as precise as what you get when you wear it on your wrist. However, it can take care of business.

Likewise, you ought to ensure that the GPS is on because it will assist the watch with realizing that you are moving and begin tracking your step count.

Here is my reaction to one more related and famous inquiry that you may be posing as well - Does Apple Watch count steps on the off chance that arms aren't moving?

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Do Apple Watch and iPhone duplicate Steps?

No, Apple Watch and iPhone don't duplicate steps. As the two gadgets are equipped to track your steps, they send all the information to the fitness Application. The Application utilizes its Algorithm to adjust the information and eliminate duplicate data. Along these lines, regardless of which gadget you are utilizing for tracking your step count, the devices will not duplicate the data.

Do Apple Watch and iPhone duplicate Steps?

Why are Steps on Apple Watch different from those on an iPhone?

Many individuals, including myself, have experienced it on Apple Watch and iPhone, yet it is normal. Apple Watch is the gadget that we assume to wear constantly, and as we wear it more often than not, it offers better tracking.

Then again, we generally don't keep iPhones in our hands constantly. A few of us keep it in the pocket, a few keep it in a bag pack, etc., making it challenging for the iPhone to track your steps and, subsequently, get the different step count.

Why are Steps on Apple Watch different from those on an iPhone?

Notwithstanding, the distinction between the steps depending on Apple Watch and iPhone is not a significant issue because the fitness Application automatically deletes the same information when you sync your watch with the Application.

Is the step counter on Apple Watch precise?

Indeed, the step counter on the Apple watch is precise, assuming that you appropriately wear the Apple watch on your wrist and have enabled fitness tracking on your iPhone. Additionally, if you have Apple Watch Series 1 or a prior version, you will likewise have to ensure that it is calibrated appropriately.

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How might you calibrate your watch?

How might you calibrate your watch?

The process is fundamental, and I will discuss steps for the same below.

  • Hold the iPhone and enable GPS. Now open the workout application
  • Begin walking or running at your typical speed for around 20 minutes.
  • It will calibrate the watch, improve the tracking precision, and obtain accurate outcomes.


That is all, people. I trust that this guide assisted you with observing solutions to the inquiries you are searching for. I would likewise encourage you to check different aides where I have addressed the other regular inquiries concerning Apple Watch and other fitness gadgets. Do leave a comment in the comment section below if you have any further queries, and I will try to resolve them.


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