Everyone dreams, and probably everyone has dreamed of fruit trees at some point in their lives. Whether it is a happy dream or an unhappy one, fruit trees appear as the object of dreams quite often. What does it mean to dream about them? Is there some hidden meaning? To understand what your fruit tree dreams mean, you need to understand the meaning of the different types of fruit tree dreams and also the interpretation of such dreams. Read on to discover all this and more.


There are many types of dreams with fruit trees; the most common are dreams with apples, oranges, bananas, coconuts, pomegranates, mangoes, and durians and mangosteens. Each of these types of fruit tree dreams has its own meaning. So, before moving on to the next part, let's first understand the meaning of the different types of fruit tree dreams.

– Dreams with apples and their interpretation – Dreams with apples are very common. While there are many who enjoy dreaming about apples and their health benefits, not a few have nightmares about apples. If the latter is your case, then it is important that you know that the meaning of apples in dreams is very different from their meaning in real life.

In real life, apples are great for your health and can be used for a wide variety of things. However, in dreams, they signify love and romance. Dreams with apples mean that you are going to fall in love; you or someone close to you will fall in love soon. It also means that you will get appreciation for your efforts and hard work. – Dreams with oranges and their interpretation – Dreams with oranges are not very common and are usually associated with bad luck. Dreams with oranges can be a warning to be careful with something or someone in your life. Dreams with oranges could also indicate that there is an impending health problem in your family.

– Dreams with bananas and their interpretation – Dreams with bananas are also associated with love and romance. Also, dreams about bananas also mean that you feel energetic and full of life. – Dreams with coconuts and their interpretation – Dreams with coconuts also mean romance, like dreams with apples. However, dreams with coconuts can also indicate that you are feeling creative and may be good for business. Dreams with coconuts can also mean that you feel refreshed and relaxed and that you are enjoying life. – Dreams with grenades and their interpretation – Dreams with grenades are associated with negative omens. Dreams with grenades indicate that you may be dealing with a bad person or a bad situation in your life.

– Dreams with mangoes and their interpretation – Dreams with mangoes are associated with money and prosperity and are generally positive dreams. – Dreams with durians and their interpretation – Dreams with durians can be positive or negative. If your durian dreams are positive, it means that you will enjoy good health and prosperity and have a positive outlook in general. On the other hand, if your durian dreams are negative, it means that you feel hostility towards someone in your life. – Dreams with mangosteens and their interpretation – Dreams with mangosteens are associated with love and romance.


Fruit trees appear in many dreams. These dreams can be a representation of what is happening in your life or they can be an indication of something that you may be going through. However, the best way to be sure is to discuss your dreams with a dream interpreter or psychologist. If you want to know the meaning of dreams with fruit trees, read this article and apply the information in your life.


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