In the real world, if you run into your ex and they give you a hug, it can be awkward. But in the world of dreams, there may be something else. If you've had a dream where your ex was hugging you, that can mean a number of different things. It could be a sign that you are moving on from them and they no longer have power over you. Or it could mean that he still has feelings for you, or that there are unfinished business between the two of you.

The way an ex behaves in your dreams will tell you a lot about how he makes you feel. In general, if your ex hugs you in a dream and her actions are warm, loving or compassionate towards you; then this indicates that the relationship ended on good terms and any hurt feelings have healed. A hug in a dream from your ex could also signify the longing for you to return to your romantic life.


If your ex is behaving in a warm, compassionate or loving way towards you in your dream, then this could suggest that you are ready to move on. On the other hand, if your ex is holding you while she cries, she may be ready to move on from her feelings for you.

If you dream that your ex hugs you while crying, it is possible that he still has feelings for you. It is possible that she wants to get back together with you, or she just wants to heal the break up that caused you to break up in the first place.


If your ex hugs you in a dream and is angry or resentful of you, this could indicate that he is still upset about what happened between you. If this person is crying when he hugs you, it may mean that he regrets breaking up with you.

If other people are present when your ex behaves this way, it could mean that other people are involved and they want the relationship to continue.

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If your ex is crying while hugging you in a dream and you don't know why, he may be feeling sorry for breaking up with you. If your ex is happy about the breakup and the hug is more of a friendly gesture, then this indicates that your ex is relieved that the relationship is over.

If you are hugging your ex in a dream, and you feel regretful that you ended the relationship with them, this can be a sign that you are still in love with them. It can also mean that you feel guilty about the way you ended the relationship.


If your ex is holding you tightly while hugging you in a dream, it is possible that he still has unfulfilled sexual desires for you.

If your ex hugs you while laughing at you, or teasing you in the dream, he may feel superior to you.

If your ex is hugging you and it feels more like a hug, this could mean that he wants to be friends with you, or that he feels sorry for you.

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Feelings that sharpen in a dream are difficult to interpret, but it is important to try. The best way to understand what happens in your dreams is to write it all down when you wake up. When you are relaxed and in a dream state, it can be difficult to recognize what the images you are seeing mean. If you take the time to write it all down when you wake up, you can put it all in perspective and gain new insights about yourself and the people in your life.


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