While buying a Fitbit, size is a fundamental perspective you should factor in before settling on an official conclusion. The fundamental justification for why Fitbit gadgets sell so well is their somewhat simple to-utilize configuration, offering exact information and incorporating a reliable software ecosystem.

One size fits all is perhaps the greatest lie in the world of style; hence, you need to search for an item that best suits your necessities.

With the right Fitbit size, you will be able to enhance comfort. However, how would you pick the ideal Fitbit size? To track down the response to this inquiry, consider reading this article as far as possible as we take you through the Fitbit size guide.

Fitbit Size Guide

What is Fitbit's Size Diagram?

Size matters; in this way, you should settle on a size that will best suit your requirements before buying. Since Fitbit is something you will have with you nearly 24-hours per day, it is crucial to search for the correct size that will be agreeable when worn.

You will possibly get precise information from your Fitbit when you put it on accurately.

Assuming that you were keeping watch for a regular or medium-sized Fitbit, you are out of luck. There are two standard sizes to browse from: large and small. Moreover, there is an additional size you should seriously consider ordering by using the original Fitbit site, and that is the extra-large size.

The following is the size chart of Fitbit:

  • Band Size small
  • Wrist Size (in Inches) 5.5 inches to 6.7 inches
  • Wrist Size (in mm) 140 mm to 170 mm

  • Band Size large
  • Wrist Size (in Inches) 6.7 inches to 8.1 inches
  • Wrist Size (in mm) 170 mm to 206 mm

  • Band Size Extra large
  • Wrist Size (in Inches) 8.1 inches to 9.3 inches
  • Wrist Size (in mm) 206 mm to 236 mm

What is Fitbit's Size Diagram?

Accordingly, while buying a Fitbit, guarantee that the item is within your wrist size for an ideal fit. You can continuously refer to the above table for additional help.

Be that as it may, Fitbit offers a sizing tool to quantify your wrist size. So we should perceive how to utilize the official Fitbit sizing tool.

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How to Utilize Fitbit Sizing Tool?

If you don't have the foggiest idea about your wrist size and might want to pick the ideal Fitbit size, all you require is some scissors and a printer.

The company offers an adequate Fitbit size estimating apparatus. With this, you will want to find the right Fitbit size that will best accommodate your wrist. Download and print this Fitbit size, and afterward, measure your wrist utilizing it.

How to Utilize Fitbit Sizing Tool?

In any case, Not every person has a printer, so there is no compelling reason to stress. On the off chance that you don't possess a printer, you can quantify your wrist size in an old-fashioned way.

How To Precisely Measure Your Wrist Measure For A Fitbit?

There are two main ways to measure wrist size:

  • Estimating Wrist Size Utilizing Rope
  • Estimating Wrist Size Utilizing a Measuring tape

How To Precisely Measure Your Wrist Measure For A Fitbit?

When you measure your wrist size, you can compare it against the Fitbit's size displayed in the table above. To do as such, take an estimating tape or a measuring tape and use it to measure your wrist circumference. Another elective strategy is to utilize a rope, wrap it on your wrist, and measure it on a ruler afterward.

If you come up with two different measurements, it is fitting to buy a Fitbit size that is the greatest in your measurements. Also, size Fitbits are adjustable; you can adjust it to best suit your wrist without much of a stretch.

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Why Estimating Your Wrist Before Buying A Fitbit Is Fundamental?

As expressed before, Fitbit comes in two standard sizes and a third size which one can request directly from the company. Since Fitbit breaks down their gadgets in various wrist sizes, you should sort out your wrist size before settling on any ultimate choice.

Why Estimating Your Wrist Before Buying A Fitbit Is Fundamental?

Subsequently, by estimating your wrist, buying a Fitbit inside your wrist size turns out to be generally simple. With the right size set up, wearing a Fitbit over the day won't feel awkward, and you will want to get precise information without fail.

How To Wear A Fitbit?

Whenever you have observed the correct wrist size, the following thing you would need to consider is how to wear a Fitbit accurately.

As a matter of first importance, you ought to try not to tighten your Fitbit once you strap it on. Whenever your Fitbit is immobile on your hand, it begins getting uncomfortable to put on, and it increases the risk of causing a rash over the natural course of Time.

Nonetheless, you should wear your Fitbit tight enough while leaving some space for it to move effectively up and down your wrist. Simultaneously, it ought not to be too loose to begin diverting as you move your hand.

How To Wear A Fitbit?

Besides, assuming you own a Fitbit equipped with a heart monitor, you should wear it a piece higher up the wrist. To be exact, you should wear it around two-finger length from your wrist's base. Here, the pulse tracker will be able to get precise readings.

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With the right Fitbit size, you will want to benefit from it. For any wrist gadget, it is fundamental to guarantee that it isn't excessively tight and a Fitbit isn't any different. An ideal size Fitbit is excellent for working on your general comfort and preventing the development of rashes.

It makes it simple to get precise data every time. Hence, to benefit from a Fitbit, you should search for the ideal size. So, we trust that you have found this article valuable. To mention any queries you have in the comment section below, I will try to resolve them.


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