I'll show you how to pick the finest 14 fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wristbands for large and extra-large wrists in this article.

The fact that you have a large wrist does not imply that you must settle for a low-quality fitness tracker.

I've selected 14 of the most popular and successful fitness trackers on the market from industry giants like Garmin, Samsung, Polar, Apple, and Fitbit, all of which are also available in large sizes so you can get the benefits of these amazing devices.

Let's have a look.

The fitness tracker is a very handy device that has proven to assist many people in achieving their fitness objectives.

These gadgets calculate and display vital information about a person's physical activity, such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, number of stairs climbed, calories burned, distance covered, and so on.

People with large wrists, on the other hand, confront the difficulty of finding a fitness tracker that suits them, which can be frustrating.

The majority of trackers on the market are designed for persons with regular hands, making it exceedingly difficult to locate something that fits people with huge wrists.

If you plan on wearing something 24 hours a day or for a significant chunk of the day, it must be comfortable.

Wearing a tracker that is too tight will not only be inconvenient for the wearer, but they will also be more likely to remove it and never use it again.

A clip-on activity tracker is an alternative, although they are not as accurate and cannot calculate some crucial activity-related signals.

People frequently purchase standard-sized trackers, then chop off the straps and attempt to replace them with something more comfortable.

The difficulty is that if you intentionally break the straps, you won't be able to claim a warranty.

Others may attempt to replace their fitness tracker's original strap by purchasing X-large straps that will fit. As a result, they must pay a higher price, and these bands are frequently of low quality.

Not all of the models are available in large or x-large sizes, but fortunately for you, I've dug around and located some of the greatest activity trackers for those with large and even extra-large wrists that are also available on Amazon.

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How Do You Measure A Fitness Tracker Before Purchasing One?

Before purchasing a fitness tracker, you may easily measure it.

Both Fitbit and Garmin have included a sizing pdf guidance with their goods; all you have to do is print the pdf form, cut the sample band, and try it on your arm.

Fitbit's sizing calculator.

Garmin's sizing calculator.

14 Best Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches in Large and X-Large Sizes

No.1 Product information for the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker:

Product information for the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker

X Large Band Size: 8.1??–9.3??, 206 MM–236 MM

Fitbit is one of the most well-known activity tracker manufacturers in the world, and they have a model that is ideal for those with large, even extremely large wrists, and it performs just as well as the other Fitbit models.

Wearing this incredible device will keep you inspired to work out every day. The tracker, which has a brilliant OLED display, displays and calculates all of your vital information, such as calories burned, distance travelled, active minutes, and steps walked.

You won't have to worry about recharging your device every day with a battery life of up to 5 days. The device monitors how long you sleep as well as the quality of your sleep and sets a silent alarm in response.

You can effortlessly link this device to your smartphone or laptop to gain a better understanding of all your information and adjust your routine accordingly.

No.2 Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker by Garmin

Information on the Products:

The X-large Band is designed for wrist circumferences of 6.5–8.9" / 165–225 Mm.

The Garmin Vivofit 3 activity tracker has an adjustable strap, making it an excellent alternative for folks with large wrists.

This is a cutting-edge equipment, and one of its most impressive characteristics is its capacity to automatically identify and distinguish various types of activity.

The device has a fantastic battery that lasts for a year without needing to be replaced or recharged. Simply put it on and don't worry about charging it again and again. This tracker features a highly comfortable, as well as elegant and fashionable, design.

The design makes it comfortable to wear all day, even when sleeping. The watch is also water resistant, so you don't have to take it off while showering or swimming. A fantastic all-rounder creates personalised fitness goals for individuals, motivating them to stick to their workout routines.

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No.3 GPS Smart Watch Garmin vvoactive HR

GPS Smart Watch Garmin vvoactive HR

Information on the Products

The X-large Band is designed for wrist circumferences of 6.38–8.86" / 161–225 mm.

This bracelet for a large wrist is a smartwatch, which means it has a lot of fun features including a built-in GPS, wrist heart rate sensor, and a decent-looking touchscreen, in contrast to the first three wristbands on this list.

The Vivoactive HR smartwatch is a powerful fitness smartwatch that is ideal for athletes and those in need of a serious fitness tracker.

It has an incredible feature set and can track a variety of sporting activities such as pool swimming, river rowing, skiing, cross-country skiing, and measuring gym activities such as running, cycling, walking, and rowing.

For each of these, you can get full information on distance, pace, steps, intense minutes, your most recent sports activity, weather reports, a heart condition in action and rest in the previous few hours, smartphone alerts and notifications, music player management, and a few other things.

The Vivoactive HR has a battery life of up to 8 days (with basic usage) and up to 16 hours (with GPS enabled).

No.4 Series 7 Apple Watch (41mm)

Information on the Products

  • Brand Apple

  • Smartphones are compatible.

  • Scree size is 41 mm

  • WatchOS is the operating system.

  • Gps Technology for Connectivity

  • Shape Square

The Apple Watch Series 7 is likely one of the best smartwatches for wrists that are large or XL. The Apple Watch Series 7 in 41mm is designed for Big Folks, and it fits well on large and extra-large wrists. The Apple Watch Series 7, 41mm, is designed for wrists measuring 140 to 220mm in circumference.

You may also purchase Apple's official or third-party bands, which extend up to 240mm.

When it comes to functionality, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a plethora. To begin, you'll receive a cutting-edge Blood Oxygen sensor that allows you to track your blood's oxygen saturation. It's a very useful tool for detecting lung-related disorders and difficulties at an early stage.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch Series 7 can do an ECG test. It enables patients with heart difficulties to recognise cardiac abnormalities at an early stage and get medical care as soon as possible. Fall detection, which is the finest in class, is another useful function of the Apple Watch Series 7.

The watch can detect heavy falls, and if one is detected, it will notify your emergency contacts and services so that medical assistance can be provided.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic wristwatch for people with large or XL wrists. It also has a slew of exciting features to help you remain on top of your exercise routine.

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No.5 Vivoactive 4 by Garmin

Vivoactive 4 by Garmin

Information on the Products

  • Brand Garmin

  • Stainless Steel is the preferred material.

  • 1.3-inch screen size

  • 1.3 oz. item weight

  • 8-day battery life

Garmin is a well-known brand in the fitness sector, and the company sells a variety of fitness trackers. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market.

The physical size of the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is roughly 45mm, thus it will fit comfortably on large and XL wrists. The watch fits wrists with a size of 135 to 200mm with ease. Furthermore, third-party XL watch-bands are available for purchase, which can accommodate even larger wrists.

When it comes to features, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 has a plethora. To begin, you will receive the Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, which will allow you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation.

Furthermore, the watch has a really outstanding Stress tracking feature that allows you to track your stress throughout the day and take steps to relax.

Advanced Sleep Analysis, Relaxation Reminders, Body Battery Energy Monitor, Abnormal Heart-rate Alerts, and many more functions are included in Vivoactive 4.

Overall, the Vivoactive 4 is a wonderful fitness tracker for Large and XL Wrists with a lot of potential features.

No.6 Polar Grit X is number six on the list.

Information on the Products

  • Brand POLAR

  • 1.2-inch screen size

  • Style Modern

  • GPS Technology for Connectivity

  • Water Resistant 

The Polar Grit X is a high-end smartwatch with a slew of intriguing features. For starters, it has a highly modern and sturdy design, indicating that it can withstand a lot of abuse.

The watch has been put through its paces in a variety of challenging environments, including severe temperatures, drops, and humidity, to ensure that it functions properly in the majority of cases.

The watch is available in two sizes, with the Medium/Large Size fitting wonderfully on wrists measuring 145 to 215 mm in circumference. A third-party XL Watch band, which allows the watch to fit properly on larger wrists, is also an option.

Let's talk about Polar Grit X's features now. The watch has a feature called "Training Load Pro" that allows you to determine the intensity of your workout. It also allows you to evaluate how much of a strain your workout is putting on different portions of your body.

Another excellent feature of Polar Grit X is that it allows you to measure your overall progress and monitor your running session. Once you've uploaded your running session route to the app, it also provides route assistance.

In addition, the watch pairs well with Strava, perhaps one of the best running programmes available. During each session, Strava provides real-time performance data that you may use to change your total speed.

Overall, the Polar Grit X is the ideal option for a runner with a large or XL wrist seeking for an advanced fitness tracker to track your extensive running sessions.

No.7 Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Data on the Products

  • Devices That Work

  • Phones on Cellular

  • GPS-based connectivity

  • Brand Fitbit

  • 3.87 volts input

  • 29 Grams Item Weight

  • Counting Units: 1.0

Charge 5 is ready to connect your actions to your overall health. Many sensors are included to keep track of your vital statistics. Furthermore, the elegant design will go with any attire.

Small and Large bands are included with the smartwatch to accommodate different wrist sizes. The little one is ideal for wrist circumferences ranging from 5.5" to 6.5". The large one can accommodate wrists up to 7.75 inches in circumference. A separate armband will be required for someone who is larger.

To determine your workouts, check the daily preparedness score based on your measurements. Its EDA sensor allows you to manage stress in order to recover. Don't forget to take advantage of its limited premium membership for more analyses.

No.8 Fitbit Charge 4 

Information on the Products

  • Brand Fitbit

  • Smartphones are compatible.

  • 1.5-inch screen size

  • Android is a mobile operating system.

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) is a type of connectivity technology.

  • Fitness Tracker is a supported application.

Fitbit is a well-known brand in the fitness business, with a wide range of fitness trackers. Fitbit Charge 4 is the company's most advanced fitness tracker, and it can help you remain on top of your fitness game.

Fitbit Charge 4 comes with two bands that fit most wrists, including big and XL wrists, nicely.

The big band accommodates wrist circumferences of 7.1?? to 8.7??. Even if it doesn't fit, you may always opt for third-party wristbands that will accommodate your huge wrists.

Fitbit Charge 4 has a lot of options when it comes to features. For starters, you get a built-in GPS, which allows you to track your workouts far more accurately. You also get full activity tracking, with the watch tracking your steps, floors climbed, heart rate 24/7, and a variety of other indicators.

The Charge 4 also has a sophisticated sleep tracking system. It gives you a full breakdown of your sleep as well as an overall sleep score. The fitness band also has a number of activity modes that you may use to track your activities, such as riding, jogging, yoga, and so on.

General, the Fitbit Charge 4 is a promising fitness tracker for keeping track of your overall health. Fitbit Charge 4 is a wonderful alternative if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a fitness tracker.

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No.9 Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch 

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch 

Information on the Products

  • Brand Fitbit

  • Smartphones are compatible.

  • Style Modern

  • GPS Technology for Connectivity

  • Color of the band: black

The Fitbit Sense is one of the world's most popular smartwatches. Fitbit Sense, like most Fitbit watches, comes with two bands that fit most wrists nicely. For your Large and XL Wrists, however, you can always choose for third-party fitness bands.

The watch comes with two bands, the large of which suits wrists measuring 7.1?? to 8.7?? in circumference.

Fitbit Sense's key feature is its Skin Temperature sensor, which allows you to track your body temperature. This is a really complex feature that you won't find on many smartwatches.

Furthermore, the Fitbit Sense includes a SpO2 sensor, which allows you to track your blood oxygen saturation. This trait is useful for detecting lung problems early on.

The Fitbit Sense is also one of the few smartwatches that can do an ECG test. To conduct the test, you'll need the Fitbit App, and once you've finished it, the app will provide crucial insights that you can send to your doctor to see if there's anything wrong with your heart.

Fitbit sensing comes with a slew of other standard capabilities in addition to these advanced ones. Voice Assistant, 24/7 activity tracking, Sleep Analysis, a variety of fitness modes, and many other features are included in the watch. Fitbit Sense is a perfect smartwatch for you if you're seeking for an advanced health smartwatch with a plethora of intriguing features.

No.10 SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Smartwatch is ranked number ten.

Information on the Products

  • Samsung Electronics is a well-known brand.

  • Smartphones are compatible.

  • Screen Size 46 mm 

  • Android is a mobile operating system.

  • Style Bluetooth

The obviously huge 46mm watch is equipped with the most advanced functions. And you can get the most out of your regular workouts with ease. It's a fashionable, intelligent, and fulfilling friend that will improve your appearance.

The supplied armband, on the other hand, has a lug width of 20mm. Its size is suitable for wrists ranging in size from medium to large. For wider wrists, you may need to replace the silicone band with a third-party one.

The watch has everything from communications to workouts to fitness tracking. Six common types of training can be tracked using the sensors included. A robust 361mAh battery can power the huge 1.36" screen.

No.11 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Information about the products

  • Samsung Electronics is a popular brand.

  • Smartphones are compatible devices.

  • Size of the Screen 45

  • Style Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS are examples of connectivity technology.

  • 360 × 360 pixels

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is another excellent watch for large and XL wrists. The watch has a very modern style and comes in two sizes; I recommend the 45mm size, which is great for Large Wrists.

The watch's default band may comfortably fit Large Wrists, but if you think you need a bigger band, you can always opt for third-party bands, which are plenty on Amazon.

In terms of functionality, the Galaxy Watch 3 is on par with the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Fitbit Sense. Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Stress Tracking, Fall Detection, and ECG are among the watch's advanced functions. It also has a number of standard functions that you can use to keep track of your general activity.

The design of the watch, on the other hand, provides the Galaxy Watch 3 an advantage over its competition. The Galaxy Watch 3 features a real rotating bezel that not only improves navigation but also protects the display.

So, if you're looking for a smartwatch with a secure design, the Galaxy Watch 3 is probably your best bet.

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No.12 GPS Sports Watch Suunto 9 Baro & Peak

Information on the Products

  • Brand SUUNTO

  • Yes, batteries are included.

  • Touchscreen Human Interface Input

  • LED Display Type

  • IPhone and Android devices are supported.

  • GPS Technology for Connectivity

  • Type of Map Satellite

  • 25-hour battery life

The Suunto 9 Peak is without a doubt one of the best smartwatches for large and XL wrists. It's Suunto's most recent offering, and it comes with a slew of exciting features that make it an excellent choice for most individuals.

Let's start with the strap size, which should be comfortable for the majority of folks. The manufacturer makes two versions, however I recommend the large one for folks who have thick wrists.

Suunto 9 Peak has a strap size range of 125 to 215 mm that can comfortably suit most people, including those with Large and XL wrists.

When it comes to features, the Suunto 9 has a plethora. For starters, there's a 1.2" Trans-reflective display with a 240 × 240 screen resolution. The display's overall quality is excellent, and it's comparable to that of recent smartwatches. Another feature of the Suunto 9 Peak is that it has Sapphire glass and a stainless steel body, indicating that it is durable and can withstand rough handling.

Furthermore, it includes a high-quality optical heart rate sensor that properly monitors your heart rate. It also has advanced features including a Blood Oxygen Sensor that may be used to assess your blood's oxygen saturation. Water resistance is also included with the Suunto 9 Peak, and it can withstand water up to 100 metres, which is rather impressive.

Overall, the Suunto 9 Peak is an excellent option for anyone searching for a modern smartwatch with a long-lasting build quality.

No.13 Generation 5 (fossil)

Generation 5 (fossil)

Data on the Products

  • Stainless Steel is the material used.

  • Brand Fossil

  • Smartphones and Tablets

  • 1.28 Inch Display Size

  • GPS-based connectivity

Another popular wristwatch is the Fossil Gen 5, which is also one of the finest smartwatches for large and XL wrists. The watch has a very stylish and modern design that allows it to be worn on any occasion.

When it comes to straps, the Fossil Gen 5 has a lot to offer. Leather straps, Milanese straps, Standard Stainless Steel Straps, and Silicone Straps are just a few of the possibilities available to you. Furthermore, it features a 44m dial that will complement your wrist nicely.

The Fossil Gen 5 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 Chipset and 1 GB RAM, which is more than enough to tackle daily duties on the watch. It also has standard smartwatch capabilities like a heart rate sensor, a step counter, fitness modes, and so on.

One of the most notable features of the Fossil Gen 5 is its display, which is unquestionably one of the greatest in any smartwatch. The Fossil Gen 5 features a 1.28" AMOLED display with a pixel density of 328 PPI, resulting in a very clear and color-accurate display. It's also water resistant, so you may use it in water up to 3 metres deep.

Overall, the Fossil Gen 5 is a great alternative for anyone searching for a modern WearOS smartwatch for large and XL wrists. Furthermore, the range of strap options will make choosing the proper strap size for your wrists much easier.

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No.14 Fitbit Versa Lite 

Information on the Products

  • Brand Fitbit

  • The size of the screen is 1.34 inches.

  • Style Original

  • GPS Technology for Connectivity

Fitbit Versa Lite is a good option if you don't think Fitbit Sense is the right smartwatch for you and want something more basic and economical.

The nicest part about the Fitbit Versa Lite is that it has a style that is almost identical to standard smartwatches, as well as a low price, making it an excellent choice for most people.

When it comes to strap size, the Fitbit Versa Lite has a normal strap that will accommodate persons with Large Wrists. The manufacturer does, however, offer a Large Strap that will comfortably accommodate those with a wrist size of 220.

Fitbit Versa Lite, like other smartwatches, has outstanding tracking capabilities. It includes a very accurate heart-rate sensor that continuously monitors your heart rate. It also has activity and exercise monitoring, which you may use to keep track of your routines.

Furthermore, even if you forget to turn on the tracking, the watch will identify it automatically thanks to its "SmartTrack" feature.

The Fitbit Versa Lite also has a sleep tracking option that allows you to track your sleep and analyse its quality.

The display on the Fitbit Versa Lite is one of its drawbacks. The watch has a Color LCD Panel that has decent colours but isn't as sharp as an AMOLED Display. However, given the watch's price, it's a reasonable compromise. Overall, the Versa Lite is a wonderful option if you're on a budget and need a smartwatch for Large and XL wrists.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]  asked by people.

Which Is Better: Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Versa Lite?

Which Is Better: Fitbit Sense or Fitbit Versa Lite?

Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa Lite are two excellent smartwatches that, in my opinion, cannot be compared. Fitbit Sense is aimed at a high-end market that demands cutting-edge capabilities from their smartwatch without sacrificing quality. Versa Lite, on the other hand, is aimed at the cheap market and lacks advanced functions like as ECG and skin temperature monitoring.

Is it possible to use the Fitbit Versa Lite Strap with the Fitbit Sense?

No, the Fitbit Versa Lite has a different strap design than the Fitbit Sense, therefore you won't be able to use it with your Fitbit Sense. The Fitbit Versa 3 Strap, on the other hand, is compatible with Fitbit Sense.

What is the difference between the Suunto 9 Peak and Suunto 9 Baro watches?

The Suunto 9 Peak and Baro are the company's two flagship smartwatches, and they have a lot in common. The main difference between the two smartwatches is that the Peak has a more elegant design, and the Baro has a more stiff design. Another distinction between the two smartwatches is that the Suunto 9 Peak has a blood oxygen sensor, whilst the Baro Version does not.

Is the Suunto 9 Peak Waterproof?

Yes, the Suunto 9 Peak is water resistant, and you can use it in water for up to 100 metres without fear.

Do Fitbits Fit Wrists of All Sizes?

Fitbits are available in one size, and the default band is comfortable for most people. There are, however, a plethora of third-party bands available for your Large and XL Wrists.

How Do You Decide What Size Band To Purchase?

The first step is to use a measuring tape to determine your wrist size. After you've calculated the circumference of your wrists, you can use the size chart on the product page to see if that particular band is correct for you.

On the wrist, how tight should the band be?

On the wrist, how tight should the band be?

There is no hard and fast rule for how tight the band on your wrists should be. However, I normally leave 1-2 fingers between my wrist and the band to allow for movement.

However, don't wear it too loosely because the sensors need to be in contact with your skin in order to collect data.

Which Smartwatch Size Is Best For Wrists With Large And XL Sizes?

Most smartwatch manufacturers offer two versions of their devices, with the larger version fitting well on Large and XL wrists. For example, the Galaxy Watch 3 in 45mm is suitable for Large Wrists since it fits well on the wrist.

If you choose the 41mm version, it may appear to be quite little on your wrist.

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Can I Use My Smartwatch With Third-Party Bands?

Yes, most smartwatch manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, and others, enable customers to utilise third-party bands with their devices.

However, make certain that the watch band you purchase is compatible with your Smartwatch.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 suitable for people with large wrists?

Yes, the 45mm version of the Galaxy Watch 3 is meant for Large Wrists, and it fits nicely on them. It's also a good match for the XL Wrists. So, if you have Large or XL wrists, the Galaxy Watch 3 is unquestionably a good choice.


Because you have a large wrist, you don't need to get a cheap/worthless smartwatch. The bands can help you feel at ease despite leaving out great and current features.

Knowing the facts, all of the major brands produce standard-sized big bands.

Factory-made bands are unlikely to fit wrists larger than 7.5 inches. Get something from a third-party brand that will properly fit your wrist.

I hope my guide on the finest fitness tracker watches and wristbands for large and extra-large wrists was helpful.


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