WhatsApp groups are a useful tool ... until they cease to be . Unfortunately, a group chat in the most used messaging application on the planet can become a headache, which can be difficult to get rid of. WhatsApp itself knows it, and that is why for some time it offers different options to escape and forget about those groups that bring more problems than joys. And although at the moment there is no possibility of blocking groups , there are solutions to get out of them and prevent them from adding us again. Additional Reading: Smartwatch Radiation - Health Risks & Protection Tips The procedure to follow to block a group in WhatsApp is similar to blocking contacts . However, in this case it will be necessary to discover who is the administrator of the group in question , so that he is not able to add us again. We will see the steps to follow to block a group, as well as the consequences that this process entails.

Block groups in WhatsApp: how to do it step by step

As I said, today there is no option in WhatsApp that allows you to directly block a group and prevent us from being added back to it . We do not know if the company is working to incorporate this tool sooner or later, but there is no doubt that it would be useful on more than one occasion, and it would be much more convenient than the one we will see below. Despite this, there is a way to block groups in WhatsApp. Of course, this would be the definitive measure after having tried unsuccessfully to leave the group, or after having silenced the most annoying members . These would be the steps to follow to block a WhatsApp group:

  1. On your mobile, open the group you want to block.
  2. Enter the group information by clicking on its name.
  3. In the contact list, look for the one –or those– labeled “Admin. of the group ”next to his name .
  4. Click on the name of the administrator, and select the "Send message" option.
  5. A conversation will open with the user - even if you don't have it in your contact list. Click on his name.
  6. In your profile, scroll down to the bottom and select the "Block" option.
  7. If there are more administrators in the group, you must repeat the same process in each of them.

Additional Reading: Let's Find Out The Smartwatches That Can Play Apple Music In this way, you will have blocked the administrator - or administrators - of the group, and they will not be able to add you again unless another user that you have not blocked is appointed administrator, and it is he who introduces you to the group chat. In that case, you already know what you should do. Yes, it is far from being an ideal solution, but until WhatsApp decides to incorporate the option to block groups natively, this is the only thing we can do to be able to escape from those annoying groups.


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