We love Google's operating system and our app store, but there is something to admit, it is not bug free. The Play Store, in fact, is one of the most unstable applications we have. Server errors, server failures, closures, lags ... It does not happen on all phones , but Google apps are usually quite problematic from time to time.

Today, we are going to teach you to fix Google Play Store server error that usually appear in the Play Store. There are several methods, so try one by one to try to solve this.

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Fixing Your Google Play Store Server Error

Restart the mobile

Yes, it seems silly, but restarting the phone many times solves this kind of “dumb failures . Simply turn off the phone, turn it on again and connect to the Play Store. If it doesn't work that way, let's try the following.

Clear the cache

The cache is sometimes the cause of this type of failure. It is always advisable to clean it at least once a month , nor is it necessary that you be doing it all day. To end this data, you must do the following.

  • Open your mobile settings
  • Go to apps
  • Select Google Play Store
  • Select storage
  • Click on clear data, and then clear cache
  • Restart your mobile

Closing force of the Play Store

This option is quite typical, but usually works when processes "get caught." It's quite easy to do, you just have to go back to the applications menu, select the Google Play Store and give it a stop or force close . Open the application again, and if the fault persists, we go to the next possible solution.

Delete phone account

To big problems, big solutions, let's end the Google account for a moment . In many cases, conflicts with the account are created, and this prevents us from using the Play Store properly. To solve this, we will do the following:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Go to the section called accounts
  • Now, select Google
  • Select the account you have linked to the Play Store
  • On the next screen, select the three point menu and delete the account
  • Reboot
  • Add the account again
  • Open the Play Store again

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Delete updates from the Play Store

Occasionally, there may be conflicts with the latest updates from the Play Store . This is updated automatically, so we cannot know when you have done it, unless there are notable visual changes. Let's try to delete the update and let it update again "in a somewhat cleaner way."

  • Go to app settings
  • Select the Google Play Store
  • Click on disable
  • Once disabled, enable it again.
  • Wait a while for the Play Store to update again, and open it.
  • The error should have disappeared

Last cartridge, change the language to English (United States)

In some cases, changing the language can solve the problem . Yes friends, Android stuff.

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Search enter and languages
  • Change it to English (United States)

These are the most common methods to solve Play Store server errors. If there has been no luck, detail your problem in the comments, to see if we can find another solution.


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