Do you have specific Android phone contacts whose incoming alerts you would like to keep private? Sometimes spam calls and texts appear and you prefer to filter those calls and keep user conversations secret. The following apps will successfully hide your call logs and SMS on Android from specific contacts. Similarly, we cover how to block text from chosen contacts on WhatsApp.

Hide calls and SMS on Android from specific contacts

There are many Android apps that hide your call and SMS history. But if you want this feature only for some specific contacts, we recommend Calculator Pro + , which helps to save call / SMS / MMS logs behind a typical calculator screen. Download the app from Play Store to continue.

Hide calls and SMS on Android from specific contacts

To hide calls and SMS, you must enable the application's access to contacts and phone storage. Click on "Got it" to continue. You have to accept a privacy policy and install a related application called "AdvanceSMS" to monitor your SMS messages. You will be quickly guided through each step.


A four-digit pin will hide contact calls and SMS logs behind the calculator display. Make sure to write down the PIN number. In case you forget the PIN, you will have to uninstall the application and start over.

AdvanceSMS set PIN

Once the message box screen is displayed, you can see an option to add contacts that will take you to your contact list. From there, you can choose the contacts you want to filter beforehand.

message box screen display

After adding a contact to the private database, you will receive an alert that all SMS belonging to the contact have been moved. This includes all previous SMS messages and call logs related to the contact. You can have a custom notification enabled for each contact so you know it's theirs.

private database

Calculator Pro + has some advanced features such as buying a virtual phone number (in the Pro version), dark themes, and advanced settings where you can hide the application itself from your phone's application menu. Once you have hidden the application, you can access it from the link that appears on the screen in any mobile browser.

Calculator Pro +

Besides Calculator Pro +, you can use another related app, TextU , which filters calls and text messages for specific Android phone contacts.

Hide WhatsApp texts on Android from specific contacts

Many people use WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS messages. To block text messages and calls on WhatsApp for specific contacts, you need to download an application called Chat Locker for WhatsApp. Once this is done, you will need to set up a passcode. You can also use a fingerprint locker from the Settings of the app.

Chat Locker for WhatsApp

To use this app together with WhatsApp, you need to grant it permissions. On most Android phones, you can go to the "Accessibility" option in the phone settings and activate the application to access WhatsApp chat / group.

WhatsApp Chat Locker

Now go to the home screen of WhatsApp Chat Locker and click on the "+" sign to add WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp Chat Locker Contact

Select the WhatsApp contact or group you want to filter out from prying eyes.

WhatsApp Chat Locker select contact or group

After adding, you can view the contact on the home screen of the chat locker app.

home screen of the chat locker app

Once this is done, WhatsApp text messages and calls from this contact are no longer visible without re-entering the passcode.

Hidden WhatsApp text messages and calls

Now that you've learned how to hide your call and message logs from specific people, you may want to hide your Android apps from snoopers. Better yet, learn how to disable notifications on your phone's lock screen.

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