Withdrawing money from PayPal to a Sberbank card is quite simple. You only need to link the card account to your PayPal account and confirm it. In this article we will describe in detail and clearly show all the stages of this process.

How to find out the account number of a Sberbank card?

In addition to the number of the card itself, Sberbank cards also have a settlement account. It is the ruble bank account that can be linked to PayPal to withdraw money to it. It can be recognized in several ways. But the fastest and easiest is to find out the account using Sberbank online.

1. Log in to your account on the website of Sberbank Online.

2. Open the "Maps" tab. See the screenshot below.

3. Select the card on which you are going to withdraw funds from PayPal.

4. In the menu under the map, select the item "Information on the map"

5. Click on the link "Details of the transfer to the card account"

6. A popup window with details appears. Of all the card data, we need only "BIC" and "Account Number".

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How to add a bank account of Sberbank in PayPal?

1. Go to your PayPal account.

2. On the right we see the balance in the account and at the bottom the "Withdraw funds" link. Or go to the "account" tab of the main menu and click on the big button "Add bank account".

3. In any case, a window should appear as in the screenshot below. In this window, you enter “BIC” and “Account Number” of your card, which you found on the Sberbank Online website. Then click the "Continue" button

How to confirm Sberbank bank account in PayPal?

The method of confirmation used by PayPal is simple and unusual. It consists in transferring 2 small amounts (up to 1 ruble) to your account and their subsequent introduction into the corresponding fields of the PayPal system. So, we’ll tell you how to verify a bank account in more detail:

1. After adding a bank account, you will receive 2 small amounts within 3-4 days. Sometimes the transfer occurs the next day.

2. To find out these amounts you need to go back to the site and see the operations on the card. On the main page under the map, click on the "show operations" link and see them. See the screenshot below.

3. If you have a lot of card transactions during the day, and you cannot find a transfer from PayPal. Then we recommend using the “cards” item of the Sberbank Online main menu. On the "Recent Operations" tab of the attached card, you can see all the information on the movement of your funds in recent days.

4. Having found 2 transfers from PayPal - open their website and go to the "Account" section of the main menu. There you will see the attached account of the Sberbank card, which is ready for confirmation. Click on it.

5. In the window that appears, enter 2 amounts that you received and click on the "Confirm" button. See the screenshot below.

6. If you did everything correctly, then a message should appear on your mail as in the screenshot below. Also, “Ready for confirmation” will disappear on your Sberbank account in PayPal.

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Money transfer from PayPal to Sberbank card

1. In your PayPal account on the right we see the balance on the account and the "Withdraw funds" link below. Click on it.

2. In the window that appears, enter the desired amount. No commission will be charged. Click "Continue"

3. We check the correctness of the operation and click on the button "Withdraw funds ..."

4. We receive a message that the funds have been withdrawn. And in a few days they will arrive on your Sberbank card.

5. Also in the mail you will receive a letter of approximately the same content as in the screenshot below.

How to withdraw dollars from PayPal to a Sberbank card?

1. In your PayPal account on the right, we see the balance on the account and the "Withdraw funds" link below. Click on it.

2. In the window that appears, select the USD account (dollars) or any other currency account. Enter the desired amount. In this case, a commission is only charged for currency conversion. Click "Continue"

3. Check the operation, see the exchange rate, and click on the button "Withdraw funds ..."

4. We receive a message that the funds have been withdrawn. And in a few days they will arrive on your Sberbank card.

Questions and Answers

Where else can I withdraw money from PayPal?

Money with PayPal can be withdrawn in two ways:

  1. To a ruble current account opened with a Russian bank (the number of such an account may start with the numbers 40817810);
  2. To another PayPal account.
  3. Payment for purchased goods or services using PayPal.

Other withdrawal methods are variations of the paths described above. For example, you can come across the following ways to cash out PayPal funds:

  1. Linking a current account of a deposit opened with a bank.
  2. Withdraw funds by transferring funds to specialized exchangers and receiving funds on Yandex Money, KiVi or Webmoney. However, such exchangers have a large commission and a high risk of running into scammers.

PayPal commission for withdrawing funds to a Sberbank card

There is no PayPal commission for withdrawing funds to a Sberbank card for any withdrawal amount. See screenshots above.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount with PayPal?

There is no minimum withdrawal amount. But we recommend that you withdraw the amount of at least 1 ruble.

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How to cash PayPal money in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus?

In Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus the same rules apply. Withdrawal in these countries is available both to a bank account and transfer to another PayPal account

How to withdraw money from PayPal to Qiwi, Webmoney and Yandex Money?

Legally - no way. These services do not give a settlement bank account to each of its customers, as Sberbank does. Even if you open a plastic card there, you still will not receive a personal settlement account.

You can try to use the services of exchangers, but it is expensive and risky. Go to the bestchange.ru website and see which exchangers are engaged in withdrawing from PayPal.


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