How to install WhatsApp on the Nokia 3310

Yes, it seems incredible but you can install WhatsApp on the new Nokia 3310. This feature phone, focused on disconnecting from everything and receiving only calls, has been smartphonized a bit more, and it is possible to use the best known instant messaging service worldwide.

If you have a new Nokia 3310 and want to know how to install WhatsApp on it, stay with us, since it is quite simple and fully functional (within your means).

The Nokia 3310 can use WhatsApp

If feature phones stand out for something, it is because they cannot use instant messaging services beyond SMS and because they cannot install external applications. However, the Nokia 3310 gives war even in this aspect and, as we read in Reddit , it is possible to install and operate WhatsApp in this terminal .

Its operating system is Nokia Series +30, and this is compatible with lite versions of WhatsApp. Simply, you must download WhatsApp for Nokia from the official page of the application, and install it. If this link does not work for you, you can try to download WhatsApp for Nokia in jar format , be sure it will not give you problems .

Obviously, this version of WhatsApp is much more limited than the official WhatsApp Messenger app , but it will help us to communicate with our friends, acquaintances or family in this phone of such a reduced price.

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