Is it possible for a Ring camera to see through a glass, and how can you make your security camera more effective at recording behind glass?

In this post, I'll address some often asked questions.

We routinely put security cameras in our street-facing windows to keep an eye on our surroundings. These cameras are frequently installed to monitor the front yard from the inside. Some people claim that security cameras mounted within a glass window do not function effectively. As a result, we've written down some crucial information that will alter your viewpoint.

Let's start with a look at the potential issues when employing cameras via glass.

The first and most serious issue with security cameras that operate via a glass window is glare.

Infrared LEDs, ambient lights, or status lights cause this problem.

As a result, the cameras capture photographs or films of whiteouts.

This makes it impossible to see all of the details and, in general, negates the point of installing a security camera.

This issue occurs primarily at night, whereas it functions normally during daylight hours.

Another issue with these cameras is that they are either unable or have difficulty detecting motion behind the glass.

The same can be said with motion-activated recording.

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While cameras function through glass windows on the market, some basic modifications can make any camera more efficient while still operating through a glass window.

  • Infrared lights and any status lights that cover the area that your security camera covers can be turned off or disabled to avoid glare. The glare will be much reduced as a result of this.
  • Another option is to position the camera as feasible as close to the glass window.
  • A suction cup can also be used to fix the camera on the glass, allowing you to monitor your entrance and parking lot from the outside.
  • Outside, motion-activated or auto exterior lights can be installed to ensure that the area is sufficiently illuminated so that the security camera's recording is not obstructed.

Is it possible for Ring security cameras to see through glass?

From behind a glass window, several Ring security cameras perform nicely. These are the ones that don't have any spot lights or flood lights attached to them.

These produce a lot of glare on the window, making it impossible to see outside.

As a result, their indoor and outdoor cameras without a spotlight can perform quite effectively behind a glass window.

Their security camera lineup provides a variety of spotlight, wired, and battery-operated cameras.

The floodlight and spotlight cameras can also be adapted to use from behind a glass window by turning off their lights.

A night vision security camera can monitor the front yard, porch, backyard, or garage area when viewed via a glass window.

They're hidden and out of sight inside, allowing all outside events to be recorded.

We've developed a list of ideas for these cameras to help you make your security camera more productive during the day and night.

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Additional suggestions for using cameras from behind a glass window include:

  1. Use independent infrared or street illuminators from the outside to light up the area.

  1. Make sure the room where the camera is installed is darker than the surrounding area; this will aid in the capture of a clear image/video.

  1. Turn off infrared lights, which diminish security camera visibility.

  1. Use window mounts to keep the cameras close to the glass they must view through.

  1. Ensure that the glass panels or window surfaces are cleaned daily; this will aid in obtaining higher-quality surveillance videos. From the outside, the cameras will be able to capture additional details.

  1. It is preferable to leave the window open while mounting the camera.
  2. Make sure the security cameras are kept in a safe, out-of-reach location so they can't be readily misused.


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