Alzheimer's and Dementia are two illnesses that influence the individual's memory, making it challenging for patients to adjust to their surroundings and learn things. If your adored one is likewise experiencing this sickness, you can utilize the GPS beacon to follow their developments and guarantee their security.

GPS beacons For Alzheimer

GPS beacons For Alzheimer

As revealed by the World Health Organization, there are more than 40 million Alzheimer's and Dementia patients on the planet. The two circumstances bring about memory debilitation, correspondence hindrance, and harmful thinking capacities. It makes it challenging for patients to adjust to their current circumstances and fail to remember things. For this situation, you can utilize the Tracking gadget to keep you refreshed with the area of your adored one and guarantee their wellbeing. I have gathered the rundown of GPS beacons for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. We should investigate them.

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What is the best GPS beacon for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients?

There are vast loads of GPS beacons accessible out there, and every one of them accompanies its arrangement of exciting elements. In this segment, I will probably share the best GPS beacons you can use to find your friends and family and guarantee their wellbeing.

5 Best GPS beacons for Alzheimer's And Dementia

  • Trax
  • AngelSense
  • Iraq
  • PocketFinder Personal Tracker
  • GPS Smart Sole

Allow us to speak a piece about them…

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Trax is a Swedish organization that is known for its smaller trackers. The organization offers the world's littlest and lightest GPS Trackers, which you can use to follow your friends and family effectively.

Trax offers an assortment of trackers, including the Trax 2G, Trax 3G, and Trax 4G. You can utilize these models relying upon the inclusion region, which you can find on the Trax official site.

The organization upholds more than 100 nations all over the planet, including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and some more.

TraxTrax Trackers accompanies ongoing following, which implies the tracker will send you the refreshed data like clockwork which implies you will want to follow your cherished on progressively.

The Trax likewise accompanies the increased reality following element "AR+," which permits you to observe the Trax Tracker utilizing the cell phone of your camera. Trax Trackers accompanies the accompanying highlights.

You can set up different geofences, and individual timetables for each geofence cautions from the application.

You can set up as far as possible, and the tracker will send you the cautions, assuming your cherished speed surpasses the put forth line.

You can follow your friends and family continuously.

You can follow different trackers in the application, and there are no restrictions.

Trax has been accessible for a long time, including Android, IOS, Web App, and Desktop.

You can get the essential Trax 2G for around $135; Trax 3G is accessible for ~$166. The Trax 6 Month Data Plan is accessible for ~$60, and Trax 12 Months Plan is accessible for ~$73. All information plans are paid ahead of time.

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AngelSense is a US-based organization that has some expertise in GPS beacons. The organization offers a GPS beacon for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients. It accompanies a wide cluster of elements that permit you to follow your adored one. It offers different highlights that offer inner harmony by realizing that your cherished one is protected.

AngelSense Tracking Device accompanies huge loads of elements, and these are a portion of the notable elements of the gadget.

Exact GPS Tracking with the application you can introduce on your cell phone.

The gadget accompanies Auto get speakerphone usefulness, which permits the gadget to auto get your call and impart.

AngelSenseAssuming you feel that your cherished one requires a health-related crisis or save, you can share the live area of the tracker with the specialists on call.

The application likewise offers insightful alarms about venturing out from home, or on the other hand, if your adored one misses the treatment meeting, the application will tell you.

You can likewise pay attention to what is occurring around your adored one utilizing the GPS beacon.

The application additionally keeps up with the timetable of the area and other data that you can get to later.

The expense of the tracker is $229, and you should get the membership plan also, which begins at $39.99 each month. The organization offers a markdown on a yearly membership.


Iraq is one of the most outstanding minimal GPS beacons for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Probably the best thing about Iraq is that it arrives in a significantly smaller size, and you can undoubtedly place it in the pocket of your cherished one to follow the development successfully.

Iraq is an overall tracker that can follow your gear or anything you need. Notwithstanding, the organization offers a few novel highlights to help Alzheimer's and dementia patients. The iTraq GPS beacon accompanies the accompanying elements.

The tracker offers the precise GPS Tracking of your adored one.

You can characterize the geographic region, and when your cherished one leaves the region, you will get the caution.

Accompanies the SOS button, which is an ideal element for individuals in the beginning phases of dementia. They can press the button to alarm you and confide in contacts if they need assistance.

It accompanies a temperature sensor to set the edge for an ideal temperature. The gadget sends you a caution assuming your adored one is meandering outside in freezing or hot temperatures.

Iraq is additionally outfitted with a movement sensor that will caution you, assuming your adored one has tumbled down or moved.

You can get the iTraq for $129, and the unlimited detailing plan for one year will cost you $59. Iraq offers a more reasonable arrangement if you consider it with other GPS beacons.

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PocketFinder Personal Tracker

PocketFinder is a famous organization that represents considerable authority in GPS beacons. The organization offers a scope of items that you can use to follow your vehicles, pets, gear, children, and patients experiencing Alzheimer's and dementia. PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker is a conservative GPS beacon that can assist you with following your cherished one.

The tracker utilizes the GPS, Cell ID, and Google Wi-Fi contact for the following. PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker accompanies the accompanying highlights.

You can precisely follow your friends and family with the exact following advancements.

You will get the cautions when your affection leaves the geofence zone.

PocketFinder Personal TrackerYou can get to the tracker history of the most recent 60 days utilizing the application.

It accompanies the SOS button, which your friends and family can press, assuming they need clinical assistance or salvage.

The gadget will likewise send you a low battery alert.

It is one more entirely reasonable following gadget with a reasonable help plan. You can get the PocketFinder+ Personal tracker for $99, and the help plan begins at $12.95 each month.

GPS Smart Sole

GPS Smart Sole is one of the most incredible GPS beacons for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients. As the name proposes, it is a shoe sole that can squeeze into most shoes, and it accompanies the waterproof tracker, which utilizes the 2G Cellular innovation and GPS to follow your adored one.

The best thing about GPS Smart Sole is that it is exceptionally cautious, and assuming you put it in the shoe, the patient will not see it. GPS Smart Sole accompanies the accompanying elements.

The tracker shares the area of your cherished one at regular intervals.

It also refreshes the area to GTX Corp Monitoring System. The information is diagrammed on the guide, which permits the specialists on call to access the area of your cherished one if the patient necessities any clinical assistance or salvage.

The Monitoring frameworks email you the updates and instant messages if your adored one leaves the Geo-zone. GPS Smart Sole is accessible for $299, and you will likewise require a help plan that begins at $14.95 each month

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That is all people. These are the best Tracking gadgets for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. These trackers accompany the various elements and plans you can pick as per your prerequisites. On the off chance that you are searching for a position of safety Tracking gadget, GPS Smart sole is an attractive choice for you. On the off chance that you need something reduced, Trax and iTraq are two strong choices. On the off chance that you are searching for a component-rich GPS beacon, PocketFinder and AngelSense trackers are excellent choices for you. If you have any queries, kindly let me know underneath the remark area. Additionally, visit the site for more helpful aides.


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