Suunto Core Review:

Suunto is among the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Suunto Core All Black Military Watch is a fantastic companion if you are an outdoor enthusiast seeking a smartwatch, especially outdoor activities like hiking, riding, or camping. 

It is designed to perform in severe environments where other smartwatches fail. That's why several websites recommend Suunto Core as the finest military watch.

Interesting Insights 

Interesting Insights 

The Suunto Core is an excellent smartwatch for individuals who want to use it primarily for outdoor pursuits. Hikers, climbers, and snorkelers will like the design of this smartwatch. On the other hand, the GPS function is absent from this watch. 

It can survive slaps of water and is appropriate for snorkeling and shallow diving. It can endure water right up to 30 meters. 

The altimeter and barometer features appear to be fairly accurate. The watch's UI is straightforward to use. Aside from that, the watch contains ABC capabilities (Altitude, Barometer, and Compass) that come in handy during outdoor excursions.

The Suunto Core has relatively few drawbacks, but you shouldn't expect much given that it is a military watch. Because there is no GPS feature, you won't be able to track your progress. 

Although the display is a touch dull, this does not imply that the watch has any visibility concerns. However, the display may use more contrasting colors to improve its appearance.

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Review of the Suunto Core


Display & Design 

Suunto Core Display & Design 

The Suunto Core's overall appearance is vibrant and attractive. The watch's casing is 44mm in diameter and is a robust composite material. The type of material of the strap is Elastomer in this case. 

The Suunto core is lightweight enough to wear all day, weighing roughly 64g (2.26 oz). 

When it comes to the display, the matrix is the display type, and the substance used to make the display glass is Mineral crystal. It also contains an electroluminescent backlight, which improves the watch's visibility.

It also features a spinning bezel that indicates the direction, and the revolving bezel is constructed of aluminum to perform just good in the long run. 

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Features & Activity Tracker 

The Suunto Core lacks smart capabilities for tracking activities and calories expended, but it makes up for it with many outdoor functions. I'm confident you'll enjoy it. 



An altimeter is a device that keeps track of the amount of height gained when traveling above sea level. A barometric device, in particular, is installed in the majority of equipment that can measure altitude.

You also get a barometric altimeter measurement function because the Suunto Core is a military watch. Depending on the outdoor air pressure, it automatically monitors both the altimeter and barometer profile. 

In addition, the Suunto core can display the barometric altitude output in graph style. So, if you want to go camping or trek the outdoors, you no longer have to be concerned about the altitude of air pressure. 

In addition, the Suunto core monitors the rate at which logs are recorded. This implies that the log recorder records all altitude changes between the start and end timings.

Furthermore, if you are involved in any physical action in which your altitude range varies, you may record that altitude and retrieve the information afterward. 



Suunto Core also includes several nice features that allow you to get more information about the weather. Because it's a military watch, it should be able to keep track of the weather outside in great detail. 

It contains several capabilities for tracking weather conditions, including measuring sea level pressure, often known as atmospheric pressure. Aside from that, it graphically displays the results.

The watch boasts a slew of weather capabilities, which you can only get if you purchase the Suunto Core all-black military watch. Yes, those characteristics can track the weather for seven days before resetting the weathering profile. 


The digital compass of the Suunto Core All-Black Military Watch is extremely accurate. It comes with a digital compass that displays the direction scale in degrees and keeps the needle pointing north. 

Furthermore, the Suunto Core incorporates a lock with an orienting indication. I tried the compass accuracy and said that this watch produces great results.

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Water Resistance

The Suunto core watch has an IP68 waterproof rating of 30 meters and may be used for shallow diving and snorkeling up to ten meters. 



The Suunto Core's battery life is remarkable. As it stands, battery life of 12 months equates to a full year. So you won't have to worry about the battery if you're going trekking, camping, or somewhere else where electricity isn't available.

If you're wondering about battery life, don't worry; you can quickly change the battery. When the battery has to be replaced, the watch will alert you. If there is no battery left in the device, a low battery indicator blinks. So don't be concerned about the battery. 

This Suunto core's battery type is CR2032.


  1. Is the Suunto Core water-resistant? 

Yes. This watch is water-resistant, right up to 30 meters. 

  1. The images depict the height in meters. Is it possible to modify it to show in feet? 

Yes, it is possible to transform it into feet. 

  1. Does it keep track of your steps? 

No. This is the major flaw. 

  1. What's the difference between an all-black outfit and an all-black ensemble? 

No, there is not a lot of dissimilarity between the two.

  1. How can I convert it to English? 

Pushing the two left buttons, as well as the upper and lower right buttons, at the same time puts the watch in sleep mode. After that, press the right-center button and wait for it to turn on. It will say language, which you may scroll with the right upper and lower buttons. 

  1. Is this track distance accurate? 

No, just the ABC feature is displayed. 

  1. How will it appear on a small-wristed person?

Massive. My wrist is huge, and it takes up a lot of space. 

  1. Is the watch readily scratched? 

No. It isn't easy to scratch it.

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Sunnto Core is a fantastic watch to consider if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, snorkeling, and swimming. If not, I recommend spending a little more money (only if it fits your budget) on a more advanced smartwatch with more functions.


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