Tantric massage is a practice that differs from traditional massage by incorporating the tantric essence of shakti, which in Sanskrit means energy. This form of massage works to remove the blockages that modern people face, be they physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic.

You may have heard of tantric massage. But, do you know how and why it is so beneficial for sexuality?

The technique, originally from India and with more than 5,000 years of existence, is more than a conventional massage. Its objective is not to relax the muscles and relieve day-to-day tensions, but rather to excite the entire body's sensory system, promoting a new understanding of pleasure.

Although it has an erotic character, tantric massage is not just a moment of sexual stimulation: it works as an excellent therapeutic strategy for the process of self-knowledge, helping to overcome traumas, blockages and inhibitions.

Learn how to experience this precious resource and understand why the practice revolutionizes the concept of pleasure - both for those who give and for those who receive the massage!

Rediscovery of sexuality

Take a moment to remember how the perception of your sexuality was built, through the culture and guidance you received, especially in adolescence.

Care to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, has always been in evidence in these initial approaches, isn't it true? Of course, such information is necessary. However, sometimes they are so ubiquitous that they leave little room for conversations more in tune with the discovery of pleasure.

With time - and practical experience - we began to explore the body and understand what excites us and stimulates our libido. This part of the journey, however, is much more intuitive and depends on what we allow ourselves after receiving so many recommendations about the dangers of sex.

In general, we center our experience on the most obvious erogenous zones, attributing the height of sexual satisfaction to the genitals, since we reach orgasm through them.

The essence of tantric massage proposes a review of this idea. She understands that the entire body is an invitation to pleasure.

Therefore, its objective is to provoke new stimuli, both for men and for women, expanding the understanding of sexuality, in a true process of connection with the unexplored potentials of the body.

What is tantric massage ?

Unlike traditional relaxing massages, tantric massage favors very subtle touches, awakening an original sensory relationship.

There are qualified professionals who master the techniques and know how to conduct massage sessions as legitimate therapies.

It is important to emphasize that, in these cases, we are not talking about situations involving the sexual act. What the professional performs is a ritual of stimuli, which lead to an unprecedented empathy with one's own body.

Understand it this way: while the psychologist can help you in the process of psychic self-discovery, the tantric massage therapist helps in self-knowledge through the body, inciting repressed or unknown sensations and emotions.

The renewed awareness of the body results in pleasure. Immediate, but also continuous, once dormant points have been activated.

As bodily ecstasy opens up the experience of sexuality, it is natural that, after massages, men and women have, with their partners, more pleasurable, full and free moments of intimacy. The reports of those who experiment with the technique are very emphatic in this sense: sexual life reaches a unique quality!

How to do tantric massage ?

Although full knowledge of the techniques requires deepening - in fact, there are many courses and workshops that can help to achieve such an understanding - you can try a “basic mode” with your partner, as a strategy to spice up the relationship and increase the couple’s harmony.

Check out our tips!

1. Create the enabling environment

Ideally, you will have a futon, as tantric massage is performed on the floor. But nothing prevents creativity and improvisation from finding another solution. Use a common mattress or even the bed, as long as you feel comfortable for the movements.

Dim the lighting, creating a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Use incense or mild flavoring (it could be a candle, which would also perform the function of lighting, in the right measure).

Choose a quiet song and let it play in the background, at low volume, just to help compose the moment.

No stimulus should be greater than the sense of touch, the protagonist of the massage. Think of all these elements as scenery: they shouldn't steal the show!

2. Forget the clock

No hurry! There is no time to be timed when you propose tantric massage. Therefore, make sure that the chosen situation is opportune for both of you, without commitments that could interrupt the entire ritual.

The idea is that the couple can indulge in the massage, forgetting other concerns. The connection with the body calls for tranquility and exclusivity of attention.

Thus, you will be making a “mistake” if you think that 15 minutes is enough. Think somewhere around 1-2 hours. It's a more balanced average.

3. Separate some paraphernalia

Nothing extraordinary: just an oil, to glide the movements more easily and, if you want, some scarves and feathers, to explore touch sensations.

So, look for a body oil — or a specific one for massages — whose smell doesn't bother the person giving and receiving the massage. Preferably someone with a very mild scent. Remember that the sense of touch must not be overshadowed by anything that robs it of its preponderance.

4. Preliminaries of tantric massage

Both must be naked and, facing each other, must sit with their legs crossed, in a lotus position (or “Indian”, as we have the habit of speaking).

For a long time, the couple needs to remain in that position, without touching, just exchanging deep looks, without saying anything. By the way, the quieter the whole massage is, the better.

They must seek harmony between breaths, entering into the same rhythm and, thus, sharpening the harmony between bodies and emotions .

When they feel that they are integrated, they can approach, always very calmly and gently, experiencing slow and light hugs and kisses.

5. Step by step tantric massage

After this preparation, both will be in the right mood for the massage itself.

Who will get it first? There are no rules. The couple can get carried away and seek to intercalate this “order”. At first, it is interesting that the one who is more educated takes the initiative.

  • The one who will receive the massage should lie on their stomach, while the one who will perform it should seek a comfortable position, sitting or kneeling - a suggestion is to support one of the knees between the partner's parted legs and the other, outside.
  • Spread some oil on your hands and start touching your partner's body, just with your fingertips. This technique is called sensitive massage.
  • Explore each part of the body, with extremely light movements and without the slightest hurry.
  • Try varying the shapes of the movements so they don't become predictable. In circles, from top to bottom, wide, fingering… Finally, focus on surprising the person receiving the massage, with the widest variety of stimuli possible.
  • If you have separated the accessories suggested in item 3 of our list, use them if you feel they will be pleasant. Or try the touch with the hair, always remembering that the more subtle the contact, the more powerful the sensation.
  • Afterwards, whoever receives the massage should turn to the side and receive more stimuli in that position.
  • After exploring both sides, ask your partner to face forward. Follow at the same pace, always trying to keep silence.
  • At first, do not touch the genitals. Excitement will be greater. This purposeful delay in touching the main erogenous zones is the big secret to longer and more intense orgasms.
  • Finally, get to the genitals and keep the touch gentle, as you did on the other parts of the body. No penetration should occur. It is possible for both the man and the woman to come at this time. It would be ideal not to stop tantric massage there! Especially in the case of women — who can have multiple orgasms in a short period of time — continued stimulation can lead to unrivaled levels of pleasure!

Benefits of tantric massage

Couples who practice tantric massage establish much greater intimacy, tune, complicity and connection. In addition, of course, to a much more interesting and pleasurable sex life .

But, in addition to redefining concepts about the intensity of pleasure, tantric massage brings other benefits, such as:

  • Assists in cases of vaginismus ;
  • It is an effective alternative to fight premature ejaculation ;
  • Reduces anxiety , stress and depression ;
  • Feeds self-esteem ;
  • Elevates self-knowledge;
  • Decreases insecurities about the body and the relationship ;
  • Help with trauma treatments, which impact on sex life;
  • Stimulates libido.

By making tantric massage a part of your life, you are likely to reinterpret the role of sexuality in your physical and mental health. Sex is intrinsically linked to your happiness and personal fulfillment - and in practice, this is quite evident.

Sex Therapy

Finally, invest in the next step! How about trying sex therapy? It is conducted by sexologists, who are professionals trained in psychology and specialists in sexology.

If we are looking for therapies to live better, with less blockages and greater fullness, why not look for someone with specific knowledge in an area so relevant to our self-satisfaction? Improving the development of sexuality will bring countless reflections to quality of life. Bet on it!

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