The automatic blood pressure monitoring function for the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, which was teased over the previous year, is now available in China. It operates as you sleep and takes your measurements automatically throughout the night.

The most expensive model of the GTR 3 collection, the watch, was presented to the public in October of 2021. It contains a temperature sensor, local audio storage, and a speaker and has a display that is superior to the standard edition in terms of both size and resolution. Other than that, it inherits all of the generation three improvements, such as the new operating system, a rotating crown, BioTracker 3.0 engine, improved satellite connectivity, all day blood oxygen readings (not just on-demand readings), respiratory information, more sports modes, under-water heart rate, and other features.

Late in the previous year, we evaluated the standard edition of GTR 3 and discovered that it has a lot of positive qualities. It is obvious that this generation is an advance over the one before it. Despite the fact that it is missing some of the functions that are included in the Pro edition, the watch is still a reliable piece of equipment that provides a lot for its price.

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Measurements of the patient's blood pressure are taken automatically

Additional functionality sets the GTR 3 Pro apart from other watches bearing the Amazfit name. The watch will soon have the capacity to take automatic readings of the wearer's blood pressure throughout the night. It would be best if you were completely still in order to get an accurate reading of your blood pressure. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for this type of capability to only operate when you are asleep.

These kinds of measurements can be captured by GTR 3 Pro thanks to the PumpBeats engine developed by Zepp Health. When combined with the optical sensors located on the wrist of the watch, this is an algorithm that may determine the wearer's blood pressure. Your heart rate is measured with one of them, which is the same one that is used.

In order to verify the functionality, independent testing was carried out by the First Hospital of Peking University in the previous year. The findings showed an accuracy of less than 4.88mmHg for the diastolic pressure and less than 5.14mmHg for the systolic pressure, which is impressive for technology still in its infant stages.

However, the blood pressure capability for GTR 3 Pro was only made available for on-demand readings when Zepp Health initially published it. Automatic measurements are significantly more useful than manual ones because they carry out the task without requiring any effort. Monitoring your blood pressure is among the essential vitals metrics you can keep an eye on. If the readings are high, it can hint that the patient needs to make some adjustments to their medicine or lifestyle.

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It is still unclear whether or not the automated blood pressure feature for the GTR 3 Pro will be made available in all nations or only in select areas. At this time, they are exclusively available in China and nowhere else.


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