In this post, I'll show you how to identify some of the most outstanding hybrid fitness watches and Smartwatches with a seconds hand that not only look fantastic but also function as a reliable activity tracker.

Some of these hybrid watches have a touch screen, making them an incredible mix of an old-school analog watch and a cutting-edge smartwatch.

Intelligent wearables have made adopting a healthier lifestyle a pleasant and immersive experience.

It's very astounding that you can get an interactive and informative HUD on a device.

You may continue with your usual fitness routine as your smartwatch or bracelet monitors your vitals and tracks your activity.

Fitness watches do everything from keeping track of your heart rate to measuring your run distance.

Fitness watches come with the condition that they have a very distinct gadgety appearance.

The issue is that you can't wear them with non-fitness clothing. As a result, having a fitness watch on all the time becomes fashionably rugged for a fitness enthusiast, businessman, lawyer, or anyone who enjoys wearing a suit.

Best SmartWatches and Hybrid Fitness Watches with Second Hand for Seconds Display.

This is where hybrid timepieces come into play. Hybrid watches combine fitness tracking technology with a classic analog watch style, offering you the best of both worlds.

There are several smartwatches on the market, but only a few of them support the second hand in AOD mode for Seconds Display. I did some research and found the top smartwatches with a Second Hand for Displaying Seconds. Let's have a look at what they have to offer.

With hybrids, you can get rid of the notification-filled displays of smartwatches and enjoy a more basic look.

This also saves a lot of battery and ensures that the watch lasts longer than its fitness or notification variant.

I wrote a related post that you might be interested in reading because I know that many nurses and medical personnel are looking for a watch with a sweeping second hand.

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What's the difference between a Hybrid and a Smartwatch?

What's the difference between a Hybrid and a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a wristwatch with a digital display and several sensors that track your movements. However, smartwatches were not very good a few years ago, which is why companies created hybrid smartwatches, which were a combination of both analog and smartwatches.

The hybrid watch has an analog watch dial. Still, it also has sensors underneath it that track your actions and transfer the information to your smartphone.

Only a few smartwatches can support the second hand in AOD Mode when it comes to smartwatches with a second hand for seconds display. There are only two options available to you.

You can choose between a hybrid smartwatch and a smartwatch that supports the second hand in AOD mode. Both types of watches will be discussed in the next section.

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No.1 Withings Steel HR Sport

  • The product was previously known as the Nokia Steel HR. Still, since Nokia sold its digital health business to Withings, it is now known as the Withings Steel HR.

  • This edition can be found on Amazon.

  • This time around, it includes even more capabilities, such as VO2 Max tracking and GPS support, to give it a more authentic fitness experience.

  • Heart rate monitoring and 24/7 physical activity tracking are among the everyday activity tracking features.

  • The heart rate monitor provides you with a continuous heart rate monitoring report as well as reports based on daily and overnight heart rate readings.

  • The activity tracker keeps track of your steps and automatically categorizes them as walked, run, or swum distances.

  • It has over 30 training options, and the GPS connectivity gives you a map of your session as well as other information.

  • This hybrid fitness watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, making it ideal for swimming.

  • The sleep tracking tool tracks your sleep and assigns you a sleep score.

  • It also shows smartphone notifications in addition to fitness tracking.

No.2 Julitech Sport Hybrid Smart Watch 

  • The Julitech Sport Hybrid has a very conventional style. It comes with a leather band, which adds to the classic aesthetic.

  • If you don't want to go with the leather strap, it also comes in a variety of colors, providing you with a lot of trendy options.

  • In addition, this watch provides essential fitness and activity tracking features.

  • The wristband sensors continuously monitor your heart rate and provide you with feedback and alarms based on the information.

  • The watch is pretty light, giving it an advantage over other hybrid watches that look to be cumbersome for most fitness activities, particularly cycling and running.

  • The sports pedometer will keep track of your journey both in terms of steps taken and overall distance traveled.

  • Smartphone compatibility enables you to connect your watch with your smartphone and see the recorded data on your own.

  • Sleep monitoring is also accessible, as well as the ability to check notifications from your phone.


Activite Pop by Withings

Activite Pop by Withings

  • Another Withings Hybrid makes the list thanks to its unique yet simple design that yet has all of the basic fitness monitoring capabilities.

  • The stainless-steel dial and silicone band make for a watch that is both comfortable to wear and attractive.

  • Azure, Pink, and Black are the three hues available for the Withings Activite Pop.

  • Walking, running, calories burnt, and sleep monitoring is all included in the activity tracking capabilities.

  • The pedometer tracks how far you walk during your workout and syncs your data with the health buddy app.

  • The most excellent part about this watch is that it doesn't have a digital display, which means that the cell battery that comes with it can last up to 8 months.

  • This watch is designed for traditionalists who desire the functionality of an activity tracking watch with the look and feel of an analog watch.

  • The watch features two dials: one for the time and one for the activity level.

No.4 Garmin vvomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women 

  • If you've read my blog before, you'll know how much I adore Garmin's fitness trackers.

  • I was overjoyed to see that Garmin has also released a hybrid fitness tracker smartwatch.

  • This fashionable hybrid smartwatch has a touch screen and a hidden display. When you navigate through your messages, pulse data, and other information, the precise watch hands reveal the time and move dynamically.

  • It tracks your stress levels and counts your steps and calories while keeping track of your health indices.

Fitness Tracking

  • vvomove HR was designed to make you look and feel great. This watch has fitness-monitoring features that provide you with data on your current fitness levels.

  • With a wrist heart rate monitor, you can track your heart rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and get an estimate of your maximal oxygen intake (VO2).

  • The heart rate monitor may also determine your fitness age. You can lower over time with hard work and regular physical activity.

Monitoring of Stress

  • It's natural to feel stressed at some time during the day, but how much stress do you experience? Thanks to daily stress monitoring, the vvomove HR Smartwatch can tell you whether you're having a peaceful, balanced, or hectic day and everything in between.

  • If your stress level rises during the day, it's time to take a break and cure a headache or other physical ailment.

  • Work on deep breathing practice with the relaxation timer to relieve tension.

  • Share and compete with Garmin's app.

  • You'll get more than just data storage by synchronizing your activity to Garmin Connect.

  • Garmin Interact is a flourishing online community that allows users to connect and compete by participating in challenges, congratulating others on their accomplishments, and even sharing their victories on social media.

  • Garmin Connect is a free service that may be accessed via the web or the Garmin Connect TM Mobile app on a smartphone.

Intelligent and sophisticated

  • Smart messages2 that flash on your digital display ensures that you never miss a text or message.

  • Your exercise and health tracking data will be instantly posted to the Garmin Connect TM community, which is entirely free.

  • You may also use the watch to control your music.

  • For both men and women, the vvomove HR is available in two sizes: S / M or L, as well as a range of colors and strap kinds.

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No.5 RUNWAY READY Hybrid Smartwatch by Michael Kors

RUNWAY READY Hybrid Smartwatch by Michael Kors

This time, more high-end Android watches are on the way from Michael Kors, a real fashion business.

For the first time, the designer's fashion brand unveiled a line of hybrid fitness smartwatches based on Google's wearable operating system (Wear OS).

Kors is regarded as a fashion designer, particularly a prestigious one, and the timepieces reflect this.

RUNWAY READY is Kors' newest Hybrid fitness watch. It includes a heart rate and activity monitor instead of previous models that couldn't track your pulse.

The RUNWAY READY is swim-proof, syncs with Spotify, and appears to be a more severe activity tracker device than his younger brothers in the RUNWAY READY family.

No.6 Fossil Gen 5

One of the greatest smartwatches with a second's display is Fossil Gen 5. Most smartwatches do not support the second hand in AOD mode. Still, the Fossil Gen 5 does since it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 chipset, which is a power-saving device. A 1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with brilliant colors is included with the watch. If you want a smartwatch with a minimalist design, the Fossil Gen 5 is a great choice.

No.7 Skagen Connected Falster 3 Gen 5 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch 

Another wristwatch featuring a second's display is the Skagen Falster 3. Skagen Falster 3 has the same Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset as the Fossil Gen 5, a highly power-efficient CPU that allows the Second Hand to be used in AOD Mode. The watch has a number of battery options and can easily last 24 hours on a single charge.

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No.8 Suunto 7t.

Suunto 7t.

One of the most excellent smartwatches with a second hand for seconds display is the Suunto 7. Suunto 7 has a very minimal design that is nevertheless quite appealing. The watch is equipped with a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, which enables the use of the second hand in AOD mode.

Heat maps and a range of sensors are also included in the Suunto 7 to track your activities and heart rate. Suunto 7 is an excellent alternative if you want a full smartwatch with a second hand for a second display.

No.9 Moto 360 (2019)

One of the best smartwatches in the mid-range category is the Moto 360. The Snapdragon Wear 3100 engine allows the Moto 360 to offer the second hand even in AOD mode, making it a very powerful smartwatch. A range of sensors, including an accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope, are also included in the Moto 360. Your heart rate and other sensors will be used to keep track of your activity.

Overall, the Moto 360 is a great mid-range alternative that you should seriously consider.

No.10 Garmin vivomove HR is a hybrid smartwatch from Garmin.

One of the greatest hybrid smartwatches with a second's display is the Garmin Vivomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch. It has a classic copper-colored dial and white straps, both of which are very appealing. It also has several sensors with which you may track your activity. To obtain the information, link the watch to your smartphone, and the watch will transfer the information to your smartphone.

No.11 Tag Heuer Connected 2020

Tag Heuer Connected 2020

The Tag Heuer Connected is a high-end hybrid smartwatch with a sleek appearance and a hefty price tag. The watch has a classic black and silver design that is highly comparable to traditional timepieces. It does, however, come with sensors to measure your activity, such as a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, GPS, and others. Tag Heuer Connected 2020 is an excellent choice if you want a luxury wristwatch with a secondhand for seconds display.

Which is better: a hybrid smartwatch or a smartwatch?

Because smartwatches didn't support the second hand in AOD Mode a few years ago, Hybrid Smartwatches were a better option for individuals who needed a smartwatch with a second hand for second displays.

The situation has altered in 2020 since smartwatches that support the Seconds timer in AOD mode are now available, and they are the better option for you. A smartwatch, in my opinion, is the best option for a watch with a second hand seconds display. In the year 2022, hybrid smartwatches are not the best option.

Use a second hand to keep track of your time.

The Fossil Gen 5 is one of the greatest Wear OS smartwatches available. It has the Wear OS companion app, which allows you to find watch faces with a second hand. The Fossil Gen 5 is one of the few smartwatches that allows the second hand to be used in AOD mode, thanks to its Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip. To save battery, the majority of smartwatches do not support the second hand in AOD mode.

How can I keep a seconds timer on the screen at all times?

Unfortunately, in Always-on Display (AOD) mode, the majority of smartwatches do not support the seconds' timer. They do that to save battery life because smartwatch battery timing is a crucial issue. Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, on the other hand, is a very efficient chipset that allows the wristwatch to have the second's timer in Always-on Display (AOD) Mode.

If you want the seconds timer to appear in Always-on Display (AOD) mode, you'll need a watch with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 Chipset. When you have a smartwatch that supports the Seconds Timer, enable AOD mode. The watch will display the seconds timer even when it is in AOD mode. There's no other option.

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2nd Hand Hybrid Watch

2nd Hand Hybrid Watch

Hybrid watches are smartwatches that combine the features of both analog and digital watches. Hybrid watches resemble analog watches on the outside, but they contain numerous sensors that track your actions on the inside.

There are several different hybrid watches with second hands available. Still, if I had to choose one, I would go with the Garmin Vivo Hybrid Smartwatch. It has a copper-colored dial and white straps, both of which are very attractive. If you want a hybrid watch with a second hand, the Garmin Vivo Hybrid Smartwatch is a good choice.


That's all there is to it, guys. The top hybrid smartwatches with a second hand for seconds display are listed below. These hybrid smartwatches may also be used as fitness trackers, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Please let me know if you have any queries in the comments area below. Visit the website for more helpful resources. I hope I was able to assist you in finding the finest hybrid fitness tracker for you.


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