These days, fitness tracking has become moderately simple on wearable gadgets. Fitness enthusiasts love to monitor their fitness level utilizing these gadgets routinely, from working out at a gym to running a long-distance race. Over time, these gadgets will more often than not become dirty.

Fitness tracking devices, for example, Fitbit, are great for empowering activity; be that as it may, they will more often than not collect sweat, oil, and dirt, which stains the band and causes skin irritation and clogs the charging port.

Along these lines, cleaning it routinely will help enhance its usefulness while preventing skin irritation. In this article, we will talk about how to clean a Fitbit.

The most effective method to Clean A Fitbit

Fitbit clean

You can have your Fitbit with you the entire day, consistently; nonetheless, you should clean it to keep up with healthy skin and upgrade the functionality of your gadget.

After your exercises, you should clean the sweat from your Fitbit utilizing a somewhat limited quantity of rubbing alcohol.

Fitbit prompts against cleaning utilizing wipes, cleansers, and other household cleaning things since such items may be trapped under the strap and lead to skin irritation and infections.

Furthermore, the manners in which a Fitbit is cleaned will rely upon the sort of band you own. All Fitbit bands must be dealt with by cleaning them utilizing a dry microfiber fabric.

Usually, the brand offers leather, knit, elastomer, silicone, nylon, and metal bands. Cleaning every one of these bands will require a one-of-a-kind strategy. Described below is the way to clean different Fitbit band materials.

Instructions to Clean Elastomer and Silicone Fitbit Bands

Fitbit Silicone and elastomer bands are primarily durable, appropriate for everyday use, and focused on high-intensity exercises. Since this material tends to collect microbes and sweat, it causes irritation and smell; accordingly, cleaning them after an exercise/workout is fundamental.

The Fitbit bands are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. If you have a waterproof model, abstain from exposing your watch face to running water. On the off chance it comes into contact with water, it gets it dry inside the briefest time possible.

To clean your silicone or elastomer Fitbit band, you should wipe it with cotton fabric dipped in rubbing liquor or under running water, assuming it is waterproof. Clean your band utilizing a delicate toothbrush to remove oil and stain build-ups. It would be best to consider adding a delicate, soap-free chemical to clean it. Utilize a clean cloth to dry your band before putting it on again.

Step by step instructions to Clean A Fitbit Leather Band

Typically, Fitbit leather bands are porous materials and inclined to stain. It would be best to avoid wearing them during intense exercise to prevent stains. Also, it might be ideal on the off chance that you keep away from your leather band from coming into contact with excess water, insect repellent, skin cream, and any perfume.

While cleaning the leather band, you should utilize a delicate and dry cloth to wipe it after wearing it. Guarantee that the material is damped and not wet, and afterward, rub your band tenderly with the texture in a circular motion.

On the off chance that is imperative, you should seriously consider over dipping the fabric into the water. You should dip your cloth into the water for a more significant cleaning interaction and add a light cleanser-free chemical.

Wash your band entirely in water to dispose of any cleanser build-up, and eliminate the excess water from the cloth before cleaning the band utilizing the damp cloth. When done, permit it to dry before putting it on once again.

Assuming you like, you could apply a leather conditioner to your band. Guarantee that the product you use is alright for your skin, and it won't discolor your band. You ought to try not to place the band in direct daylight while drying; nonetheless, you could utilize a hairdryer on a low setting.

Step by step instructions to Clean A Fitbit Metal Band

Like silicone and elastomer, metal bands are great for regular use; they are not sweat-resistant or waterproof. Subsequently, you shouldn't wear them during an intense exercise session. Besides, it shouldn't contact skin cream, oil, perfumes, or insect repellent to keep it from discoloring.

To clean your metal band, you should wipe it utilizing a delicate and dry cloth after having it on. You could utilize a small quantity of water to dampen your cloth and clean the band whenever required. Subsequently, permit your band to air dry before putting it on; you should try not to place it in direct daylight or utilize high degrees of heat from your hair dryer since it can cause critical damage.

The most effective method to Clean A Fitbit Nylon Band

Fitbit Nylon bands are also great for everyday use; they should not be worn while performing intense exercises to avoid oil and stain. To keep your band up from staining, you shouldn't permit it to come into contact with insect repellent, skin cream, perfumes, or oil.

Regarding cleaning a nylon band, you should wipe it utilizing a soft and dry cloth. You could wash the band under chilly running water alongside a mild soap-free product whenever required. When you are through with cleaning, you should leave your band to air dry before putting it on again. Try not to put your band in direct daylight while drying.

Why Cleaning Your Fitbit Band Is Essential

For the most part, Fitbits collect soil and sweat each day when utilized and do not fail to remember bacteria that irritate and produce terrible smells. A Research showed Fitbit bands could have up to 8.3 times a more significant number of microbes than what is found on a toilet seat.

Leather and plastic bands are supposed to be the most exceedingly awful wrongdoers with altogether high bacteria levels contrasted with other band materials. In a similar review, one of every four people concedes to having never cleaned their Fitbit and keeping in mind that one out of five people cleans their band in under a half year.

Since Fitbit bands can get fundamentally high measures of grime instead of other watches, it is imperative to have them cleaned regularly. After each exercise session, you should wipe your Fitbit Band and perform a deep cleaning process on your band more than once each month.

Like this, you won't just work on their general appearance but also on their functionality while permitting you to appreciate having them on for a drawn-out period without facing skin irritation.

What Are The Impacts Of Utilizing A Dirty Fitbit?

Wearing a Fitbit band for an extended period will undoubtedly collect dirt with time. Most people don't know that wearing a dirty Fitbit can bring on issues not exclusively to the gadget but also to you.

The non-stop wearing of a Fitbit band is supposed to damage your skin. Ordinarily, skin is one of the most delicate organs in the body and can be irritated by a few surfaces. In this manner, having your Fitbit band for extended periods will collect sweat, transforming it into a skin allergen on the off chance that it is not cleaned.

Contact dermatitis and skin inflammation are a couple of skin sensitivities that can come about because of wearing dirty Fitbit for a drawn-out period. Also, a dirty Fitbit will detrimentally affect the functionality of the gadget. Over the natural course of time, it causes the Fitbit band to be less effective and slow. When you contact, more dirt, bacteria, and condensation will inevitably begin working around the band's charging port and your tracker.


Even though cleaning your Fitbit band is fundamental, you need to do it correctly and with the right cleaning items. Along these lines, while cleaning your Fitbit, it is exceptionally prudent to utilize rubbing alcohol. If not, you should seriously consider adding a gentle soap-free item to make it spotless.

Notwithstanding, it might be ideal if you kept away from hand soap, dish soap, body wash, laundry cleanser, hand wipes, or different sorts of household cleaning items.

Such items are said to cause skin irritation when caught under your band. Thus, cleaning your Fitbit will further improve comfort, upgrading your general workout routine while at the same time keeping your skin fresh and healthy.


To keep a healthy fitness level utilizing your Fitbit band, you should do likewise. A clean Fitbit band implies a healthy you and further improved device performance. Having the option to track your fitness level effortlessly is imperative for further developing your general well-being.

Hence, rather than considering the build-up of dirt and sweat, you ought to take your band out and clean it properly.

It might be ideal to utilize sanitizer or rubbing alcohol with a delicate cloth to assist your band with remaining best in shape for better performance and function.

Moreover, while cleaning your band, you should remember that these items are sensitive to abrasive items like soaps, and you should utilize a limited measure of water.

So, we want to believe that you have found this article valuable and consistently make sure to clean your Fitbit band.


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