Google Fit and Fitbit are two of the most popular fitness apps for millions of users worldwide. In this showdown between Google Fit and Fitbit, I will compare the different features of both apps to understand which one is better. Let's dive in.

 Google Fit vs. Fitbit: User Interface 

When it comes to fitness apps, the user interface is a crucial factor because fitness apps display a lot of data, and it is essential to know how they display it.

Google Fit has a very minimalist interface that uses rings and charts to show complex information straightforward way. I also liked the in-app color options, which improved the overall aesthetic.

On the other hand, Fitbit is no slouch either, and it comes with a pretty good user interface. It also uses the rings and charts to display the data, but I liked Google Fit's implementation, which looks cleaner on screen.

When you look at the data, both apps display tons of data on the screen, giving you an idea of your activity level. Overall, both apps have an excellent user interface, but I liked the implementation of Google Fit.

Google Fit vs. Fitbit: Tracking Capabilities

Google Fit vs. Fitbit: Tracking Capabilities

One of the main aspects of any fitness app is its tracking capabilities, and if the app isn't good at tracking, there's no point in using it. Luckily, both apps, Google Fit and Fitbit offer tons of tracking features that you can use. Let's take a look at them.

Google Fit comes with a workout journal where the app keeps track of all your workouts. It also tracks distance traveled and calories burned.

You can also use the app to track your exercise, step count, and running pace. In addition, the app also generates activity reports to help you learn more about your overall activity level.

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Fitbit is also equipped with many tracking functions and has a training diary to keep all the records of current and past training sessions. Like Google Fit, it also tracks calories burned, step count, exercise tagging, etc.

However, the Fitbit app can't measure a pace, which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

                                          Tracking Google Fit         vs.         Fitbit

Exercise Diary                            Yes                                                       Yes

Distance Tracking                     Yes                                                       Yes

Burned Calories Count             Yes                                                       Yes

Exercise Tagging                       Yes                                                        Yes

Step Count                                  Yes                                                        Yes

Pace tracking                             Yes                                                         No

Activity Reports                        Yes                                                         Yes

Sleep Reports                            No                                                          Yes

Achievements                           Yes                                                          Yes

Goal Setting                              Yes                                                           Yes

Can I Use Fitbit's App Just By using my phone and without a Fitbit device?

The answer is yes, and it's called Fitbit MobileTrack.

The Fitbit mobile tracker lets you track basic activities like steps, distance, and calories burned using your phone's sensors, just like the Googe Fit app.

For more features, advanced, and more accurate data, you need a Fitbit smartwatch or bracelet for the Fitbit app or a Google Fit compatible device for the Google Fit app.

 Google Fit vs. Fitbit: Nutrition Tracking 

Diet. One of the core features of any fitness app is nutrition tracking. Let's look at the nutrition tracking features of Google Fit and Fitbit.

Google Fit only has the weight tracking feature, which means you can manually enter your weight data from time to time. It doesn't have diet tracking features.

On the other hand, Fitbit comes fully equipped with nutrition tracking features that make it easy to track your diet. It has calorie tracking, weight tracking, water intake, and more. So if you want better nutrition tracking, Fitbit is the best option for you.

Features                       Google Fit vs. Fitbit

Weight Tracking                              Yes     Yes

Water Intake Tracking                   No      Yes

Calorie Tracking                              No      Yes

Smart Scales Compatibility           Yes     Yes

Google Fit vs. Fitbit: Accuracy

Google Fit and Fitbit can track different activities, but how accurate they are with tracking.

If you don't use activity trackers, the apps use sensors like accelerometers and GPS to track your workouts. In most cases, these sensors can collect accurate data, but there are cases where the data can be accurate.

For example, if you use your smartphone to track your walk near buildings or enormous structures, the GPS signals will be weak, resulting in inaccurate readings.

Overall, both apps are good at tracking, and you can get pretty accurate results most of the time. If you need more accurate tracking, get a good activity tracker as they are far more accurate than smartphones.

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 Google Fit vs. Fitbit: Support and Compatibility 

If you plan to use an external fitness tracker with these apps, you must consider this factor. In terms of support and compatibility, the Fitbit app can only be used with the Fitbit wristbands and watches, and there are no exceptions.

On the other hand, Google Fit is a more versatile app and works well with many smartwatches and fitness trackers, including the Fossil Gen 5, Skagen Falster 3, Xiaomi Mi Bands, and other Wear OS devices.


Google Fit and Fitbit are two great fitness apps, and both offer tons of great features. I think Google Fit has the edge over Fitbit due to its clean UI when it comes to UI. Both apps are the same, but Fitbit beats Google to track nutrition when it comes to tracking.

Google Fit is better than Fitbit in terms of support and compatibility as it supports more fitness trackers.

You have to decide which features you prefer. The Fitbit app is a no-brainer for you if you have the Fitbit tracker. If you have other fitness trackers, you can use Google Fit.


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