Best Free FTP Clients for Mac and Windows PC

Best Free FTP Clients for Mac and Windows PC

We move more and more files over the internet. To do it in an efficient and orderly way we have the FTP protocol. Through a client program we can upload or download files from any server that has the FTP service active ( normally through port 21 ). Here we list the best FTP clients for Mac

Transmit (Paid FTP Client For Mac)

For us it is the best option. A very careful design blends it with the Apple universe. It is very fast, with simultaneous uploads and downloads that greatly speed up our upload and download processes. Transmit allows us to store in a clear and accessible way all the FTP servers that we need, together with the corresponding credentials. It even allows us to group them into folders. It also allows us to connect with our favorite Cloud services, some like these:

ftp client mac free

List of cloud services that you can add to Transmit


It is very easy to use due to its simple, clear and intuitive interface. Transmit costs $45 as of the date of this article. They’re definitely worth a look if FTP is a tool you use on your mac frequently.

Transmit website

FileZilla (Free FTP Client For Mac)

This is the most popular free option in the FTP world. Rare is the professional who hasn’t worked with it, or even who doesn’t have it installed on their Mac. Being free we can’t expect too much from this open source software , but without a doubt it works like a champion and fully covers our needs. It is the typical FTP solution that users who come from Windows install.

Design-wise, it leaves a bit to be desired. You need a makeup layer that turns the user interface into something more friendly, clear and manageable. Although it has everything you need, this is one of those programs that offers almost all its options at a glance. That manages to overwhelm the novice or occasional user. The site manager is a bit sparse and should be more at hand, learning from Transmit. At the end of the day, what we want to do 99% of the time we open an FTP client is connect to a server that we have previously saved ( hosting, our provider, etc. ).  

Fully compatible with all versions of Mac.

FileZilla website

Cyber Duck (Free FTP Client For Mac)

The third suggestion from our technical team is Cyberduck. A free FTP client, with a careful design and perfectly efficient in not very demanding circumstances. To highlight its Quick View function, that a simple hit on the space key allows us to preview the content of a file hosted on the server, in the purest MacOS style.

cyber duck mac free ftp client

View of the Cyberduck favorites section. Frequently used FTP services are stored here.


The free version of FTP Clients “annoys” us a bit with the request that we donate money to help develop the software. Element that we can eliminate if we buy a license from the Mac App Store itself .

Cyberduck website

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