It is widely acknowledged that Fitbit was a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry when it introduced portable health and activity monitoring devices to the market.

As a result, Fitbit is still a popular option, and plenty of Fitbit's rivals are hard at work building new and improved versions of similar electronic devices.

The Apple Watch 6 is our top recommendation if you're looking for a Fitbit replacement that offers cutting-edge health and fitness monitoring in addition to its cutting-edge smart technology, design, and other features. It was designed to deliver useful advances such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), continuous monitoring of the user's heart rate, and dedicated monitoring modes for various sports. Thanks to this feature, you won't even need to remove your phone from your pocket to access most of your smartphone's capabilities.

Which Alternatives to Fitbit Have Their Own Version of the Incident Detection Software?

Incident detection software is currently one of the functions of smartwatches that is seeing the highest demand. This function can determine when the wearer has fallen and make an immediate phone call to a list of pre-selected emergency contacts or the authorities. This component is an absolute must if you value the serenity that comes with knowing that you are secure.

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How Does the System Work to Detect Incidents?

With contemporary motion sensors, smartwatches can now detect impacts such as falls or mishaps. These sensors, which include accelerometers and cadence sensors, are able to determine whether you fell when you were standing still or while you were in the middle of moving.

The watch will start an on-screen alert once it detects a fall, and the user will have sixty seconds to turn off the notification. If the user does not deactivate this warning, the watch will contact the appropriate authorities and provide them with a list of pre-selected emergency contacts. If the watch detects movement after the user has taken a fall, it will give the user an additional opportunity to stop the alarm, as is the case with the Apple Watch.

The SOS call feature and this feature are frequently confused with one another. The primary distinction between fall detection and SOS calls is that the former triggers an automatic phone call to be made to emergency contacts, while the latter requires the user to initiate the call manually. With the SOS call feature, users can purposefully place calls for assistance with just the push of a button.

Is There an Incident Detection Function on the Fitbit?

Even though Fitbit leads the market with its sophisticated designs and high-end fitness trackers, the company has not yet included incident detection on its roster of capabilities for its smartwatches. This is a shame because the adoption of this feature would have helped them compete more effectively against other industry leaders in smartwatches. On the other hand, numerous competitors to Fitbit do provide this service, which is encouraging news for individuals who are looking for a risk-free smartwatch.

What are some of the Alternative Watches with an Incident Detection Function?

Fall detection software has been made available by Apple for some time, and it is included in their Apple Watch SE model as well as all versions of watches ranging from Series 4 to Series 7. Their incident detection feature not only detects when you have fallen but also notifies the emergency SOS services if you remain still for more than a minute following the fall.

Additionally, Garmin has been extremely prompt in providing assistance and incident detection on its many devices. You can also find the features on watches from their Vivoactive Range, the Fenix series, and several models in their Forerunner lineup. This is the ideal solution for everyone who wishes to maintain their safety while engaging in physical activity.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is not just an adorable wearable but also comes with software that can identify incidents. The elderly and active hikers who wish to be protected in the event that they ever have a heavy fall are the customers most likely to purchase this watch.

Although the Mi Band series from Xiamoi incorporates some of the most recent advancements in wearable technology, similar to Fitbit, they do not include incident detection. If you absolutely cannot live without this function, you will regretfully need to look into other possibilities for a smartwatch. We are looking forward to the arrival of an update that includes this function for Xiaomi and Fitbit gadgets as soon as possible.

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Is There Another Device That Can Replace My Fitbit?

We have developed this list of things to take into consideration in order to assist you in narrowing down your search for the finest Fitbit replacement for you.

Because the purpose of wearing a fitness tracker is to monitor one's health, we made it a point to ensure that each of our available options could monitor not only the number of calories burned but also the distance walked, the rate at which one's heart was beating, and the quality of one's sleep, amongst other things. Even though these fitness trackers will offer helpful information, you should not use them for any kind of medical treatment because they are not designed for that. If you notice anything that doesn't seem quite right, you should make an appointment with your doctor; nevertheless, you shouldn't rely exclusively on this information to evaluate your general health.

When you're in the middle of a workout, the last thing you need is for your fitness band to run out of power. Since then, it won't be able to track your improvement. Some of the Fitbit replacements we've found can last for at least one day without recharging, while others can last for considerably longer than that without needing to be charged. The quantity of battery life you receive is contingent not only on the screen's brightness but also on how frequently you engage in physical activity.

Because it will be worn in conditions that include perspiration, rain, sand, dirt, and everyday wear and tear, the most important characteristic to look for in a Fitbit alternative is its durability. The IP (Ingress Protection) scale is often used to evaluate the resistance of a device to dust and water. On the other hand, some fitness trackers employ the ATM (atmosphere) measurement rather than the IP scale. Every one of the fitness trackers we propose is resistant to water.

Check out some of our alternatives to the Fitbit if you're searching for a fitness tracker that does more than just record your statistics. Others let you communicate with intelligent assistants without having to lift a finger, while others can display the messages you have received via SMS. The primary reason you should consider wearing an alternative to Fitbit is so you can track your health.

The Apple Watch Is Still the Undisputed Champion

Apple's most recent and most impressive smartwatch, the Apple Watch 7, stands as a formidable competitor to Fitbit's most recent and most advanced smart fitness tracker, the Sense. One of the most notable improvements in the screen size, which is fifty percent larger than that of the Series 3. Because it includes a display that stays on even when the device is off, there is no need to turn it on in order to view the time or other pertinent information. You may also give your watch a unique look by attaching any strap that is appropriate to the case.

By monitoring your heart rate, this watch will sound an alarm and notify you if anything unusual occurs on the interior of your body. You may view your electrocardiogram (ECG) whenever you want, wherever you are, thanks to this wearable device. It notifies you if the volume of the noise reaches dangerously high levels, and it can monitor your menstrual cycles if you are a woman who has them.

The system that detects falls has been upgraded so that it can now take into account falls that take place without the victim moving at all, such as passing out. This is significant and the reason for many falls, resulting in the watch being significantly safer.

Throughout the day, you may customize the display on your watch to monitor several health indicators like your breathing rate, heart rate, and the volume of surrounding noise, among other things.

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Watch Series 6 from Apple

The Apple Watch is certainly worthy of consideration as a top-tier alternative to the Fitbit. It does a fantastic job of keeping track of training statistics. You are able to track your development over time by using the Fitness app on your iPhone, where you can also create goals that are unique to certain workouts, view comprehensive summaries after completing them, and more. Apple Watch can also be useful for people who use wheelchairs thanks to its two special wheelchair exercises. Because it was designed to be used for activities that take place underwater, it has a water resistance rating of fifty meters. The Pool Swim workout keeps track of your splits and sets while also keeping an eye on your swimming strokes. During the Open Water Swim, your calories burned, speed and the overall group's speed are all taken into account when visualizing your track.

Runners will receive updates on their speed and rhythm. In addition, it can provide you with information regarding your present altitude and keep track of your step count when you are exercising outside. It will connect to hundreds of different workout software in order to keep track of your progress and assist you in achieving your objectives. Because it can be synced with virtually any piece of gym equipment, it enables you to retain records of metrics such as your pulse rate, pace, and diet.

You can maintain your connection without needing to bring your mobile device with you at all times. If you choose the cellular model, you won't need to bring anything but your watch with you anywhere you go. Because it comes with a built-in compass, you may use it to navigate simply by looking at the display. The app it comes with, specifically designed to assist you in navigating, is accurate.

This device is pricey, but considering all the functions and designs included, it is well worth the money, and it is one of the watches we suggest the most highly on this website. The life of its battery is probably the only significant drawback. More specifically, because the always-on display depletes the battery, you have around 17 hours of use before you need to charge it again.


  • Display of the retina that is constantly on
  • Continuous monitoring of the patient's heartbeat and electrocardiogram (ECG).
  • Tracker for several sports
  • Watch over your health
  • Connectivity for cellular devices that were designed.


  • Expensive
  • A short lifespan for the battery

Garmin Vivosmart 4

The Vivosmart 4 from Garmin is equipped with sophisticated sensors that can give you a more accurate picture of your health.

For instance, its sleep tracker perfectly illustrates this because it monitors your movements and your three stages of sleep (light, deep, and REM). When you first wake up, the Vivosmart app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android, will present you with a bar graph that details the amount of time you spent in each stage of your sleep.

An integrated pulse oximeter examines the efficiency with which your heart and lungs pump blood and oxygen to other parts of your body and the efficiency with which oxygen is absorbed into your blood. It also measures how well oxygen is being pumped into your blood. Even while a low number can suggest that you have flu-like symptoms, you shouldn't think of this function as a painless portable Covid test.

According to the company, the data from your fitness band may be used by Garmin to evaluate how stressed out your body is and whether it is a suitable time for you to work out or take a rest day. When it determines your stress level is high, you will be given the option to de-stress by doing breathing exercises for one minute.

In addition to being an exceptional fitness tracker, the Vivosmart 4 is a digital gadget with a broad range of capabilities. Garmin claims that a single charge of the Vivosmart can provide users with up to seven days of use when the device is worn while swimming (again, your mileage may vary).

Even if you configure it to display all of your phone's alerts, you won't have any influence over what they do once they reach your attention. You can turn off notifications on your phone if you want to stay focused on your workout, but if you want to check for messages quickly, it's far easier to check your watch than it is to get your phone out of your pocket.

A fitness tracker that can be worn The Vivosmart 4 from Garmin is a device that has a long battery life, excellent performance, and some basic smart functions. If you are looking for an alternative to Fitbit, this is the product that you should purchase.


  • The OLED display may be read easily regardless of the surrounding lighting.
  • Innovative and enhanced techniques for assessing levels of stress and the quality of sleep
  • This Garmin smart band has a more fashionable appearance when contrasted with earlier models of the same product. It measures a person's swimming ability.
  • Strong and long-lasting in its effects


  • The screen is limited in size and might be unresponsive at times; there is no provision for GPS or GPS tethering.
  • There is a possibility that some of the information provided is inaccurate.

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Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin is perhaps Fitbit's most significant competitor, and as such, it is deserving of a spot on a list of alternatives to Fitbit. On the other hand, Garmin is a significant step up in terms of sophistication and targets genuine athletes, whereas Fitbit isn't nearly as smart. The more affordable devices offered by Garmin are likely the most suitable choices. For example, you could compare it to something like the Fitbit Versa 3.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a GPS watch that can be used for a variety of purposes and is equipped with a wide variety of useful functions. It incorporates advanced running dynamics such as VO2 max in addition to other concepts. In addition, a wrist-based heart monitor ensures that you can perform to the best of your abilities on race day without experiencing any anxiety.

Support for customized watch faces and applications, along with intelligent updates and automated access, is provided by Connect IQ. When paired with your heart rate, the information from this watch can provide an approximation of your VO2 limit and anticipate your race times. Information about your running times, such as your ground touch time stability, stride duration, and vertical ratio, will assist you in becoming in better shape.

It is compatible with the companion app known as Garmin Connect and works quite well with it. Athletes are able to save, schedule, and post their workouts with the use of the complimentary app known as Garmin Connect. It will record your workout data and present you with correct counsel following your stats and behaviors, such as movement prompts and other fitness advice. Additionally, it will keep a record of your progress while you work out. You can engage in competition with other users once it is opened on either your PC or a linked smartphone.

Although it is somewhat pricey, we highly recommend this watch to athletes and anyone else looking for a watch with built-in GPS functionality. Concerns have been raised regarding the dependability of software updates and the fact that the heart rate sensor does not always provide accurate readings.


  • Excellent GPS built-in
  • Watch designed for running and other sports
  • Mechanics of running that are completely novel
  • Connect with Garmin


  • Expensive
  • Updates to the security system that are inconsistent
  • Inaccuracy of the sensor for monitoring the heart rate

Garmin Fenix 7

The Garmin Fenix 7 is another excellent product offered by Garmin. This smartwatch offers a variety of options, including a selection of colors and a number of various case sizes, making it a good pick for virtually anyone. The watch is a serious piece of equipment, as evidenced by the fact that it is one of the most expensive smartwatches on our list. The price ranges from approximately $799 to $800, give or take, depending on the model and manufacturer that you select.

So, for all that cash, what do you get in return?

This watch is touted by the manufacturer as a tough seven-days-a-week workout partner that is suitable for any kind of physical exercise. It is a multi-sport GPS watch that provides the ability to charge using solar power, making it one of the more fascinating possibilities for battery life currently available on the market.

You can reach your full potential by running on a variety of surfaces with the help of features such as PacePro, which provides you with a virtual coach to run with. The statistics on your heart rate and the oxygen monitoring will let you know if your body isn't holding up as well as it normally would when this occurs.

Additionally, it has event detection capabilities, which will notify predetermined emergency contacts with your current GPS location and information.


  • High-tech sporting features
  • Rough and brittle stuff to work with
  • Incident detection
  • Solar power possibilities for charging


  • The cost is quite high
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6

This is comparable to other affordable fitness trackers, such as the Inspire 2, and can serve as an alternative to the Fitbit.

This inexpensive fitness tracker has the best features available for its price range. It also monitors blood oxygen levels and provides a heart rate alert in addition to a pulse monitor. In addition to this, it keeps track of the amount of time you spend sleeping and sends you reminders to assist you in optimizing your sleeping schedule and, as a result, remain productive. The activity tracking will recognize your movements, whether walking, jogging, swimming, working out, cycling, or using a treadmill. It also detects while you are working out outside, riding, and swimming. It even keeps a record of the number of calories expended, the distance traveled, and the number of steps taken.

This fitness tracker is both lightweight and robust, and it features an AMOLED panel, which provides deeper blacks and more vibrant colors than traditional LCD panels. As it is water resistant up to 50 meters, you can feel free to wear it when you are in the shower or while you are participating in aquatic activities. It contains 18mm flexible bands and a rechargeable battery that has a great battery life of 20 days.

Because this is merely a fitness tracker and not a high-end smartwatch, you should not expect advanced smart capabilities such as making phone calls, receiving text messages, or even checking your email. Even though it just has a few basic functions, we think it does an excellent job despite its lack of complexity. At the very least, it performs precisely the same functions that a fitness tracker would in the context of its pricing.


  • Control of the heart rate at a low cost
  • Keeping track of one's health and fitness
  • Long life of the battery


  • There are no intelligent features present.
  • Interference is becoming increasingly archaic.

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Galaxy Watch4 from Samsung.

Even if it does not focus on physical activity in the same way that Active watches do, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is still one of the leading candidates due to its features. Additionally, it is equipped with a fall detection system!

The detection may now consider sudden falls even if the person is standing still. When you combine this with other features like monitoring of VO2 levels when running, monitoring of ECG levels, heart rate metrics, and many more, you have an alternative to Fitbit that is better for your general health!

It is interesting to note that Samsung has shifted over to using apps and software entirely sourced from Google for its Galaxy Watch4 model. Integrations have been significantly improved as a result of this, and the upgrade has been very well received.


  • One of the most up-to-date watches currently available on the market
  • Detailed monitoring of physical activity and health conditions


  • Having a battery life of forty hours
  • It's the Galaxy Watch Active 3, baby!

This watch is both stylish and tough, and it is always prepared for activities that take place underwater. Because it comes in various colors and has bands that can be switched out, it can be personalized in many different ways. Because the battery life is so lengthy, it only needs to be charged once, and then it may be used without any problems for several days. Because it's connected to your smartphone, you can get notifications about incoming calls, messages, and calendar events on it. It should come as no surprise that Android devices score better in terms of compatibility, although iOS devices can also be connected.

In terms of activity tracking, it is able to distinguish between six different workouts and manually log up to 39 exercises. It enables you to study the patterns and cycles of your sleep, including naps, and as a result, assists you in being more comfortable during your sleep time. In addition, it monitors your heart rate and can send you an alert immediately if it suddenly goes up or down at an abnormally fast or slow rate.

In spite of the fact that the manufacturer claims this watch has a long battery life, a number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with its short battery life as well as charging issues.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Monitoring one's health and physical activity
  • A Smartwatch That Is Also Waterproof Long-Lasting


  • The longevity of the battery is a disadvantage.
  • Problems with charging

Gear Fit2 Pro

If you want to keep track of your progress during aquatic exercises, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is up to the challenge. It is resistant to water and prepared for use in aquatic environments. It doesn't matter where you are — in the pool, the rain, or even your bathtub — it will follow your every move. Turn on the Water Lock Mode to remove any concerns about coming into touch with water. Because of its water-resistivity of 50 meters, it can monitor your swimming strokes as well as the data you collect while swimming.

Spotify makes it possible for you to access all of your favorite playlists with only the press of a button. It is possible to upload up to 500 songs or MP3s. In conjunction with Under Armour, Samsung has developed programs that allow you to engage in friendly competition with your peers by tracking your progress through a variety of workouts while also ensuring that you stick to a nutritious diet. This device enables you to track your fitness throughout the day using a heart rate sensor and also comes equipped with GPS technology to navigate.

This watch, like many others, has a battery life that is not particularly impressive. According to the opinions of a large number of users, the performance of its battery is inadequate.


  • 50 meters of resistance to the water
  • A maximum of 500 tracks storage for Spotify


  • GPS monitoring for many sports is enabled by default
  • Reduced lifespan of the battery
  • Amazon Halo View

The Amazon Halo View

It is not only one of the most up-to-date wearables but also one of the wearables that is the easiest to operate. The sensors in the Halo View are able to track a variety of different metrics, including the user's steps, heart rate, activity score, and blood oxygen levels. The screen in full color may display the time, give you text messages, and even encourage you to get up and move around if you've been sitting idle all day. It is able to keep a record of your workouts as they progress. Taking your Halo View into the water won't have to worry about it getting damaged because it can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters.

The battery of the Halo View can operate for up to seven days on a single charge, and it can be recharged in fewer than two hours.


  • Affordable
  • Keeping track of your workouts automatically
  • The Halo programming has been brought up to date.
  • SpO2 Countermeasures to Ensure a Longer Battery Life


  • There were no readings obtained from the GPS that varied from test to test for the heart rate.
  • The skin temperature sensor is only used for the purpose of monitoring sleep and is not employed in the measurement of body fat or tone.
  • Others are more long-lasting.
  • Strap for the Whoop

In contrast to Fitbit, WHOOP Strap can only be used in conjunction with the company's exercise service. You might be able to acquire the wristband for free if you agree to enroll in WHOOP, a comprehensive training program that makes use of the band to figure out exactly how much physical activity you need to perform based on your activity level, heart rate, and the amount of sleep you get.

The WHOOP app, which is available for both iOS and Android, will display these metrics, in addition to a vast amount of other information pertaining to the state of your body's health. You will be able to see where WHOOP thinks you should be headed based on your current performance, and you will be able to make adjustments accordingly. If you use this band during your workouts, you will achieve greater results than if you simply exercise more frequently. The objective is to maintain a consistent rate of forwarding movement for you so that you never reach a plateau.

The Whoop service costs $18 a month and comes with a WHOOP Strap, but users don't have to pay anything to make use of it. If you sign up for a membership that costs $30 per month, you can test out the service risk-free for the first six months of your subscription.

The WHOOP 4.0 is the most up-to-date version of the strap that is currently available.


  • Affordable
  • Bespoke is always open to new members of the community to join Forever innovative as a brand


  • Linked to the provision of the service

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You now have an overview of the most viable alternatives to Fitbit. We have made an effort to offer a diverse selection of alternatives, including basic fitness trackers and smartwatches. Regardless, each one provides you with a plethora of incredible features and fulfills the objective of fitness monitoring in its own unique way.

The Apple Watch comes in first place on our list of products comparable to Fitbit because it is in a class of its own when it comes to monitoring one's health and fitness, in addition to offering a wide variety of other functions. It is state of the art, with an always-on retina touchscreen, 24/7 ECG tracking, and continuous heart rate monitoring. The noise control, menstruation scheduling, global positioning system, and an incorporated cellular device (which enables you to take calls and messages even when you are away from your mobile) are some of the other advantages of this product.


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