It's now simpler to keep track of your indoor workouts thanks to one of the most well-known fitness applications available. Now connected to Strava are the fitness studio Digme, the booking app Mindbody, and the gym chain PureGym.

Strava is more than simply a well-liked GPS-based activity tracker; it also allows you to challenge other users and yourself. This software is used by more than 32 million runners, bikers, and other active individuals worldwide to track their workouts, compare progress over time, and share the best moments of their travels.

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Tracking your indoor exercise is made simpler by Strava.

Now, the organization is focusing on indoor workouts. The most recent software upgrade enables automated syncing between the app and boutique studio Digme, fitness class booking app Mindbody, and gym chain PureGym. Until recently, you could only manually log this kind of activity in Strava.

The new connections are simple to set up. To connect your PureGym member account, for instance, simply sign in to the companion app, navigate to the connections area, and choose the Strava checkbox. Once connected, Strava will track all of your activity, including your workouts and the number of classes you attend. Digme and Mindbody both follow the same process.

At least once a week, over two-thirds of Strava athletes work out inside. According to the firm, strength training, yoga, running on a treadmill, and indoor cycling are the most well-liked hobbies. The fact that Strava is making it simpler to compile all of this exercise data onto a single software platform makes complete sense.


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