Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend watching videos on the internet? What would you say if we told you that there is a way you can use this hobby to earn extra money? Well, thanks to these websites to earn money by watching videos, that's exactly what you can do.

Today many people are looking for new ways to make extra money but not everyone knows exactly what to do. And this is where the internet once again becomes the savior.

On the internet we can find various ways to produce extra money and many of them are actually quite simple. Earning money just by watching videos, while it sounds too good to be true, is a real possibility.

In the list that we show you below, you will find a variety of websites that offer money for, among other tasks, watching videos. If you are interested in knowing which are the best websites to earn money by watching videos that are real and really pay, you can try one of these options that we bring to you.

1. Swagbucks - To Make Money Watching Videos

Swagbucks is a reputed website to earn money by watching videos and ads. You can also visit the website and install the apps to earn money by watching videos.

Their motto is "surveys that pay" . It will pay you for answering surveys, watching ads, videos, etc. Not only this, Swagbucks also pays you to play. Every time you complete a task, you will earn in Swagbucks or SB. One Swagbuck equals one penny. It means that when you earn 100 Swagbucks, you earn $1 . You can then redeem this cash once you cross the $3 threshold.

You must take into account that this website is available USA, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Australia, Germany, among others.

Official Website

2. Instagc - To Earn Money From Watching Videos

This is another of the websites to earn money watching videos that you can try. In Instagc you can do other things besides watch videos to earn points that you can convert into cash prizes.

What differentiates this page from other similar ones is that payments are not made through PayPal or cash deposits, but through Gift Cards for some of the most used electronic stores in the world.

For watching 20 videos, your account is credited with a point . The minimum payout is 100 points ($1), which is a huge amount if you only rely on watching videos. In such a case, you can also try some of the other options to make money.

One of the nice features that this page has compared to others is that it is available in most countries.

Official Website

3. GrabPoints - To Earn Money Watching Videos from Your Couch

One of the websites to earn money by watching videos that is available all over the world is GrabPoints. On this page you can earn money not only by watching videos online but by filling out surveys and doing other small tasks.

You must register on the site by adding some personal information in order to start earning money. This is because the page does a demographic study before giving you specific tasks.

GrabPoints pays 5-20 points for watching videos that are credited to your account as soon as you watch through to the end. With a minimum payout of 5,150 points, withdrawing your first reward may take some time. That's why it's best to include other income options as well. Please note that the amount limit may change based on demographics.

Official Website

4. ySense - To Get Paid to Watch Videos That Work GREAT

ySense is one of the best websites to earn money by watching videos. What you need to do is sign up for ySense and then start working. You will find various tasks and offers on ySense that ask you to watch different videos and video ads to earn money.

You can also get paid for completing online surveys on ySense. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill .

Unlike other similar websites, ySense does not have a separate video section. Therefore, you should search the offer wall at different market research companies to find videos. Payment starts at $5.05 for Skrill, while PayPal has a minimum payment of $10.

Official Website

5. You-Cubez - Pay You To Watch Videos Online

Although this alternative is not one of the most popular among websites to earn money by watching videos, it is one of the most effective. It is a legitimate page that offers a variety of options for users to make extra money. One of these alternatives is to watch videos .

Every time you watch one of the videos on the page you earn what are called cube funds which are then converted into money that you can withdraw via PayPal or Bitcoin , depending on what you prefer.

The registration is very simple and it is available all over the world which makes it a very easy page to use by anyone who wants it. The minimum payment required to withdraw money is low which means that you do not need to do much to see the money in your account.

Official Website

6. iRazoo - Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

With iRazoo, you can earn prizes and cash rewards by watching videos posted on over 50 content channels. Includes movie trailers, short films, app trailers, cooking tutorials, etc.

The good thing is that their video inventory is updated daily, which means you don't have to watch the same video over and over again. Once you've accumulated at least 3,000 iRazoo points, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards.

This is another of the websites to earn money by watching videos that also offers other types of tasks with which you can also make extra money. However, unlike other similar sites, on this page you can only redeem your earnings in Gift Cards for Amazon.

Official Web

7. Netflix - Make Money by Watching and Tagging Videos

It may seem surprising, but Netflix deserves to be on this list of websites to earn money watching videos. Netflix often opens posts by calling out what they refer to as taggers.

It's a lucrative job where taggers watch a lot of new Netflix series and associate them with various tags. These specific tags help Netflix recommend these shows to relevant watchers.

With this job, you can earn around $69,000 every year. But the thing is, these jobs are not always open . Netflix only hires 30 people to do this job. The competition is tough, so keep an eye on their jobs page. However, it is a good alternative.

Official Web

8. Cointiply - To Earn Bitcoin From Watching Videos

Cointiply is a special platform because it pays you to watch videos and other tasks in Bitcoin. You can download Cointiply and start earning money online by watching videos, taking photos, exercising, etc.

Cointiply gives you Satoshis as a reward for finishing a task. One million Satoshi make one bitcoin. This is also a great way to earn bitcoins, but you have to be very patient for that.

Official Website


This list includes the best websites to earn money watching videos, however, there are other alternatives that are offered to you to make some extra money.

It is important for you to know that these types of jobs are not going to bring you enough money to just do this. These are excellent alternatives just to increase your monthly income or to obtain, in some cases, Gift Cards that you can use to buy.

If you are looking for these types of options to earn extra money, do not hesitate to check the official sites of these websites to earn money by watching videos. It is very likely that you will find one that fits your free time and that allows you to have extra earnings.

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