Have you ever given any thought to a training system called Flash Reflex? It is not as difficult as it seems at first.

To put it another way, it is a system for wirelessly training reaction times. It consists of lights and sensors and has exercises that are pre-programmed to help you improve your agility, response time, coordination, and other skills.

BlazePod and FitLight are two examples of some of the most effective alternatives now available. In this post, I will examine the distinctions that exist between the two.

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Design and Hardware Comparison of the BlazePod, FitLight, and FitLight Jr

The BlazePod is a very well-liked option. The basic package includes four programmable RGB LED pods, each of which emits light in one of eight colors. Because the clothing and gear are resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, you can train both inside and outside.

You can also make a purchase from the other available choices. up to and including the Professional package, which consists of a total of 12 pods. You also have the option of purchasing the essentials kit and supplementing it with other items if you feel the need. There is a limit of 24 pods that can be connected together, but you are not going to require that many of them.

Moving on to FitLight, this section offers two different options: the standard and the FitLight Jr. version. Both operate in a manner that is extremely comparable to that of BlazePod.

The high-spec version of the FitLight comes with eight pods that each shine in one of six colors (instead of just three), and it also includes a ten-inch tablet and access to the FitFlight dashboard. The standard version of the FitLight only has three color options. The FitLight Jr. package includes a tablet with a screen size of only 7 inches and no accessibility to the panel. Aside from that, it doesn't let you make training programs with specific parameters.

With BlazePod, a tablet is not required for use. Apps for both iOS and Android are required for the operation of this feature. This could work for some people but not for others. Because you are making use of something that you already possess, this does help to bring down the overall cost of the goods.

There are a number of other distinctions as well. While a single charge can keep the BlazePod going for up to 8 hours, a charge for the FitLights only lasts about 4 hours. That is a significant point of departure.

The Bluetooth range is one of the features that works in FitLight's favor. The BlazePod's maximum distance from the controller has been increased from 40 meters to 75 meters.

An in-depth look at the specifications may be found here.

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Features BlazePodFitLight FitLight Jr
Fully wireless lights YesYes Yes
Touch activation YesYes Yes
Motion activation NoYes Yes
Mount anywhere design YesYes Yes
Built-in training programs  YesYes Yes
Immediate on-device analysis YesYes Yes
Programable color options 8 colors6 colors 3 colors
Number of pods in the box 4 RGB LEDs (Basic bundle/Standard kit). Goes up to 12 RGB LEDs (Professional bundle)8 RGB LEDs 8 RGB LEDs
Maximum number of pods 2412 12
Size of pod 10cm10cm 10cm
Control Smartphone app10? tablet + access to FitFlight dashboard 7? tablet
Customizable training programs YesYes No
Battery life 8 hours4 hours 4 hours
Bluetooth range 40 meters75 meters 75 meters
Water-resistance YesYes Yes
RRP $299 (Standard kit)Contact to enquire Contact to enquire

A Comparison of the Features of the BlazePod, FitLight, and FitLight Jr

Both of these goods operate in a manner that is rather comparable, as was previously described. The pods can be set up in a way that is good for any practice, so they can be used for many different sports and training routines.

You can use an exercise that has already been defined, or you can design your own. Training consists of turning off the lights that are on each individual pod whenever they are illuminated. Each light has its own individual color-changing capabilities.

You can either position the capsules on the ground or attach them to other objects. This includes poles, fences, doors, mirrors, and just about anything else that might be in the way. You get accessories that will keep them fixed to nearly any surface in the box that they come in.

The lights can be turned off in a number of different ways, including using your hands, your feet, heavy wall balls, boxing gloves, and a number of other methods. The fact that the FitLight can be activated in two different ways is one of the most significant ways in which it differs from the BlazePod. This indicates that in order to activate the lights on a BlazePod, you will need to tap them. Additionally, proximity deactivation is supported by FitLight.

Aside from that, the two goods are fairly comparable to one another. Both offer creative ways to improve performance by adding dynamic training routines to their own programs.

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Verdict: BlazePod vs. FitLight vs. FitLight Jr

Despite the fact that BlazePod and FitFlight differ in many technological specifications, both options will provide you with a product that is fully equipped and entirely adjustable regardless of which one you choose. The two operate in a manner that is very comparable to one another.

Both of these products may be assembled either indoors or outdoors and provide an infinite number of different methods to work out. You'll be up and moving in no time thanks to the lights and sensors. The best thing about this type of training is that it can make exercise fun.

The fact that it can be used with a smartphone, the increased number of programming color and customization possibilities, and the extended battery life are all factors that work in favor of the BlazePod. The BlazePod also has a much lower price and more ways to buy it.

FitLight also has a few things going for it, which is a plus. The most important aspect is that it may be activated and deactivated via touch as well as proximity. The fact that the device arrives with its very own tablet makes it an even more attractive option for use in settings such as gyms and businesses.


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