We explain what vision is in an organization, why it is so necessary for a company, and what its general characteristics are.

What is the Good Vision of a company?

The good vision of a company indicates quite clearly where the company is heading, what objectives it wants to meet, and what it wants to become in a specific period of time. Based on the vision, all employees can focus their efforts in the same direction and achieve the objectives set by the company.

An organization's vision should consider what unique contribution the company can make, what values are most important to it, what would make employees proud of your company in the future, or what would be the best overall growth opportunity. With all this, the ultimate goal of any company can be established.

Characteristics Of Company's Good Vision :


The very operation of an organization to reach the objective established in the vision can cause changes in the operation of the company that, in turn, cause changes in the vision. It is not something set in stone but can evolve as the company does.



The vision must reflect the spirit of the entire company. Workers must be able to identify with it and see in their daily work a way to reach the final goal.


The vision has to be a situation that has not yet been reached, a goal that has not yet been achieved and wants to be achieved. It must be a constant challenge and only through a great global effort will the objective be achieved.


The vision must always look forward, show the desired future situation, and must follow the company's leadership as a guide to produce the necessary changes that will help the company improve.



The company's goal must be positive, a situation that any worker and shareholder would like to reach. Following the vision of the company should promote the good operation of the company in the long term.


The vision must be ambitious and non-conformist. A simple, easy-to-reach goal is not a good option. The image of the company being in a relevant position within the market or within a business sector is a more correct approximation to the concept of vision.


The vision refers to all areas of a company, so it must include an idea that can cover them all. It should not focus only on the production, sales, or profit aspect, but it must be a global idea with which all the departments of a company can be identified.



The vision of a company should be an easy idea to explain in just a few minutes and ideally, it can be reduced to a single phrase or slogan. It has to be concrete, direct, and make clear the long-term future objective.


The vision of a company can change over time, therefore it must be taken into account what is the time period in which you want to apply the current vision. This will depend on the company itself but also on other external factors. For all this, you have to be open to adjusting this vision over time if it is necessary to do so.


Although the vision must be ambitious, you must never lose sight of the situation of the company and the sector in which it is located. If we talk about an electronics company, it will be difficult for it to become a large company in the food field in the future and vice versa. You have to be aware of the sector you are in and realistic about the possible future changes that may occur.

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