Many people enjoy creating new versions of themselves or their friends to share on their social networks. If you are the type of person who wants to let your imagination run wild and create something new, be sure to check out some great avatar and 3D character creation apps that you can download.

Creating characters can become addictive, it is a fun activity that allows us to do many things besides turning ourselves into a fantasy character. Regardless of whether we want to create characters for a story or for social networks, you will need an application that allows you to do so.

In both Android and iOS stores we can find a variety of applications of this type that will allow us to create different characters. Depending on the type of character you want to create, there will surely be a perfect app for you.

To help you decide, we have made a list of the best apps to create 3D characters, so you can learn about each of these proposals and choose the one that fits what you want.

1.- Create

Creanime is the first of the apps to create characters that we want to introduce you to. There are many fantastic features and traits that you can use to create a unique human being. There are also many styles and clothes.

The app allows you to create male or female characters . It also allows you to add accessories to your character. The graphics are cute and nice. After creation, you can download the image and use it as a profile picture for your social networks.

Creanime has tons of options to try. You can buy new clothes and change their color, try different hairstyles and choose the ideal one. Coins are earned by viewing special offers. Turn on your imagination to create a unique character with this app.

Download: Android / iOS

2.- Cute Girl Avatar Maker

This Avatar Maker is the cutest character creation app. If you like beautiful graphics, this app is for you. One of the most interesting and unusual features is that you can change the position of your character .

There are many beautiful clothes. After creation, you can save the character to show it to your friends. The application not only allows you to create a single character, but also to put several in one image . All the clothes are beautiful and elegant. You can change the face of the character as well as her haircut.

The app allows you to use it offline which is very useful when the internet connection is poor. Another cool feature is that you can create as many characters as you want.

Download: Android

3.- Avatar Maker: Monster Girls

This is another character maker app that allows you to create a cartoon character. You can create a super cool monster girl . This app is ideal for those who want to become or create a character that is monstrous but adorable at the same time .

The app has many different options for creating characters. Many skirts, wings, hairstyles, etc. You can create wonderful looks and styles. The app allows you to turn on your imagination.

Avatar Maker: Monster Girls has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times. It can help you think of new characters. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.

Download: Android / iOS

4.- Fun2Create

The app was developed by a popular artist to help people design themselves. The app has many different outfits and hairstyles. You can adjust the countenance of the character , enlarge the eyes, change the color and shape of the eyes. You can also make a smaller nose.

It's a lot of fun to experiment with the app. After creation, you can download the image and share it with your friends. Let your imagination run wild and create extraordinary characters with Fun2Create.

The app also allows you to choose the character's backgrounds and voice . It is a good way to get new ideas for your own style. The possibilities are endless as are the combinations that will allow you to create a unique and special character.

Download: Android / iOS

5.- SuperMe

If you are already tired of all those classic drawn avatars on social networks, try SuperMe. Here you can enjoy a new look for a cartoon avatar and it is absolutely creative and amazing. Your task here is to create a character that looks exactly like you (or not, depending on what your goals are).

First, you need to choose the shape of the head, the shape of the eyes, the nose and the mouth. You can choose hair, eye color and clothes from hundreds of variants. There are many options, so everyone can compile a completely unique character for themselves.

Download: iOS

6. Myidol

Myidol is currently trending among character creation apps all over the world because here you can create the coolest 3D characters . An interesting fact about it is that even the biggest stars like LadyGaga, Miley Cyrus, Zara Larsson, Lily-Rose were noticed to be using this app to create funny avatars.

What you need to do is upload a picture with a face to the app and using facial recognition technology it will create it into a 3D character . It can be both your face and that of any other person. After that, you can adjust facial features, eye color, hair color, accessories, clothes, etc.

Another fun part is when you start building emotions for your character. Overall, there are a lot of animation possibilities in this app, so you can basically make your character do anything. And best of all, you can easily share it among your contacts.

Download: iOS

7.- ePic Character Generator

Sometimes we need to create a character for a game or a story , if this is your case, this app can help you with that. The generator has many features to try. You can change skin, scars, tattoos, hair, and even add hats.

The possibilities of creating a character are enormous. There are many wonderful garments from all centuries. Choose a background by adding different pieces of furniture to create a magical atmosphere.

There are many animals to choose from as companions for your character. Tigers, horses and even dragons await you. You can save the character at any time and continue editing it later.

You can adjust items and choose whether these items should be on top or bottom . You can move the character to create a perfect composition. Create your own story, create your own character.

Download: Android

8.- Avatar Maker: Anime by Avatar Makers Factory

This is a perfect app for anime lovers where you can create an ideal character. It's fair to say that facial features aren't really customizable here. However, all other aspects, such as hair, clothing, accessories, etc., can be edited.

There are hundreds of variants to choose from, so even though you can't regulate how the face will look, you'll still get a unique looking anime character.

Download: iOS

9.- Creator of Avatars

This is almost an analogue of the previous application. Create your own magical character plus beautiful location around. Again, you can't choose facial features here, but you can customize the shape of ears, hair, dresses, and accessories.

Also, you can create additional characters. There are so many variants to choose from that you'll want to create at least 3 different characters . All colors are adjustable. By the way, the app is totally dedicated to the magical theme, so if you want to create a casual looking character, this is not an option for you.

Download: Android

10.- Character

Another of the apps to create characters that you can try is Charaft. It has many different styles and the high quality of the graphics makes the creation fabulous and addictive.

You can create a male or female character. Many body parts are customizable. You can change the body shape and facial features . Choose beautiful haircuts and hairstyles and change their color.

The app has various categories of clothing that can help you create a unique style for your character. After creating it, choose the background and add some accessories . You can download the character and use it for games or as an avatar or share it with your friends. You will definitely want to create new characters with this app.

Download: Android / iOS

11.- Dollyfi

Another of the great apps to create characters that you can find in stores is Dollyfi. This is an app to create a cartoon version of yourself or someone else or create a completely new character.

One of the things that you will like the most about this app is that it has many editing options to create the character you want. As its name indicates (doll: doll) in Dollyfi you can create a caricature version of a person or create a new character.

This image that you will create can be downloaded and used as an avatar in games or as an image on your social networks or wherever you want. The only difference between this and other similar apps is that in Dollyfi you will only create a bust and face and not a full body. However, the editing options are many so you can let your imagination run wild.

Download: Android / iOS

12.- Avatars

Another of the apps to create characters that may be interesting is Avataaars. This is a widely used desktop app to create characters that has been devised by two important design artists.

In this app you will get a huge library with many elements that will help you customize your character by editing skin color, hair, eyes, clothing styles and everything you can imagine.

In addition to this, you can change the facial expression of your character. Once you have created your character, you will be able to download the result in various image formats so that you can use it however you want.

Download: PC

Final words

Regardless of whether you want to create unique and fantasy characters or drawings that look exactly like you, in this list of apps to create characters you will find the ideal one for you. We've tried to include all the character types you might want to create to make your choice that much easier.

You just have to look at the features of each of the apps and choose the one that fits what you want, or you can try them all until you find one that allows you to do everything you want with your character.

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