The Apple Watch is amongst the most reliable smartwatches on the market, and it performs admirably for most exercises. However, if not calibrated properly, Apple Watch, like most smartwatches, has issues such as trying to count Swim Laps and distance. 

So, if your Apple Watch isn't accurately tracking laps, this is your guide. In this guide, I'll discuss why your Apple Watch isn't accurately calculating swim laps and how to remedy the problem. Let's get this crowd going.

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How to Fix an Apple Watch That Doesn't Accurately Count Swim Laps

How to Fix an Apple Watch That Doesn't Accurately Count Swim Laps

Let me briefly explain why you're having this problem while I get to the answer. I've had an Apple Watch for a long period, and I've had this problem with the Apple Watch 3 and newer models. However, the issue wasn't with the Apple Watch but with technology. 

Because of the high accuracy of GPS technology, the Apple Watch, and other smartwatches, for example, can properly monitor running sessions. When swimming, though, the gadget employs the accelerometer to keep track of your laps, distance, and calories. The difficulty with the accelerometer is that, unlike GPS technology, it is not very precise, and things can go wrong.

Let me discuss how your Apple Watch isn't calculating your swim laps accurately now that you understand why. The Apple Watch primarily employs the accelerometer to measure swimming sessions; therefore, you must adjust it correctly. The Apple Watch has two swimming modes: pool and open water swimming. 

It's critical to enter the exact pool length before going for a swim since this will aid the Apple Watch in measuring laps and distance. The watch will utilize the built-in accelerometer to monitor your activity and accurately count the swimming laps after giving the right pool length.

The watch will not keep track of your laps for open water swimming. If you choose Open Water Swim as your training option but swim in a pool, the watch will still not count your laps. The Apple Watch will only measure calories and distance in this mode. 

There might be another problem if you've input the proper pool length and selected the correct model, but the watch still isn't counting laps correctly. The only method to repair this issue is to unpair and repair your Apple Watch. This should resolve the issue, but it is not a lasting solution, and you may encounter the issue again.

During my study, I came across many messages on the Apple Discussion site where most people expressed their dissatisfaction with this problem. There isn't a clear way to solve this issue, and I didn't discover one from Apple Support either. 

So, if you want your Apple Watch to count swim laps appropriately, you may contain the desired pool length and hope it all works. However, if you're still having trouble keeping account of your swim laps, you may invest in a manual counter.

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Why is my Apple Watch's swim distance incorrect? 

Why is my Apple Watch's swim distance incorrect? 

The watch does not utilize GPS to monitor your distance when swimming in a pool. Instead, it tracks your distance using the built-in accelerometer. 

So, if your Apple Watch isn't accurately measuring your swim distance, it might be due to pool calibration, but the best part is that it's simple to rectify. 

"Reset the calibration data" is the first thing you should do. Here's how to go about it.

  • Get your iPhone unlocked. 

  • Tap the Apple Watch App when you find it. 

  • Now navigate to the Privacy section of the My Watch Tab. 

  • Tap "Reset Fitness Calibration Data" when you find it. 

  • That is all there is to it. 

Your Apple Watch's calibration data has been successfully reset. Now it's time to go swimming and let the Apple Watch adjust itself. The watch will take a little time to calibrate, so go for a 20-minute swim to allow the Apple Watch sufficient time to correct multiple data sources and then utilize them to calibrate it properly.

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Why is my Apple Watch's Swim Length inaccurate? 

It's possible that your Apple Watch isn't accurately monitoring your swim length owing to improper calibration. Go for a swim after resetting the calibration data on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will automatically calibrate itself. 

Is the Apple Watch capable of counting laps? 

Yes, the Apple Watch keeps track of your swimming laps. The watch's built-in accelerometer tracks your swim laps.

How reliable is the Apple Watch when it comes to swimming? 

Swimming is a challenging exercise to measure, and Apple Watch, like other smartwatches, isn't very precise in this regard. Due to the water, the watch may be unable to measure your pulse rate when swimming, and if it is not calibrated correctly, it may also count laps incorrectly. 

So, the Apple Watch is equally precise as other watches, and you can use manual tools to monitor your swim laps better.

Is it necessary for me to lock my Apple Watch before going swimming? 

Water Lock is a function on the Apple Watch that protects it from accidental touches and allows you to discharge water from the speakers. Water Lock may be turned on manually; however, if you forget, the watch will turn it on automatically when it identifies water-based activities such as swimming or surfing.

Does the Apple Watch keep track of your heart rate when swimming? 

Because of the water, your Apple Watch will most likely be unable to measure your heart rate when swimming. Because the watch employs an optical heart-rate sensor, there must be no blockage between your wrist and the sensor for the heart rate to be effectively tracked. However, in a pool, the water gets between the detector and your wrist, preventing heart-rate monitoring.

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That's all there is to it, guys. You now know why your Apple Watch isn't accurately calculating swim laps and how to fix them. I also explain how to utilize a different way if your Apple Watch isn't successfully recording your swim distance. Kindly update if you have any additional questions in the comments section.


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