Would you say you search for a good smartwatch with extraordinary features? While perusing Amazon for the best budget plan smartwatch, you could have come across this Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch. Indeed, this audit gives you top to bottom data about the features and Usefulness that this Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch offers.

Look at the Tinwoo Eclipse Review to know whether this one's for you.

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What's inside the box?

  1. Tinwoo Eclipse (gadget itself)
  2. Magnetic charging cord
  3. User manual
  4. Quick Beginning Aide
  5. Cleaning Cloth

What's inside the box?

Quick Outline:

  1. Is Suitable for everybody
  2. Health/Fitness tracking
  3. Activity/sleep tracking
  4. Wireless Charging
  5. 5ATM Water-resistant

Rating: 4 stars

Quick Assessment

As I would like to think, the Tinwoo Eclipse is a great smartwatch to have as it offers you every one of the vital features at this cost range. It has a sports mode, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, raise to awaken gesture, weather conditions forecast, music control, etc.

Quick Assessment

Aside from that, not a single watchmaking company offers wireless charging at this sticker price. Tinwoo Tech has worked effectively by adding wireless charging to this model. It has an IP68 waterproof certification of up to 5 ATMs for waterproofing, making it appropriate for swimming.

Generally speaking, Assuming you are on a strict budget plan and searching for a smartwatch that has every one of the essential functions, then, at that point, this one is only for you.


  • Rich and Lively look.
  • Long battery duration.
  • All-day activity tracking.
  • Waterproofing is incredible
  • Simple to utilize the mobile application to track current and past activity.
  • Wireless charging support in this cost range is impressive.

Quick Assessment


  • Sleep tracking appears to be inaccurate.
  • Find my phone feature vibrates phone assuming it's in vibrate mode.

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Tinwoo Eclipse Survey - Best Budget plan Smartwatch? (T20W)

Design and display


As far as design is concerned, the Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch has a rich, stylish design that looks reasonable for both men and women. The watch's body comprises stainless steel and zinc alloy material. Furthermore, it has a good weight of 52g, light enough to make it comfortable to wear the entire day.

Tinwoo Eclipse Survey - Best Budget plan Smartwatch? (T20W)

You will observe a three-button design where all buttons are functional on the right side. The top one is the power on button, the button in the center is utilized to activate the stopwatch and the bottom switches to the sports mode.

Around the back, you get a pulse sensor and a port where you connect the magnetic charging port.

It accompanies four different color choices to browse:

  • Gray Black
  • Silver Band Brown
  • TPU Band Black
  • TPU Band Green

The strap utilizes TPU bands, which implies the band will be incredibly adaptable, durable, and smooth to touch. The Dark and Green variations only are available in the TPU bands.


Tinwoo Eclipse Survey - Best Budget plan Smartwatch? (T20W) Display

For the display, the Tinwoo Eclipse includes a 1.3-inch touchscreen display that has sufficient brightness to make it readable in the sunshine. Regardless of whether you need it, you can change the brightness given your lighting condition.

The display has a resolution of 240Ă—240 pixels, giving sharp, clear, and distinctive colors. Its special Japanese AGC-tempered glass protects it from scratches and makes it durable.

Additionally, it accompanies 14 different watch faces that you can go through and conclude which one you need on your screen. You additionally get an Always-on display to improve your client experience.

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Fitness, Health, and Activity Tracking

Tinwoo Eclipse tracking features

Tinwoo Eclipse tracking features

For fitness specialists, the Tinwoo Eclipse offers eight different sports modes for outdoor exercises like climbing, badminton, strolling, running, cycling, yoga, and so forth to train yourself better. Every mode has various measurements customized to that specific activity.

It has progressed HRS3300 optical sensor that screens your heart rate over the day. The extraordinary thing about this watch is that it gives you a caution assuming that you get too low or high in your pulse. Additionally, the watch is equipped to give exact health information, such as steps count, distance covered, calories consumed, etc.

You can monitor your sleep with its programmed sleep monitoring feature. It essentially utilizes a sensor to track and get insights into your sleep, such as light and deep sleep, giving you significant insights the following morning.

Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch Application Review

To pair the Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch, you must introduce a 'TINWOO.' It is the official application utilized by Tinwoo gadgets to pair your smartwatch with your mobile. You can find this application on both Android and iOS platforms.

By utilizing this application, you can perform:

Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch Application Review

  • Screen activity information, including steps, calories consumed, and distance covered.
  • Monitor resting pulse for 24 hours, exercise pulse for the time of activity, and regular pulse and highest pulse.
  • Get insights into your sleep; data incorporates start/end time, light sleep, and deep sleep durations.
  • Put forth simple activity objectives, alarms, and the time for reminders to move.
  • Customize when you get text message alerts and calls.
  • Change units (Example changing Celsius to Fahrenheit)

Features and Functionality

Tinwoo Eclipse has the following features and Usefulness:


Tinwoo Eclipse Water-Resistant

The Tinwoo Eclipse has a waterproof rating of IP68 (up to 5ATM), which implies it is entirely waterproof and reasonable for swimming and other water sports. In any case, it's not prescribed to involve this watch for heavy water sports like diving.

Raise to Wake-up

You can raise your wrist to awaken the screen. This component is convenient as you don't need to now and again press the buttons to awaken your screen. You will see a slight deferral for the screen to come up. However, you will become acclimated to it.

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Messaging and Notifications

tinwoo eclipse Messaging and Notifications

The smartwatch supports real-time notifications. Assuming you receive a message on your phone, it will appear on the screen that you can peruse right from that point. The central limit to this feature is it keeps the last five messages. However, it may very well be fixed in later updates.

It likewise tells you about your calls. Furthermore, you can dismiss incoming calls right from your wrist on the off chance you need to. In addition, it additionally shows notifications of various applications on your phone like Twitter, Line, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Find My Phone

The find My phone feature comes into salvage on the off chance you are somebody who loses your device. Be that as it may, on the off chance that your phone is vibrating, this feature will not make it ring. This one thing makes it a pointless feature until and except if you like to have your phone on vibration mode.

Weather forecast

Tinwoo eclipse Weather forecast

The Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch can show you the current climate alongside forecasts for over ten days. You can see the temperature and understand what the weather conditions will be like by looking at it.

Other Key features

  • GPS: It doesn't accompany an in-built GPS support. Nonetheless, you can connect it to the mobile application to utilize GPS from your phone.
  • Music Control: control music playback easily from your watch.
  • Camera Control: Take snaps from your phone just by shaking your wrist.
  • Dials: 15 different dials, switch among sports and business styles whenever.
  • Compatible: both Android and iOS
  • Sedentary Reminder

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Battery Duration

Tinwoo Eclipse battery duration

The Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch can serve you for around two weeks on a single charge for battery duration. Nonetheless, that relies on your utilization. It may not keep going long, assuming you utilize it with full brightness or GPS. Thus, if you are an average user, you can drag it up to 12 to 14 days or somewhere in the vicinity.

Tinwoo Eclipse battery duration

There are two variations, one with wireless charging and the other with a magnetic charging port that you can plug into the base, and it will charge. If you pick the wireless charging variation, you can put this watch on a wireless charger and charge it. It requires two hours to get this watch wholly charged. Getting wireless charging in this cost range is crazy.

Pick your Variant:

  • Wireless Variant
  • Magnetic Charging Variant

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions by users)

  1. Does Tinwoo Eclipse generally support an always-on display?

Indeed, it supports the always-on display.

  1. Would I be able to answer text messages?

No, you can see notifications, but you can't answer.

  1. What number of variants does Tinwoo Eclipse have?

It has two variants—one with wireless charging and the other with the magnetic charging port.

  1. Is this a Men's Watch?

It suits both genders.

  1. Would I be able to change the bands?

Indeed, you can replace the bands with 22mm wrist bands.

Tinwoo Eclipse Sleep Monitor

Final Decision

Taking everything into account, if you are on a tight spending plan, the Tinwoo Eclipse smartwatch is an incredible arrangement. It has every one of the fundamental elements like sports mode, pulse screen, sleep tracking, battery duration as long as about fourteen days, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You won't find a smartwatch giving wireless charging features at this sticker price.

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So I figure you should get this deal without agonizing over anything. I hope that you regarded our Tinwoo Eclipse Survey as supportive!


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