• complete information on sleep
  • entirely wireless

  • The app is very well made.
  • helpful sleeping tips
  • long-lasting battery


  • Start/stop monitoring manually

If you share a bed, it won't function as accurately.

At the most recent CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Sleepace showcased its bedroom of the future. The goal of the DreamLife smart bedroom solution, which has the catchy name "DreamLife," is to offer a seamless experience that automates your evening routine and improves the environment for sound sleep.

The system comprises several stand-alone items as well as sleep modules that may be included into pillows and mattresses. The RestOn sleep monitor is one of these independent products. This device, which was originally funded through Indiegogo, consists of a strip that you slip under your bed sheet and it records your body movement, breathing rate, and heart rate as you sleep. The product comes in two different iterations, the Z200 and the more recent Z400T variant. I examined them both.

In the years to come, sleep technology will only become more popular. Discover my thoughts about Sleepace RestOn by continuing to read.

RestOn is made with the intention of blending in with your sleep. You won't even notice it is there because it is so thin and unwearable. The device for tracking sleep looks like a long, wide belt with a plastic module at one end that contains the device's brain, battery, and on/off switch. Medical-grade sensors for tracking sleep are woven into the silky band.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

hanging from the bed was a Sleepace RestOn Z400T module.

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Setup is not that difficult. To hang the module over the side of the bed, simply drape the strap across the mattress and beneath the bedsheet. For precise measurements, the sensors must be placed at chest level. If you have a King or Queen-sized bed, the belt won't go all the way across the width of the mattress because it is just long enough to track one person. As a result, if you sleep alone on a big bed, you are limited to the side with the strip.

The bedsheet is sandwiched between the top and bottom portions of the module by the detachable, magnetic top plate. Everything remains securely in place all night thanks to the powerful magnet. However, turning and tossing will slightly wiggle the sensor band, so it's recommended to double-check every few days to make sure everything is in the right place. The entire setup should just take a few minutes to complete from beginning to end.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Sleepace RestOn Z200 and RestOn Z400T, from left to right, both kept firmly in place by magnetic lid. It is surrounded by a bedsheet.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Sleepace RestOn Z400T LED light

The plate's inventive construction enables it to serve as both an on/off button and a plate. The green LED will light up to let you know the gadget is on and ready for use as soon as the lid is positioned correctly.

Functionality-wise, the Z200 and Z400T variants are fairly comparable. The design is where the biggest difference lies. Although they both resemble belts, the Z400T is more slender and narrow. Also, the pod is substantially smaller. The installation of external temperature and humidity sensors in the new model is the other distinction. It makes sense because both of these things might have an impact on how well you sleep. Given that they also have an impact on the environment of the space, including noise and possibly light sensors would have been nice. Maybe that will appear in the upcoming release.

The 1500 mAh lithium polymer battery keeps RestOn running for around a month, which is rather impressive. Therefore, you can essentially forget about charging. I charged the battery once, and for the two weeks I used it, I didn't have to worry about charging it again. Simply connect the micro-USB cable to the pod to recharge. When the module is fully charged, the LED on it will turn green while it is still charging in red. Conveniently, I discovered that removing RestOn from your bed is not actually essential while doing this.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Left to right, in order: RestOn Z200, RestOn Z400T, and SleepDot from Sleepace

I should emphasize at this point that, in order to be thorough, I also tested the Sleepace Sleepdot in addition to the two RestOn devices. In the image above, it is visible on the right-hand side. This sleep monitor, about the size of a quarter, fastens to the pillow's corner. I discovered it to be rather simplistic during my experiments. The RestOn devices tracked my kip time considerably more precisely, thus the remainder of this evaluation will concentrate on these more sophisticated models, especially the Z400T, which is the most recent model.

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You must pair the monitor through Bluetooth with the RestOn iOS or Android app on your smartphone before it can begin tracking your sleep. The app will prompt you to enable Bluetooth before starting the pairing process. You must register for an account and provide basic information about yourself, such as your name, age, gender, height, weight, etc.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Z400T Sleepace RestOn

From then, just pressing the app's huge Start button will begin recording your sleep data. You will be able to get a real-time view of your heart rate and breathing rate if you are lying on the sensor band. This is beneficial since it gives reassurance that everything is operating as it should. After that, you can put your phone to sleep and the monitor will keep running until you close the app in the morning to cease recording.

However, it does imply that sleep tracking is not a fully automatic process. It must be turned on every evening and off every morning. If you don't remember to do this, you'll either run out of data for the night or the monitor will keep tracking even after you've departed. You could assume that the device could determine when you are in bed simply based on your movements, breathing patterns, and heart rate. Sadly, no, it doesn't.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

However, the app is really thorough and provides a multitude of information. Using a combination of waking, light, mid, and deep sleep periods, RestOn rates your sleep and displays the length of your sleep cycle. Your pulse rate, breathing rate, and the number of times you turned over during the night are all picked up by the sensor.

As previously indicated, the more sophisticated Z400T model also gives you a graph of the temperature and humidity. Given that it is typically a horizontal line, this is arguably less interesting. However, it is a helpful addition, especially when examining long-term patterns.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

The one metric that sums up your night's worth of sleep is undoubtedly helpful. You may quickly determine how well you slept by looking at this number, which scores you from 0 to 100. To find out exactly where you lost points, tap the score. You'll learn what happened, how it affected your sleep, and get advice on how to do better. Exercise, dietary changes, sleeping patterns, etc. are all examples of this.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well

RestOn will track your sleep metrics as long as you use it so you can look back and see trends.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Of course, whether the sleep tracker is accurate is the million-dollar question. Answering this is a little challenging. The results from RestOn, Resmed Sleepscore S+, and Garmin Forerunner 935 were all very comparable on some days but extremely different on others when I compared them. The RestOn stats are, without a doubt, the most thorough of the three, I would add. However, they did move around the most, which made me wonder about the accuracy on some days.

The science of sleep is not precise. Unless you are connected to a polysomnography (PSG) machine, which is regarded as the industry standard for measuring sleep. I wasn't, therefore I can't say with any degree of certainty which of the three is the most accurate.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

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Z400T Sleepace RestOn

Whatever you decide, in my opinion, you are comparing like with like as long as it is not blatantly erroneous and you are using the same gadget every night. For the majority of people, having a general understanding of their sleeping patterns and suggestions for improving their quality of rest is sufficient.

Therefore, convenience, your level of trust in the sleep monitor, the accuracy of the numbers, and ancillary services like coaching are basically what matter. Unfortunately, no one has yet created the ideal sleep tracking system.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

There may be a commission for Sleepace RestOn Z200 Gadgets & Wearables.

Finally, RestOn also provides a few additional features. A social aspect is one of them. You may compare and check the status of your loved ones' sleep anywhere thanks to the Sleepace App's connection to a family cloud account. Additionally, there is a smart alarm feature that softly wakes you up when you are in a light sleep stage.

Review of Sleepace RestOn, a product created to help you sleep well.

Z400T Sleepace RestOn


For individuals who enjoy thorough statistics, RestOn is a fully functional sleep monitor. With your sleep split down into deep, mid, light, and awake time, the thorough and elegant app will give you a plethora of information in the morning, including an overall sleep score. Additionally, information on your heart rate, breathing rate, number of turns, and ambient temperature and humidity will be provided. In order to help you achieve a better night's sleep, the sleep monitor offers you individualized guidance.

Having said that, on several evenings, I had doubts about the accuracy of a few of the figures. However, compared to a fitness tracker, the gadget will give you greater and much more in-depth facts. but probably not data of a medical nature.

After using RestOn for a few weeks, I discovered it to be a simple sleep tracking tool. The device is virtually undetectable under the sheet or mattress pad and is completely wireless with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. On the other hand, you'll have to manually turn it on at night and off in the morning.

RestOn provides reasonable value for the money, all things considered. This is a simple approach to take into account if you want to learn more about your sleep habits. Visit Amazon to look it up.

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