In this article, we'll look at some of the most useful Pokemon Go map trackers that are still active.

There were a few major events that season, but nothing defined the summer of 2016 quite like the rush that was Pokemon Go.

This application, which took the world by storm, had both little kids and adults alike wandering out into the open in search of little, virtual creatures who had been a major presence throughout their childhoods.

Pokemon is widely regarded as one of the most successful franchises of all time, particularly in terms of games and merchandise, so it's no surprise that this unique and interactive take on a mobile game has gained such a large following.

In fact, four years later, hundreds of people all over the world are still playing and enjoying Pokemon Go for everything it has to offer.

Supplementing the Pokemon Go Experience With Maps and Trackers

If a game or app is competitive, people will find ways to discover tips, tricks, and techniques that can make the gameplay more convenient and save them a lot of time that they would have otherwise spent working hard but to no avail.

Similar applications have been developed and released by Pokemon Go fans in the form of maps and trackers, which simplify the game's searching and tracking aspects and save players a significant amount of time and effort.

These tools are especially useful if you're looking for a specific in-game feature, such as a Raid Boss, or if you've traveled to a new area and don't know where the Gyms and Pokestops are.

Not only that, but some of these trackers can even tell you where specific Pokemon are spawning and hotspots where there is a lot of activity.

5 Map Trackers for Pokemon Go That You Can Still Use

  • PoGoMap

  • The Silph Road

  • PokeHunter

  • Go Map

  • Pokelytics 

Given the amount of time that has passed since the game's release, it should come as no surprise that the community is no longer as large and active as it once was.

Unfortunately, many of the maps and trackers that were popular among players back then were deemed illegal and were blocked or removed by the franchise.

Despite the widespread ban on many of these websites, there are still some that operate legally and can be used to supplement your Pokemon Go experience today.

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1. PoGoMap


PoGoMap, as the name suggests, compiles all the information it can find about the locations of Pokestops, Nest spawns, and Gyms and pins it on a real-time map for your convenience and easy finding.

What distinguishes it from other Pokemon Go maps is its attention to detail.

PoGoMap will notify you when a specific Pokestop is being raided by Team Go Rocket, which gyms may be hiding EX Raid Passes, and when Research Tasks are available to complete. This should be your go-to tool if you want to catch a lot of one type of Pokemon because it will literally point you to available Nests.

2. The Silph Road

The Silph Road

When it comes to not only an active Pokemon Go Map Tracker but also the best one, The Silph Road is unrivaled. The Silph Road does an excellent job of enriching your Pokemon Go experience with a variety of unique tools and features that end up being immensely helpful throughout the journey. It is organized, comprehensive, and consistently updated.

You will be able to find a fully-fledged Pokedex to update your knowledge, a number of guides written by experienced players to help you play optimally, and highly detailed Maps that pinpoint exactly where you are bound to find rare Pokemon and Nests, among other things. The platform also includes rumored spawn sites, allowing you to go out and do your own exploitation.

One of its most notable features is the League Map, which is an unofficial map that organizes and provides information about community meetups and other ongoing events of players in real-time.

The League Map is also linked to Discord, allowing you to connect with local communities of Pokemon Go players near you and collaborate to the benefit of all. Overall, The Silph Road is arguably the most comprehensive and up-to-date Pokemon Go website available today.

3. PokeHunter


Unfortunately, PokeHunter is limited in that it is only truly accessible and functional in a small number of locations. This includes a few cities in California, Minnesota, and Oregon, as well as Moletai, Lithuania. However, if you live in any of these areas and are a big Pokemon Go fan, make the most of this currently active and extremely useful tool.

PokeHunter is a map and a tracker rolled into one, providing players with information on the locations of Gyms throughout the region, as well as Raid spots, the number of spaces left in a given Gym, and which Team currently controls it. Such information can be extremely useful for players who prefer to get to the point as quickly as possible rather than linger for an indefinite period of time.

4. Go Map

Go Map

Go Map, like PoGoMap, is a Pokemon Go map tool that allows you to visualize the Pokestops and Gyms in your area so you can get to them directly instead of wasting time searching in places where you will never find anything. The map is real-time and frequently updated, and you can be confident that the information is correct because it is based on real-time input from players.

You can use this website to find out where and when Pokemon spawn so you can catch the best Pokemon for yourself. You can also sort the Pokemon by country and city for your convenience.

Aside from the Map and Tracking features, Go Map also has a fantastic, comprehensive Pokedex that you can use to learn about all of the Pokemon in the game. In fact, they go above and beyond the competition by providing full-fledged PVP guides, including step-by-step instructions on how to win various Pokemon battles.

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5. Pokelytics 


Pokelytics is another Pokemon Go Map that allows you to see all of the Pokestops, Gyms, Raids, and hotspots in your area. The website redirects you to a large interactive map that displays the locations of all of these in-game features, which are updated in real-time based on input from actual players.

Thriving in Pokemon Go Without Maps and Trackers 

Best Alternatives

But, if you don't want to rely on maps and trackers to supplement your Pokemon Go gaming experience, is there anything you can do to make it easier and more enjoyable? Especially since there aren't nearly as many tools and supplementary applications available to help you out? There are certainly alternatives to using map trackers that will allow you to do reasonably well in Pokemon Go.

 To begin, a good strategy would be to contact other players in your area in order to collaborate and share tips. If you search, you will find a number of dedicated groups and pages on social media where communities are actively discussing Pokemon Go and sharing helpful tidbits to get the most out of the game in the shortest amount of time. You can find Reddit threads, Facebook groups, and Discord chats comprised of players in your area, allowing you to easily locate Pokestops, Gyms, and rare Pokemon locations in your area.


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