Are you looking for the best hiking watches available? You're not the only one who feels this way. Hiking has become increasingly popular in the last decade. This is due in part to the development of hiking watches. Hiking watches are beneficial since they make hikers feel protected when in the mountains. So, which hiking watches are the best? A good hiking watch, on the other hand, should include a barometer, altimeter, compass, and GPS/GLONASS. It should also be long-lasting.

The Suunto 9 and Garmin Fenix 6 Plus are the market leaders, but there are a few other solid options.Trekking watches are expensive, so consider which features are important to you. and which you might be able to leave behind! I'll compare five of the best hiking watches to assist you on your journey.

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What to Look for in a Hiking Watch

A good hiking watch will not only capture your fitness data, but it will also help you navigate and forecast the weather. These additional features will keep you safe in the outdoors. So, when choosing a hiking watch, look for the following features:


This device detects changes in air pressure and can alert you if a storm is approaching.


This indicates your elevation above sea level, which is extremely useful for navigation.


Again, a compass is useful for navigation. In conjunction with a map, you can use a compass to find your exact location.


Your location is tracked using GPS. GLONASS is the most advanced GPS system currently available. GPS/GLONASS is exceptionally accurate when used in conjunction with an altimeter and barometer.

Heart-rate monitor

This enables you to keep track of your heart rate (HR) and avoid overexertion early in a hike.


Most hiking watches have simple GPS maps, but one has topographic maps as well (paper-style maps).

Hard-wearing design

Hikers are out in all kinds of weather, so they need a watch that can keep up. Sapphire glass is used on some watches, and it is nearly impossible to scratch. With that in mind, we've put together a list of five hiking watches that are jam-packed with helpful features.

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1.Garmin Fenix 6X Pro

The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro is the most popular hiking watch on the market. For serious outdoor enthusiasts, the solar version is also wonderful. It is incredibly accurate when it comes to determining locations and forecasting weather. As a result, it can keep you safe in dangerous terrain. You may examine preloaded topographic maps, which is one of the nicest features. Because most hiking watches simply show barebones maps, this is a unique function. You're less likely to get lost using topographic maps because they're considerably better at navigating.

Another fantastic feature of this watch is that it can connect to the camera on your smartphone. As a result, you can place your phone on a rock and then assemble for a group photo.


tracking for several sports.

Long-lasting and durable

GLONASS storm warnings are supported.

Three sizes are available.



Battery life — In full GPS mode, the battery lasts approximately 20 hours.

Buttons: A touchscreen interface may be preferable.

Price: The Garmin Fenix is pricey due to its extensive feature set.

2.Garmin Vivoactive 4

Although the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is not a hiking watch in the strictest sense, it can be used to track short hikes of less than 8 hours. It has some of the same characteristics as the Fenix but is less expensive. It's a wonderful multi-sport watch, just like the Fenix, so it's ideal if you have a variety of interests. So, what makes the Garmin Vivoactive 4 so special? GPS and GLONASS are used to track location, distance, and speed. It also has a barometric altimeter for precise altitude mapping. As previously said, this is beneficial for precise navigation. The weather app, as well as sunrise and sunset notifications, are excellent safety measures. One of the watch's drawbacks is that it is unable to display topographic maps.

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 isn't a hiking watch in the traditional sense, but it can be used to track short hikes of up to 8 hours. It has some of the same capabilities as the Fenix, but at a lower price. It's an excellent multi-sport watch, just like the Fenix, so it's ideal for people who have a variety of interests. What makes the Garmin Vivoactive 4 so appealing? It uses GPS and GLONASS to track location, distance, and pace. It also contains a barometric altimeter for measuring altitude precisely. This is advantageous for precise navigation, as previously stated. Also useful are the weather app and sunrise and sunset alerts. One of the watch's drawbacks is that it doesn't have the ability to display topographic maps.


Low-cost multisport watch

Features of a smartwatch



Battery life: The battery life isn't as good as it is on the Fenix. In GPS mode, it lasts 13 hours, and in smartwatch mode, it lasts 7 days. However, it is suitable for the casual hiker.

No hiking mode: The watch does not have a built-in hiking mode. Although more apps are available for download, those who are new to fitness tracking may find this difficult.

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3. TomTom Multisport GPS

This is a fantastic mid-range watch for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a modern and trendy appearance. It would also not seem too large on a slender wrist because it is lightweight. It is simpler on the eyes and more comfortable on the wrist than the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro, despite not having as many capabilities. It contains GPS to track your location and a barometer to detect air pressure, as you'd expect. Because it lacks a GLONASS sensor, it may not be as accurate in determining location and altitude as Garmin devices, but it is still fairly precise.

For careful adventurers, this watch is ideal. This is due to the fact that you may upload a route and the watch will provide a breadcrumb trail for you to follow. If you're new to hiking, this is a fun way to 'navigate.' It's a multisport device, like many hiking watches, meaning it can track a variety of sports in addition to hiking. In fact, if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you will find this watch to be really useful. This is due to the barometer's ability to correctly quantify the time spent on the ski lift against the time spent on the downhill run. Overall, this watch is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy trekking and other winter sports. However, if you're serious about trekking and navigating, the features are a tad basic.


Women will like the stylish and lightweight design.

Winter sports aficionados will like the multisport features.

Up to 500 tracks can be stored—this is a terrific feature if you prefer to listen to tunes or podcasts while walking.


There are no maps — specifically, there are no topographic maps.

Battery life: The battery life isn't excellent once again (up to 20 hours on HIKE mode).

Because it lacks GLONASS, it may not be as accurate in measuring altitude and location as other devices.

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4.Suunto Traverse 

Suunto timepieces are known for their precision and dependability. Any Suunto watch would be suitable for trekking, but the Traverse is particularly good. What is the reason for this? It contains an altimeter, barometer, and GLONASS sensor to accurately map your location and altitude. It also has a thermometer and a compass to aid navigation. Weather changes can be predicted using the thermometer and barometer. With all of these characteristics, you may rest assured that you will be secure in the mountains.

Because the Traverse isn't a multisport watch, it doesn't include a lot of other features. It isn't a smartwatch, so it doesn't have payment capabilities. However, as a result of all of this, the hardware is light, with a minimalist and stylish design. If you want a lot of information about your fitness, the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR is the way to go. If you're looking for a multisport gadget, the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak or one of the Garmin watches are better options. The Traverse, on the other hand, is terrific value if you're more concerned with the pleasure of hiking than with keeping track of your fitness.


Because of its light weight and beautiful design, the watch can be worn all day if desired.

Battery life is excellent, with GPS mode lasting up to 100 hours and standard mode lasting up to 14 days!

GLONASS sensor: for pinpoint accuracy in location tracking.


Minimal fitness tracking: for the serious athlete, this may not be enough data.

This isn't a multisport timepiece.

5.Casio Pro Trek PRW2500R Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch

One of the most serious issues with hiking watches, as we've seen, is their short battery life (except perhaps the Suunto Traverse, which has 100 hours in GPS mode). Although GPS/GLONASS is an excellent function to have in a hiking watch, it does deplete the battery. As a result, these timepieces aren't ideal for multi-day hikes.

There is no GPS incorporated into the Casio PRW2500R. At first glance, you might believe that a hiking watch without GPS isn't worth considering. But don't pass judgement too quickly. To begin with, this watch is solar-powered, so you're unlikely to run out of juice. If you hike for days at a time, this is a tremendous advantage.

Second, it forces you to use the usual navigation method. It still has a barometer, an altimeter, and a compass, so it's an excellent piece of equipment.

So, if you're starting to navigate or are a seasoned navigator, the Casio PRW2500R could be an excellent choice for you.



High-quality hardware

Long-lasting training aid – Because this watch lacks GPS/GLONASS, you can practise old-school navigation skills.This means you won't rely on electronics as much, which is vital for hiking safety.


Routes are not immediately saved in the app because there is no GPS.

Calibration is required — GPS watches automatically calibrate the altimeter.Manual calibration will be required on a regular basis.

Given that it lacks GPS, some consumers believe this watch is overpriced.

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6. Apple Watch

Despite not being intended primarily for hiking or outdoor activities, the Apple Watch 6 is often regarded as the best all-around wristwatch. The Apple Watch 6, especially if you already own an iPhone, will smoothly interact with a variety of familiar apps, giving you a functional advantage.

Many hiking apps are available that will record, analyze, and allow you to relive your tracks. Several health elements will ensure that your measurements are taken during and after your hike. We recommend purchasing a watch case that will protect your watch from the elements. There are numerous case alternatives for the Apple Watch that meet this requirement.

How to Choose a Trekking Watch

If you're still not sure, consider the following questions:

Do you want your watch to record your routes automatically so you can view them later?

If so, a GPS/GLONASS watch, such as the Garmin Fenix, Garmin Vivosmart, or Suunto Traverse, is a good choice.

When you are hiking, do you want to know your exact altitude?

If you answered yes, the Suunto Traverse and Garmin devices are the best options. Casio and TomTom may not be as precise.

Need a watch with great battery life?

Choose between the Suunto Traverse and the Casio. Choose the Fenix, Vivoactive, or TomTom if you want a multisport device.

Finally, if you’d like a watch that displays topographic maps,

The Fenix is without a doubt the best option.

Although most people believe that the Fenix is the market leader, it may not be the best watch for you.

Hopefully, this post has introduced you to five excellent hiking watches, each of which is promising in its own right. So, which one are you going to pick?


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