Dreams with excrements are usually assigned the meaning of unforeseen luck. These dreams are also associated with expulsion of what is left over and damages us. Negative feelings are expelled from our life.

In general, it is a good omen. Money has a lot to do with this dream. Either they are losses or they are gains. In the first case, the loss brings new paths and in the second, the dreamer can prepare for his own financial evolution. It can refer to dishonest ambitions that lead the dreamer towards moral imbalances. You take risks for this reason. There can be serious drawbacks that later create deep voids. In psychoanalysis Freud made his contribution saying that this dream is self-punishment. When a person dreams of dirty and rotten things, it is a reflection that inside him he has a desire to relate to totally negative and out of order acts. Also Read: Dream About A Baby Boy Or A Baby Girl – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning Finally, sexual desires come to manifest in dreams in the form of excrement. From now on we will give you clues so that you can stop worrying when you have such unpleasant dreams. You will be able to interpret your dream and not feel so disgusted anymore.

Dreaming that you touch excrement 

It is a good omen, Do not fear or be disgusted , You will be very successful, financial abundance. Everything will go as you wish. Positive energies are with you. Soon you will be able to see yourself with a lot of money in your pockets and bank accounts.

Dream about human excrement

They are clearly improvements . The workplace will be very prosperous. You must entrust everything to yourself, do not delegate your responsibilities to other people, because that will not favor you. You are being misunderstood by your friends and co-workers. Try to talk with them and expose your ideas, it is best if you are cautious with them, do not let them reject you.

Excrement that transforms into a living animal

It is a great responsibility that you are developing for the achievement of your purposes. You are well on your way. You can move forward without any fear, it is wonderful to know that you have a grip in your life.

You are a woman and you dream of excrement

Be careful with this dream, it is possible that you are debasing yourself , thinking that you want power and want to have possessions and a good social position and therefore you are looking for a man with characteristics of power, who shows that he has money, it does not matter if he attracts you or not. . You will be able to be with that man only for interest, you can even get to marriage. Know that you will not be happy or have many material benefits. Additional Reading: Dream About Toads And Frogs – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

You sleep on top of excrement

You are very unfortunate these days . It is not appropriate that you carry out projects in the moments after having the dream, let a few days pass. It is also interpreted as that you feel ashamed and miserable because of something unpleasant that you have done or have done to you.

Dreaming that you are pooping 

This dream is not positive. However, it announces that there is a major problem and you must act soon . You do not know what is happening, you feel anguish and do not specify why you are so stressed.

Get dirty with excrement

There are discussions in your family environment , this affects you a lot. You feel unable to resolve such a question. They are all in a pitched battle. You are in the middle trying to find a solution. Your situation is not really pleasant or pleasant. You are exhausted.

Dream about baby excrement

The dream baby is the star of many future successes . This dream tells you that you have a winner in front of you. This child will stand out and you will be able to see it and enjoy such brilliance.

Dreaming that you spread excrement

You can have a serious showdown . Be careful because the person you will face is very clever and has strategies to destroy you emotionally and morally. Think with a cool head, whether or not that confrontation is worth it. Further Reading: Dream About Lice or Nits – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming of bloody excrement

Reflect on your actions. It seems that you have acted badly and today this brings you regrets . The dream tells you that you correct mistakes soon so that you do not suffer further consequences. You are on time, the dream has alerted you. Don't underestimate this dream.

Dreaming that you play with your own feces

You have an irresponsible attitude . The material dazzles you. You place too much value on possessions and sometimes feel like a prisoner of them. You have fear of responsibilities and anxiety for easy money.

 Dream of excrement on your hands

You have serious family problems and fights with strangers in public space . You are fighting in the street, even whoever looks at you a lot bumps into you. It can also be a warning that you may find yourself involved in some humiliating and shameful situation.

Dreaming that you dirty yourself with excrement

You must mature. Your attitudes are sometimes or very often childish and everyone notices it. You don't look very good in front of people. Everyone criticizes you for this. This trait may be an attachment to your past years. It is time to leave that time behind and see your present and recognize yourself as a mature being.

Somebody dirty you with excrement

You have very hidden things and you fear that they will discover you . It is preferable that you speak of your own free will and do not have a bad time being discovered. Lies and deception become boomerang, that lego comes against you. Also Read: Dream About Black Santa Muerte – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming of excrement in the bathroom

It is good fortune, even if this dream seems terrible and you want to forget it, it is better that you celebrate it, because your abundance will be wonderful. Your finances rebound and your income will be as desired and more.

You look covered in manure

Your work will pay off . You will have recognition, promotion and better income. Take advantage of this occasion and celebrate.

You see feces thrown in someone else's face

You will have losses in several matters : The economic, the familiar, and the personal, are on a tightrope. Take precautions because this will mistreat you emotionally. Do not miss this notice. The dream reveals things to you that you must take care of with zeal, so that you do not remain at zero.

Dreaming that excrement is piling up

Think carefully about how you are spending or investing the money. It is possible that it is that you are gambling or that you lend money and they do not return it. It is usually an invitation to analyze financial activities .

 Dreaming about stepping on dog excrement 

This clearly bodes well. It is luck without a doubt. Your business will go well, the money is enough and there is plenty for your expenses. You are very happy because financial concerns are not in your life. Additional Reading: Dream About Chicken (Hen) – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

You have diarrhea in the dream

You need to purify yourself from many bad thoughts . You may have a stomach disorder soon. There is something you no longer need in your life and you want to expel it. In this sense, it is very positive, as you are preparing for an important change.

You smell some poop while you're sleeping

It's an unpleasant dream, almost real. This dream means that you perceive what is happening around you. Know perfectly that something is wrong and you are alert. This attitude is very positive for the dreamer.

You smell poop while you are sleeping

You have a lot of modesty. You protect your privacy and do not allow anyone to inquire into your life.

You try to get rid of excrement and you can't

You are not communicative and that worries you . You would like to be free like other people. You lock yourself in and you find yourself stuck.

Defecate in front of people

You are embarrassed by some event . You want to talk about this and you don't dare. It has to do with your subconscious. Something a little laughable will happen to you and you will be embarrassed with many people. Further Read: Dream About Ticks – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming that your underwear is stained with poop

It is shameful what is happening to you . Your psyche is affected by it. The repentance is one of the indicators that you do not walk at all well. This dream also indicates that you do not have the necessary capacity to be able to fulfill your expectations.

Defecated on top

You are very nervous and you should seek help so that you can control this state . You are stressed, for work issues. This makes you live a strong nightmare. You are about to have a big argument with a friend or a member of your family, and this affects you in a serious way.

Dreaming that you accidentally touch poop

Feel calm because it is a very good omen. You will get a good amount of money

If you have difficulty defecating in the dream

You are being greedy, stubborn , and you have an air of being more than others. You squander what you have. The dream announces economic benefits to you . The harmful will dissipate. Your life will normalize and if you reflect you will be able to eradicate the attitude of greed.

Throwing poop in people's faces

Bad things will come to your life . You will get upset from thinking so much. If you have a business, you will lose a lot in it.

Dreaming of diarrhea in bed 

A disease is coming. It also means that you are out of place and this makes everyone uncomfortable and when you realize it, you are ashamed. This sometimes makes you look ridiculous. Also Read About: Dream About Throwing Up – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

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