Dog dreaming is associated with characteristics that have been commonly attributed to dogs. They are the animals that have earned over time the qualification of "man's best friend." The fidelity, generosity and protection capacity they develop make them worthy of the trust of human beings.

In most families there is a dog. This animal is one of the most loved by parents as a gift for their children. Among pets, the dog earned first place. Now let's see what it means to dream of this animal so well-known and so loved.

You and the dogs

Dreaming that you pet a dog

This dream is revealing of what you are going to be able to achieve in terms of finances especially. You are a very skilled person for business and you must exploit this quality. Do not allow anything to frustrate this virtue that you possess.

If you are employed right now, try to think about these qualities and explore everything you can do with what you know. Take advantage of this.

It also symbolizes that you will be successful with the friends you select. They will be faithful and lasting, so cultivate these relationships because they will give you many satisfactions.

Check how your loads are at home, it seems that you are very burdened with responsibilities currently and you need reinforcements to keep going. Household responsibilities must be shared. Your health is also an investment, you must measure your responsibilities, if there are others who can support you.

Dream that a dog barks happily around you 

You have a very rich social life that provides you with pleasures and a lot of fun, this is excellent because you stay very happy and at ease in what you do and with whom you share. Your social life is active, so you always have the opportunity to open yourself to new social circles.

Dream that you have a dog next to your bed 

You are lucky to have a "guardian angel" you are always protected , therefore you are unharmed from the dangers. If you really have a dog and sleep in your bed and dream about it, this means protection. You really are protected and this is wonderful for you. Similarly, do not neglect yourself completely, as a precaution.

Dreaming of an unknown dog barking at you aggressively 

This dream is related to treason . Perhaps not in the love field, it can also be in the workplace. You must take good care of yourself, because in your close environment someone dresses as an angel and really is not.

Dream that you kiss your dog

You are fortunate to have a well-reciprocated love. You and your partner are in an extraordinary moment.

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Dreaming that you bathe a dog

You have feelings of guilt and there is no reason for you to feel this way. Review what happened and look to put the pieces where they go.

Dream that you are training your dog

You're trying to hide something about yourself that you don't like . It may be something physical or something of your character that does not agree with you and you have recognized it. But you do not want others to notice it and you strive to disguise it. The important thing is not that you hide the truth, the important thing is that you accept yourself as you are and progressively improve what you need to overcome.

Dream that you are buying a dog 

You have a strong tendency to compliment and compliment yourself to get something for it. You do favors, but they are not disinterested. This is a sign that you have not yet encountered a true friend who gives you the genuine affection you need to awaken your real sensitivity.

Dream that a dog guides you

It is for serious reflection. You are always in need of another person to be able to advance. This is not convenient, because you lose your autonomy and end up being dependent on others. You must know your personal problems with courage. You must develop this strength to free yourself from crutches that you don't really need.

Dream that you run away from a dog

You are about to free yourself from a commitment that weighs you down. It can be a courtship, or a work commitment.

Dreaming that a dog jumps happy of your arrival

You are a person accepted by your close ones, everyone loves you and gives you a lot of affection . You do not lack caresses.

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Dreaming that you guide your dog to take it somewhere

You are being misinterpreted . You have made a decision and the people around you have believed that it is not for the best. They think you are not loyal. You should try to make it clear that they are wrong in their assessment. Or improve something that is making this look that way. It is important that you harmonize with those close to you.

Dream about dog s breeds

Dreaming of Golden Retriever dog

You have high ideals that show in your family relationship. You are protective and you like to accompany others to facilitate situations. You are helpful.

Dreaming of hound dog

This dream tells you that you must be more perceptive and go into the details of some matter. It is to develop somewhat the detective's attitude towards situations, because you generally do not know why things happen.

Dreaming of Bulldog

You are very lucky, because a protective force always saves you from inconvenience. You emerge unscathed from situations that could make you feel terrible.

Dreaming of a coyote

Disasters are imminent, especially in economic matters. You will have to be very controlled with your disbursements because you are taking too much risk.

Dreaming of German Shepherd

You have a desire to protect other people. You are a very good friend and you know how to keep your friends to the fullest . You are a very broad person, you adapt to new situations. Sometimes you let yourself be influenced very easily because you are docile with people. If they make you mad, you know how to control yourself, but if you reach the limit you can be explosive and dangerous with your words and actions.

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Dreaming of Prairie Dog

You are walking in a different direction from the one that the rest of the people around you have taken. You like the clandestine, the hidden and the mysterious. You like to contradict the masses. This will be positive if you do it for a certain purpose, but if it is on a whim, it would not make sense.

Dreaming of Hunting Dog

You'll start off on the right foot these days. There is every chance of succeeding in what you project. It is time to generate ideas of trace plans. 

Dreaming about French poodle 

The loyalty is one of your best qualities. You look like a sweet and loving person , but sometimes you are aggressive.

Dream of Rottweiler 

You are a person with courage and you like to protect those around you. You have good deeds, you are noble and you know how to defend others from injustices.

Dream with Wolf

In your circle of friends there is someone who is not to be trusted . They can betray you at any time and the dream warns you of it.

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Dream about Schnauzer 

You are starting a love relationship. Take into account that from the beginning you must be totally frank.

Dreaming of Pitbull

You are a person who shows courage in situations. You like to protect others. You are very faithful.

Dreaming of dog actions

Dreaming of a brave dog

Something stops you from achieving what you set out to do and this makes you feel angry. You should go to the doctor to check your organs. Rabies deteriorates vital systems. There is a situation that generates disagreement and you feel disappointed . This robs you of sleep and you don't rest properly. Take care of your emotional health.

Dreaming of Barking Dog

You must see this dream in two directions, on the one hand you are selecting among your friends very bitter and nagging people . People who incessantly correct you and others are hostile people who sometimes take your strength away. You will have to decide if you continue with these people, learning to cope with their temperaments.

It may be that you are running over people with your rigid temperament, or conversely, it is possible that you are teasing others with bad jokes, and in your circle of relationships they have woven an environment of rejection towards you, for your behaviors.

Dreaming of Dog that begs (cries before you)

You may be on the wrong path and this dream alerts you to it. You must find the path that takes you where you want to go.

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Dreaming of furious barking dog 

You have a habit of asking everything because you need to have control of the situations . With this attitude, you often overwhelm other people, which makes you be more alone than accompanied. Those around you notice this attitude and avoid you.

You have some friends in your circle, which you must specify, look, you are a controller, but you neglect to know who your true friends really are, to which you must have confidence, that is why you make many disappointments.

As seen here, it is very important that you review your behaviors, which are not leading you to a good end of the things in which you are linked.

Dream about Dirty and Rabid Dog

Something in your life is very rare, there are emotional disturbances related to someone who wants revenge on something you did, perhaps without intention but this person has not been able to process it correctly.

Dreaming of a dog that never stops growling 

There is a conflict of yours that you must resolve. Check carefully between the various issues in which you operate and see where is that high point that moves your emotions a lot internally.

You are undecided and you don't know which way to go or to specify which decision is the right one. It is very important that you focus on this dream that is telling you to act immediately. It is a decisive decision and you cannot let it pass.

There is a betrayal near you . It may be against you, but it could also be against someone close to you. This will affect you directly or indirectly, so take forecasts and visualize how you are at the moment in your relationships.

Dreaming of Dogs that mates n

Dogs have a particular way of mating without modesty and people are usually horrified to see them in the middle of the street doing this. If you dream of this scene it is because you have unstoppable sexual desires and you need to satisfy them.

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Dreaming of a dog that defecates

Dogs are the least discreet animals that exist for their "intimate" activities, so they go everywhere defecating in streets, squares, even inside houses. If you dream of this scene it means that you want to get out of something urgent that has you tormented. You want to be freed from it and it no longer matters what you have to risk to achieve it.

Dreaming of Howling Dog

You must prepare yourself because there is a death of someone close to your environment. Death is always painful and you will see many people crying.

Dreaming of Dog that bites

This dream is linked to the losses of material matters , especially money. You are very likely to be humiliated offended in a public place, due to some dispute. In this event there may be a discussion and you will lose out on it. Another meaning is associated with indecision in something you must face. You are not completely clear about what will be more convenient and you doubt very much.

Dreaming about playful dog

You have a very lively life, good times, happy days with family and friends, this is wonderful. Cultivate this life experience, which also infects those around you.

Dreaming of Running Dog

You run away from a matter that worries you, you do not know how to solve a problem and you prefer to avoid it. This action is not correct because at any moment the anguish will appear again. It will be preferable that you face the situation as soon as possible.

Dream about thirsty dog that takes water

You have problems that create a lot of tension but you try to recover and get ahead. You pause to think and flow , you give yourself your time and that is very convenient in all cases.

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Dreaming asleep dogs s

You exhibit an inner peace that many would like to possess. You are not worried because your affairs are in order . You have worried about channeling everything in your life.

Dogs dream home s

In these moments you have been facing some situations and you are feeling punished for them. They are wrong actions that lead to these judgments of others. You must amend and change some ways to improve your relationships.

Dream about Dog that seems maddened

You can suffer a very strong verbal attack from someone in a public place. You must be very intelligent not to fall into provocations that will later weaken you and make you feel worse. Let it happen and let this person be the one to make the mistake. You don't need to match her.

Dream about a dog that seems crazy and you attack him to defend yourself

You are going to overcome the gossip of people who want to harm you. You are very solid in your convictions and that will help you overcome them.

Dreaming of dead dog

This dream reveals to you that there is an evident deterioration of some relationship that you currently have. It is a progressive loss of something you esteem and want. This situation affects you but you must face it with courage and get the best learning out of it so as not to incur failures that generate another similar situation.

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Dreaming of dog that makes sleeping noise

Sometimes you forget prudence and externalize very personal matters. This is because you really are very carefree and have nothing to hide or lose. You are currently in an excellent position.

Dreaming about Stray Dog

You will receive support from someone who esteems you. This person knows that you require a helping hand to propel yourself and will provide you with the support you are waiting to advance.

Famous dogs

Dream of gulf 

You like to be free, you can't stand the confinement. You like to decide where to go and you do it frequently. You do not stop before obstacles, you are not fearful and you know how to resolve unforeseen issues that arise in your daily life.

Dreaming of the Saint Bernard Beethoven

You like to be the center of attention for your physical appearance. You are loving and excellent companion of each and every one of your family and friends.

Dream about Scooby Doo

You are very shy and insecure . This does not allow you to risk daring plans, so you get very stuck on your affairs. You like to be accompanied and you are very loyal to who your friends are.

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Dream about Balto

You have the gift of a leader and this makes you highly recognized in your social circles. With your friends you generally stand out.

Dog color

Dream about white dog

It means wedding. At this moment you can be on the eve of consolidating a relationship . If it is not you, it will be someone very close to you.

Dream about black dog

You must be alert because there is a friend who shades you . He has bad intentions and tries to overshadow you. Don't let this happen to you. The dream about black dog is notifying you. Just be a little sharper in your perceptions so you can visualize what's going on and take him by surprise in his plans. You can completely destabilize it.

Dreaming with brown dog

You will have a stable and lasting relationship , this dream tells you that you must keep what you have.

Other dog related dreams

Dream about a yawning dog

Check your attitudes towards people close to you. It seems that you are being very indifferent to their conversations. You don't care what they tell you or what happens to them. You are often rude and people notice it. This does not benefit you.

Dream about a dog on a leash

Represents dependency. You have little freedom to decide what to do, you feel tied to others and ask for opinions before acting. Think about this and start letting go.

Dream about a dog in danger

Your emotional relationship is at risk . Be very careful with this matter, since depression is imminent. If the relationship ends you will be very sad because that was not what you wanted. So take forecasts before it happens, you can avoid it.

Dream Dog Trainer

You must control yourself before some matters that make you react violently . You are displaying negative behaviors.

Dreaming of a dog lying near the garbage can

This dream reveals emotional decline . You must strengthen yourself with your beliefs and seek the company of people who do you good. Do not allow yourself to decay.

Dreaming of toy dog

You are a person who expresses an affection for the children's world . You also like remembering your own childhood, this makes you always be different, very jovial and smiling. You are not one of the bitter people.

Dream about dog food

If you are buying from this food, it is related to your high sense of responsibility . You don't stop thinking about what others need and you volunteer to help. If you eat food from your pet in the dream, it is very possible that in these times you are very primitive in your behaviors. Reflect on this aspect.

Veterinary consultation of dogs

You trust a friend fully and go to him often. It is a good dream, because you are not alone , that is what it tells you.

Dream that you are in a doghouse

You are feeling that you no longer belong to a relationship or to a specific situation . You are feeling that you are not being loved as you wish. This depresses you. You must overcome this feeling by reviewing exactly what makes you feel offside.

Dream about Bitch with her litter

It is a very prosperous stage of your life . Good omen of a happy stage or at least that it is outlined better than what until now had characterized your days. It means reconciliation in the broad sense, it might be with a partner, a friend even with a job.

It may be that close to you some wedding or engagement is taking place. Not necessarily you are the protagonist, but if you are excellent omen . If it is not you, then it will be someone close, and this event will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Dreaming of puppy that feeds on its mother

This dream reveals that your wishes will be fulfilled. You will see everything materialized soon. You have struggled a lot to get what you want and this is the right time to see everything accomplished.

Dreaming of puppy who is sick

You are about to receive a news that you will not like. It's a surprising matter because you really don't expect it.

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