This dream puts you in front of a very pleasant idea of happiness. Of course you have to be very attentive to the colors and state of the roses and also where they are. This will determine the interpretation without a doubt.

In general lines it is a romantic spirit that is associated with roses, they are also associated with the passion of lovers. According to Freud, roses are associated with the female reproductive system and with fertility and passion.

The color, the freshness that nature has in general puts us in front of deep reflections on what we human beings are, in front of the wonders that it has. Roses are part of this wonder, among other floral species.

Roses have an unmistakable smell. Sometimes we want to smell like them. Sometimes we feel tiny before a rose. The subtlety of its petals and the complexity of its shapes tell us many messages.

Next we will see a variety of possible dreams with roses and their respective interpretations, so that you can know what your dream means.

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What is the spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Certain Colored Roses

Each color of a rose has a deep meaning, you must pay attention to this element in your dream.

what does it mean to dream about Red Roses

They are linked to beautiful feelings of passion and true love. It is a living and intense love. This dream is also associated with femininity.

If they give you red roses it is without a doubt a very genuine affection for you that person has.

If you give red roses surely you have some friends far away and you want to meet them again

If they are red rose buds it means that something is brewing, it is a fertile moment in every way. Carefully plan a project with the confidence that everything will turn out very well. You have no reason to fear or doubt.

what does it mean to dream about white roses

It is love of the purest . It is a true relationship that is forming. You have an interest in someone and you have not yet revealed your feelings. This dream also symbolizes the inner peace that you possess.

If they give you white roses it could be that you should prepare for a sadness.

If you give white roses as a sign of loyalty and kindness to the beings around you. It is a future where you will see prosperity and health

If they are white rose buds it can be associated with a death that is not necessarily physical.

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what does it mean to dream about orange roses

They will live very fun and happy moments there will be new things in your environment that will give you a lot of happiness. These roses bring good messages in your dreams, you can celebrate with friends and family. It is a time of tears but of laughter. That is how a total relaxation is to come in a few days.

what does it mean to dream about purple roses

It is the love of parents to children and vice versa . You are reflecting on your parents and your children, if you have them. It is the affection for them and the recognition of their importance in your life.

what does it mean to dream about pink roses

It is a symbol of tenderness . You are polite, kind, but also very sensual. It means a harmonious couple where delicacy reigns. It is quite a pleasant dream.

what does it mean to dream about blue roses

This dream is associated with your health , not only physical but also your mental and spiritual health. You want to know things of the world. Connect with good people, be able to reveal mysteries about some situations and close people.

If they give you blue roses Someone wants to have a good relationship with you but is very shy. Look around you to see if you discover who it is

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If you give blue roses it is a strong personal desire to reveal your feelings of love for a person. You are having a hard time doing it

Dream about yellow roses

This is associated with true friendship . It is the union of friends that lasts over time. A friend from a long time ago might start to like you as a couple. That will surprise you.

Dreaming of black roses

Your relationship is facing a very unpleasant serious moment . There is a stagnation at the level of your emotions that does not let you move forward. There is a lot of routine and you must find strategies to innovate in the environment of the two of you. A change in your appearance. A change in the house in the arrangement of objects, a change in sexual routine. Take action soon.

Dreaming of colored roses

You have a life with a lot of activity in various areas and in all you will be happy. You will feel praised for your way of being . Peace is near you always. You are going to obtain important benefits. The economic is displayed very well.

Dreaming of roses in gifts

Dream that they give you roses 

You are very happy with your current moment . You have very pleasant affective relationships due to the sincerity they have. Receive what they offer you and make them feel that you are very grateful.

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what does it mean to dream that you give away roses 

You are sweet and affectionate, this brings you a lot of happiness. People around you appreciate you and you want to recognize that gesture with good deeds.

Dreaming that you give roses to a sick person

It is a bad omen. There will be disease in your close environment . You must also take care of your own health. Your relationship is facing a very unpleasant serious moment. It is possible that you are making strong efforts to do things well, but they are not recognizing you. You will have to be more cautious to project your ideas and projects.

Dream that they give you fresh roses

You are very important to many people, you are the center of attention of those around you . Someone is madly in love with you and at some point will tell you. Sometimes it is not a lover for a relationship, but someone who admires you and wants to be close to you

Dream about the size of roses 

Dream about big roses

You are on the eve of living a new adventure . You should welcome it. You are very happy and everything that comes to you will bring more happiness. Make an attempt to look around you to identify in which context this adventure comes from. If in the work environment, family or in your neighborhood

Dream about small roses

There will be changes in your life caused by small projects, before which there will be small obstacles, easy to solve to continue moving forward.

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Dream about the state of roses 

Dream of withered roses

This dream announces bad loves and many disappointments in your life. It is the memory of what has already happened to you regarding this matter, or what will happen to you in the future.

There is a disappointment that you are about to experience . You will feel very sad about it. It is not only in the sentimental field, but in the affective context in general that this can occur.

Dream about fresh roses

You are a person who easily connects with creative matters. You flow easily. You have a way of being that appeals for your freshness and spontaneity. You impact those who know you with your way of being. They could try experimenting with painting, singing, dancing, or manual labor, anything that involves creativity and creation.

Dream about dried roses

It is a bad omen you must take care of yourself and protect yourself . It is related to loss, tragedy and a lot of crying around you. You can lose a family member, a friend or a job. Sometimes life gives these unpleasant surprises. But these are the ones that will strengthen your spirit for larger matters.

Dreaming of roses in buds

It is an announcement of new relationships . You will be very happy when this comes. This is brewing in your life little by little. In the same way, do not neglect yourself and cultivate this new relationship well so that it does not decay or remain stagnant by disappointments.

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Bouquets and bouquet of roses 

Dream about making a bouquet of roses

You will certainly have moments of joy , especially if you are a woman. It is also associated with the fact that this joy is generated by some successes that you are reaping.

Dreaming of bouquet of roses 

Someone admires you and you don't know it yet . He is still hidden, but soon you will know who he is. There's also the issue of your approval needs every time you make decisions. This you must overcome. You must have more confidence in yourself.

Dreaming with crown of roses

This means total success . You stand out above other people. You are powerful but you must be careful because you forget to be humble and simple and you become arrogant. This is not favorable for yourself.

Dreaming of a wreath of roses for the deceased

You know how to recognize the merit of other people and you honor them with your attitude. This dream could also be interpreted as the end of a relationship.

Dream about roses and thorns

Dream that you hurt yourself with thorns of roses 

It is a bad omen . There will be many conflicts that will hurt you deeply in your relationship. It is possible that the routine is overwhelming them and this is what triggers the fights and disagreements. Perhaps you should ask your partner to take a few days to do something different, before the problem situation breaks out.

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Dreaming of roses with thorns 

This dream is greatly appreciated because it is an important warning . You must safely review something that is like a loose nut in your affairs, because it is like a wheel that is going to come off its axle. This can be very bad for you, so it is preferable to stop and think and analyze each issue to see where the fault is.

Dreaming of roses without thorns

You have a bit of a fantasy relationship that has a lot of fiction and little reality. You should analyze this situation and put more soil under your feet to make the relationship firmer.

Other dreams with roses 

Dreaming of rose petals 

You are a very talented person but it seems that your shyness does not allow you to bring out this potential. You must overcome this matter, you cannot stagnate that way. Bring out your skills and abilities and stand out because you deserve it. This has to do with your esteem.

Dream about many roses 

You are a person with a very stable and strong personality . You are creative and can do creative work. Sometimes this is annoying because they see you very bohemian, but try to make them understand and value it, because it is a great virtue

Dream about rose garden 

This dream puts you in touch with full happiness . You feel safe right now. You have many things going for you. Prosperity is very important in this dream. You know what you want and you are looking for. You are not afraid right now and your financial life is in order and flourishing.

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Dream of the smell of roses 

The doors are surely open to new experiences . This is very good to lay the foundations for your projects and plans.

Dream about a rose in your hand

A single rose in your hand is a beautiful symbol that your true love has come into your life. Take care of it and value it

Dream about artificial rose

This dream tells you that you must be very careful because someone who appears to be your friend , is really very false and does not show his true face, he can even hurt you and you without knowing who is involved.

Artificial flowers are generally not liked by many people. So is this person, is not to the liking of others.

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