This dream is the revelation of who you really are . It is the strength you have to face specific issues. It is also the size of the problem that surrounds you.

You are a very sweet person, but you hide feelings of violence that you sometimes express at less opportune times. You must channel your emotions.

This dream confronts you with the specific way you adopt when having an unpleasant circumstance or emotional conflict. Memorize what "your" bear was like in the dream, what he did and how you behaved towards him. This will give you a vision of what you must reinforce in your real life, or what you must change. It will also tell you how much you should take care of the people around you.

Let's see some very typical dreams with this big animal, beautiful in appearance, but dangerous and wild.

Bears size

Dream about little bears

Your enemies are very small in appearance but they are just as dangerous as the big ones. You should not trust them. You must be very alert. They are fierce people with pleasant appearance. Be more careful with who you relate to. These people can devise some strategies to destabilize you. They are stalking you to take out the claws, you do not perceive them because they know how to hide what you want to do.

Dream about baby bears

You are a dependent person , you do not know how to make decisions, you are always looking for the shelter of others around you. Insecurity is your worst enemy, you do not advance towards important projects just because you wait for the approval of others and that does not benefit you.

Dream about giant bear

You have a lot of power and self-confidence. You know what you want and you are going to achieve it. Your strength is increasing, the more challenges you have, the more you become accurate in what you decide to do.

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Bears color

Dream about brown bears

There are people around you who have very grotesque manners and their behavior affects you. It is possible that these people are your friends, but due to their ways of being, others associate you with them, which harms you. You must make a parenthesis and put these people a little to the side so that they do not damage the personal image that you take so much care of.

Dreaming of brown bears

You have a great ability to socialize with others in large groups. You are very versatile and adapt to all contexts. It is a dream of good omen. You are very brave, you know how to face problems with a lot of courage which makes you look like a great person. This is how people who know you rate you.

Dream about brown bears

In order to move forward you must know yourself much more deeply. You have a  need to overcome this is positive but you should not get frustrated or feel bad about what you are today.

Dream about white bears

You are a very strong person. You have resistance to face daily matters of great complexity. Everyday life is sometimes very difficult, drawing energy for everything that comes together with professional and work tasks. This requires a lot of you, you are one of those who know how to balance everything so that nothing looks unattended.

Dream about black bears

You are an irritable person can make you disturb anything that happens in your environment. Once you are disturbed, you proceed very violently

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Bears behavior

Dreaming of an aggressive bear 

You do not feel strong , you are very anxious, you look very vulnerable to someone who intimidates you.

Dreaming of aggressive Polar Bear 

If you see aggression in the bear, it means that you are going to have a disagreement with a friend. You can get very hurt from this impasse. Be very careful in your actions so as not to make mistakes. Someone is waiting to catch you in a failure and make a show of it to bother you.

Develop courage so that you do not allow yourself to be overcome, do not allow them to belittle you.

You are attacked by a black bear

You are aggressive, you ca n't stand games , jokes, jokes, double meanings enrage you, and you act roughly accordingly. Perhaps others are joking happily and that annoys you and breaks the fun with outrages. You must be more patient with others. Eradicating this hostile form will do good to those around you.

Dream about lazy bears

Many know what your talent is in the workplace . Pay close attention to it and the important thing is that you know it yourself. You are not alert to what happens in your work environment and this is worrying. You may lose opportunities for improvement and job growth but you are not very focused.

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Bear type

Dreaming of polar bear

This dream is not good, because it represents poverty, evil and injustice . There are people who make you doubt yourself. They tell you that your life is a disaster and you are always about to believe it. They continually disqualify you. They seek to destroy something of you, they have very acute envy.

This dream reveals your need for freedom from negative emotions that you have accumulated. You want to see yourself calm, you want it and you ask it of your spiritual beliefs.

Dreaming of panda

It is the impetus in your life . You are a person with power. Surely you do not know in what field or subject and you must discover it. If you know it because you have an obvious power, you must make good use of it.

Also the dream symbolizes an abrupt activity that you will carry out that will generate a lot of physical and mental exhaustion. You will have to fight a lot to control this untimely situation.

Dream about a tame bear 

Your instincts are perfectly controlled . You are very correct and do not overreach in gestures or actions, this makes you be very restrained in all contexts. This means that you have good judgment and project it in each of the areas in which you operate.

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Situation with a bear

Dream that you kill a bear

You must prepare for a major loss . A loved one is going away or there is a death. You should know that this circumstance is not the end for you. It is only a natural moment for which we must all prepare. Losses are inevitable. Some people are passing through our lives.

You face a black bear

You are really kind and sensitive , but with unwavering strength. You seem very soft and fragile, but you are not. You have the capacity to face many large issues in your life.

Dreaming of a bear with its young 

It is a deep need for affection , possibly from the mother. There is a hint of sadness in you that leaves you very helpless.

Dreaming that you see a bear head-on and you are not afraid

You are a person with a lot of self-confidence . You know what you want and you will not be intimidated by anything. You are very clear and that is why everything is going to you. In the face of an obstacle you do not stop. You are not afraid of challenges.

Dream that you chase a bear away

There are situations that are extreme of real tension . We are not referring to everyday problems, but to strong issues of great pressure. Before them you know perfectly how to act. You are one of those people who provide solutions to an accident, for example.

Dreaming of bears playing

You are a very creative person , you like laughter and encouragement. You are always very happy and you transmit that feeling to others. You like a sense of humor to laugh.

Dreaming of sleeping bears

You are a little lazy lately, the heaviness does not let you act. This is not correct, you need action. Always have the idea that human rest should be no more than 6 hours, the rest of the time should be productive in actions. You should not be so slow in your affairs. Inaction is a bad companion.

Dream about wounded bear

You must have some deep pain for an event that occurs in your environment. You need comfort right now. You are very strong but this situation has depressed you. You must give time to recover the energy and clarity to continue with your projects

Dream about bear tied

You currently have many limitations . You are not free from your actions despite being so adult. The situations you are experiencing force you to be in one place, you would like to change your job or career, even divorce, but there is something that prevents you from making the decision and you remain tied. Obviously sadness consumes you and right on it you must reflect. It is important that you take the step that your reason indicates, so that you go in search of your true happiness.

Dream about pregnant bear

This dream reveals that you are very fertile these days . If you want to procreate, the time is right. If you don't want to, you must take many precautions. It is also a time to project ideas in your specific field. Any plan will be brought to a successful conclusion. You are very persevering, you like great challenges. This dream gives you the drive to materialize what you want.

Dreaming that a bear eats fish

You have negative thoughts that destroy . You need good company to get out of this state urgently. You cannot be anticipating the results, thinking that everything will go wrong. Have more confidence in yourself.

Someone very meek in appearance will surprise you with an action that will affect you. It is a toxic and regrettable situation.

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Other dreams with bears

Dream about a toy panda 

You have a nice memory of your childhood . You like to spend time remembering scenes from your childhood past. There are many pleasant moments, which have to do with games, friends, walks, etc. It is really a rewarding dream

Dreaming of teddy bears

Sadness and nostalgia for the past often overwhelm you . You may have had bad experiences and the memories make you want to cry. It is important that you heal these wounds.

Dream about the skin of a bear

You will have some problems but you will come out of them . You will have many learnings with this event. Take the opportunity to develop projects no matter if they are very complex, you will feel a little pressured, but you will manage to carry out your idea.

Bear hug

This is a very common expression used to say that the hug will be great. We say: "give me a bear hug" and we proceed to squeeze the other or allow the other to imprison us a little. To dream with this expression that we say it or tell it to us, means that you want to give and receive genuine affection .

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Dreaming of famous cartoon bear 

You must pay attention to which bear you dreamed of, these bears have been created and given specific characteristics. You must review that characteristic of the bear in question in your life. Here we leave you a list of very famous bears, with whom you could have a dream.

  • The smartest talking bear yogi bear that solves all kinds of problems. Entertains park visitors because he likes to be nice and also make money

  • Bubu Excellent friend

  • Winnie Pooh super friendly

  • Baloo has a very protective teacher gift, he teaches how to defend yourself, he is very happy, he likes to rest and laugh all the time

  • Kenai and Koda show how difficult interaction can be with each other. Assume others as your siblings

  • Po He is a clumsy but kind bear. He likes martial arts. As too much and that is one of its main limitations.

  • Paddington Bear struggles to adapt to a new world, his fight is to adapt.

  • Masha and the Bear This girl bear has incredible patience. He likes housework and games

  • Little John is a bold bear, extraordinary friend, lover of justice

  • Love bears have different characters, each representing a particular characteristic.

  • Lotso is an evil bear, controller and performs actions against others for envy and rancor

  • The anteater is not very smart, his enemy is small, an ant, but she is smarter than him. Uses varied strategies to achieve his goal and never achieves it

  • Lorek Byrnison Great Guardian

  • Fozzie the Bear He is a comedian, who always tells bad jokes and everyone makes fun of him

  • Bear Boog Has survivability in extreme conditions

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