Food covers practically all areas of our lives. We have times to eat and if we go to a meeting, we usually eat there. If you go to a party it will be the same, even at funerals, they distribute food.

The special dates in the year are celebrated with certain meals, according to the culture. There is no time of day when we do not have contact with the subject : food, in one way or another. So it is feasible to dream of images related to food.

The meanings of dreaming about food are very varied. Interpretations range from very positive issues to the dreamer, to very dire issues. For this reason it is advisable to remember exactly how the dream occurred and in what setting, to have a perfect guide, and to know the meaning that is revealed in the dream.

Let's see next, what it will be like to dream about food. Next, let's see some interpretations of dreams about food.

Dream that there are people eating

It is interpreted as a state of conflict and discussion .

Dream that the guests contemplate the food 

It means that your family environment is in harmony , which makes you feel happy.

Dreaming that you are eating with other people

Depending on the environment where the food is, if it is luxurious, you will be successful on the contrary, if it is poor or lacking, you will have failures.

Dream about little food

Surely you are very tight on money and you are worried about it. Take forecasts and save.

Dream about abundant food

It means that nothing is missing , you have everything covered and that reassures you.

Dream about plenty of food you can't eat

Check where your weaknesses are , it may be in the excesses. Reason this and lessen your eagerness for those things that almost make you addicted to them.

Dreaming that you "chop" some food

There is something cloudy around you, you are hiding something and that destabilizes you.

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Dream about cooking something delicious

Dreaming that you cook something that looks good and is tasty means that good deals and good relationships will come .

Dream about cooking something that has been raw

They are clearly disappointments . You must strengthen yourself so that this state does not weaken you.

Dream that you're eating alone

You feel imprisoned and you need freedom or independence . Break ties. It also means that your spirit is weakened, you feel melancholy and loneliness.

Dreaming that you are eating with others

You will make a profit and be prosperous . Your relationships will be harmonious. Your overall quality of life is high.

Dream that a child or waiter brings the plates of food to the table

You won't do very well with the people you live with . This means frequent conflicts. It also means losses in business, your finances are in danger.

Dream that your plate is removed from the table before finishing

Family conflicts , disagreements are looming . Friction that will mark differences and ruptures.

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Dream that you are eating too much

This dream means that you are in abundance in every way , in love, economic prosperity, your sex life. Clearly, you want to share your life with someone else. Loneliness is not your inclination.

Dream that they give you food

Someone is very aware of you and cares about everything that happens to you, be it good or bad.

Dream that they offer you food and you reject it

This is a desire to become independent from everything that is traditional, you want a new life.

Dream that you are a prissy eating

If in the dream you are digging or pecking at the food as if playing with it, it means that you are hiding something .

Dream that you eat in a fun environment

It can be a party on a picnic, with friends, or with family. Your state of sadness, lack, conflict, is improving . Good times are coming.

Dream that you're cooking and the food burns out

It is a sign that you are a very restless person and do not settle for what you know. you have a knowledge seeking mind .

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Dream that you are cooking and the food is tasteless

Prepare yourself because something unexpected is going to happen and it is not positive . Go around and analyze what is wrong and make forecasts so that you are not surprised.

Dream about worms in food

This dream is generally negative and they announce some conflict , disorder, financial problem etc. Perhaps the problems are not generated directly by you, but someone around you is. This person makes misdirected decisions and that affects you directly.

Luck is not on your side. It is not the time to travel, nor to undertake any project. Your family and partner relationships will also be affected.

Dream about white worms in food

We have said that worms indicate negative things, but if they are white and appear in your food in dreams, it can mean that your esteem is not strengthened.

You must be more sure of yourself and your decisions. It is possible that you have a relationship with someone on the love plane and you do not dare to make it public out of fear. This will affect your relationship because you are not giving your partner the place it occupies in your life .

Dream that you share your food

You are very sociable, friendly, you transmit confidence . It is an excellent quality that you have and you must exploit it to the fullest. This opens up many avenues for you to achieve important goals. Do not miss this moment, it is time to project yourself because everything will always come out perfectly.

Dream that you are eating the leftovers from the day before

You must let go of those thoughts that imprison you about someone who you are holding a grudge against . That heavy energy in your life doesn't do you good. Let go and rebuild the relationship if possible, but DO NOT hold grudges in your heart.

Dream about eating seafood

You will have recognition for the things you do. You are very aware of the value you have, take advantage of this quality.

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Dream about eating oysters or asparagus

It is a dream related to some sexual desire , the asparagus evoke allusions to sex in the dream.

Dream about stews

You will have significant conflicts that will generate very strong impacts and destabilize you.

For a man who dreams of shoulders

You have certain fears related to your performance in sexual activity.

For a woman who dreams of shoulders

You have an overwhelming force in sex . The masculine attracts you and produces that vital energy.

Dreaming about eating eggs 

You need to have some inspiration for creation . You want to do something new.

Dream that you eat jelly 

You want to immediately stop a routine that is killing you with boredom.

Dream about food that is cooking, with fires burning, and various smells

There is an opportunity that is brewing , it is time to project because everything seems to be in their favor. Be careful that nothing is "hidden" too much.

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Dream that you are invited to eat

Someone is up to something against you , be very careful about it. Pay close attention to each person around you.

Dream about sweets, sugar, cakes

You are not sexually satisfied , so you are very exhausted and crestfallen. Try to innovate with your partner so that this situation changes soon.

Dream about eating raw meat

This means disappointments and sufferings . You are not very good with your environment. Try to take care of people.

See hair in food

You have too many worries , you must analyze every situation you live so that this does not weaken you. Maybe they are minuscule problems, but they are robbing you of a lot of energy

Dream about eating fruit 

It is associated with your sexuality . You are a person who provokes others by your ways of being and generate sexual attraction.

Dream about eating frozen food 

You should consult a doctor perhaps your sexual relations are a failure because there is frigidity. Attack this in time.

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Dream about keeping food in the pantry or fridge

You are concerned about having enough food . You never want to go hungry.

Dream about eating stale or stale food

You are very exhausted, saturated with work. You need a revitalizer .

Dream about spoiled food

Something inside you is not right. You should check your health , go to the doctor. Try to be more aware of yourself, of your diet because you are really leaving it for later and that can not be, you must love yourself more.

Dream about salty food

Stress is your worst enemy . You are working too hard and worries do not allow you to reason clearly. Stop and give yourself an urgent rest.

Dream about buying food

You are a very nice person , but sometimes also insecure. You like to do things for others, so you enjoy the appreciation of many people.

Dream about delicious food

It is the reunion with people that you did not see anymore and that you appreciated in the past. It will be a pleasant moment for you.

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Dream about party and food

There will be people who will help you in your projects . You will not feel alone on this plane. This encourages you to continue advancing your ideas.

Dream about eating foods that taste bad

You are very resentful . Something has happened to you and you don't know how to forgive. Reflect on it and heal that feeling in your life.

Dream about pet food

There are skills you need to have but you are having a hard time getting them. Surely you are performing some task that requires special knowledge, and you do not know how to memorize or learn it.

Dream about baby food or feed a baby

There is a very delicate situation that you must attend to and you cannot go wrong in the decisions you make.

Dream about family food

There is economic prosperity in your environment. There is family union and you feel at ease. It is a good dream, enhance these strengths that you possess.

Dream about selling food

If you sell it may be the need to part with something . If in the dream you are fair with what you sell and with your prices, you are a balanced, orderly and reliable person. If, on the contrary, scams with prices and quality, you should review how you are because surely selfishness is your characteristic.

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Dreaming about food on the table

All your projects will be prosperous . You will have good relationships. There will be no difficulties in your environment. The order of everything you want to do will be very outstanding.

Dream about food pot

It is a dream that announces total prosperity . Spiritual growth. You become more responsible with everything you undertake. Your maturity will make you stand out. Good time for finances.

Dream about food waste

You are very spiteful and this is mistreating you. You have not accepted someone's apology and you really are the most affected. Be careful because you can also fall in love with someone who corresponds to someone else. Or a love relationship with someone who has a stable relationship with another person will come into your life.

Dream about junk food

You are living in excesses and the subconscious is crying out for you to order yourself urgently.

Dream about sea food

You will be successful at work and in finance . You will receive compensation from your bosses.

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Dream about little food

You are wasting money , this will have consequences for you and your family. The deficiencies will be present.

Dream about vomiting food

Financial losses from starting bad business.

Dream about fast food

You do not lead a healthy life . Work overwhelms you. You are abandoning loved ones for work.

Dream about frozen food

You are realizing that you are a cold person with a bad flea character. You are not kind. You are very rigid even in sexual matters.

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