Mi Drop, the Xiaomi app to share files between Android devices without Internet

Mi Drop, the Xiaomi app to share files between Android devices without Internet

Exchanging files with our friends can be a complicated task if you want to preserve their quality. Sending a photo or video by WhatsApp means compression and loss of detail , in addition to consuming the scarce data of our rate.

Fortunately, there are some applications that allow us to send files without compression, in a matter of seconds and without consuming a single mega Internet . One of them is My Drop, and we assure you that you will love it.

It has been developed by Xiaomi and is available in all its terminals and on Google Play, which means that it is compatible with a vast number of devices. How does it work? Do you use Bluetooth? Not quite. My Drop makes use of WiFi Direct technology , which allows you to create a private connection between two devices. A kind of intranet . The file-emitting device is connected to the network emitted by the receiver, which allows a transfer rate 200 times higher than that of Bluetooth (according to Xiaomi).

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The interface is really simple . It consists of two buttons (“Send” and “Receive”). If you click on “Receive” a pop-up will appear that will tell you to activate the WiFi zone of your mobile. If you press “Send” you will access a new screen where you have all the files sorted by format (photos, videos, files, songs). Select as many as you want and press send .

A screen will appear that emulates a radar where you will see all the terminals that are connected to My Drop, where you must select the icon of the person you want to send the file to - it may take a little while to appear. When you do, your contact must accept the transfer. Ready, it’s that easy!

Transmitter device: Xiaomi Redmi 6

Receiving device: BQ Aquaris V

The application does not contain any type of advertising , it is completely free and really fast. It has taken 4 seconds to send a 50 MB video and less than 1 to send two photos taken with the mobile, in case it serves as guidance. If you are looking for an app to share all kinds of content without losing quality , the same thing interests you to keep an eye on My Drop. You can download it from Google Play in the link below.

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