How to have a Recycle bin on Android: don't Lose your Files Again

How to have a Recycle bin on Android: don't Lose your Files Again

Deleting a file from the mobile and not being able to recover it is a most unpleasant situation, which unfortunately many of us have had to experience when using our smartphones. While it is possible to create a full backup to keep all documents and files safe, and even use utilities that allow you to recover deleted files , many of these problems could be avoided if Android had a native recycle bin to which, As with desktop operating systems such as Windows or MacOS, those documents were deleted before being permanently removed from storage.

Luckily, this is Android, and using the right app it is possible to do almost anything we imagine, however advanced , including of course having a recycle bin . In this guide we explain how to do it step by step and in a simple way.

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Recycle bin on Android: how to do it step by step

Although smartphones evolve, and it is less and less common to see devices with less than 32 GB of internal storage , in the early years of the Android platform 4 or 8 GB of storage were the most common configurations, and that is why in principle it did not seem necessary to devote the necessary efforts in the development of a recycle bin from which to recover deleted files before deleting them permanently .

Today, however, we increasingly store heavier data on our devices , such as movies, full discographies, books, photo albums and much more. Therefore, it is more convenient than it seems to be able to access a utility that allows you to re-save files that, accidentally or intentionally, have been deleted.

Recycle Bin

This free application does exactly what it says in its name: it implements a recycle bin from which to access recently deleted files , and also works with the vast majority of available file browsers. Since Android does not incorporate this functionality natively, to be able to send files to the trash you will have to follow specific steps:

  1. Open the file browser.
  2. Choose the file you want to send to the trash. Instead of deleting it, long press on it and click on “Send” or “Open With”.
  3. Select the “Recycle Bin” application.

In this way, the deleted file will be in the trash. When you open the application, the list will appear with all those images, documents, videos or folders that have been “deleted” , giving the user the possibility of returning them to their original place if desired, or delete them permanently.

One of the advantages of this app is that it allows you to configure entire directories that will be monitored by the app, and the files included inside it will be automatically sent to the trash if you accidentally delete them.

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Another application that allows you to use a trash can on Android is Dumpster. With more than 10 million installations , it is one of the most used and popular tools in its category, and it has more than deserved for its great utility and ease of use.

As in the case of the previous tool, Dumpster can recover files that have been deleted from storage , and even recover applications that have been accidentally uninstalled recently. To do this, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Open the file browser, gallery or any other app from which to access the files stored on the phone.
  2. Choose the file you want to send to the trash. Instead of deleting it, long press on it and click on “Send” or “Open With”.
  3. Select the “Send to Dumpster” option.

After this process, the deleted files will be saved in the app , and the possibility of recovering them will be offered if desired.

Although the application is free, those users who decide to subscribe to the payment method of the application, will have the possibility to access a “trash bin in the cloud”, to store those files that they want to delete without taking up space of the internal storage of the phone . According to its creators, Dumpster is the only tool capable of recovering files of all types, whatever their type, size or

Although there are many other trash applications on Android, these two fulfill their function perfectly, and do not require strange permissions as it happens with other alternatives such as Cheetah Mobile Clean Master, app that we talked about at the time and that between their Functions has the ability to recover deleted files.

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