We tell you the true meaning of the number 1111 which is associated with good things and positive thoughts.

Have you seen how more and more people get excited about the number 1111?

Currently, it has different meanings, most of them positive,  unlike the number 13. For some, it is a lucky number, a connection with angels or the time to make wishes.

Even on Google the search for its meaning has increased. But does it actually symbolize a spiritual connection ? Is it just part of a fashion? For a few years now the number 11:11 has been related to something spiritual by its matching of digits.

On YouTube there are a lot of videos that give you the explanation of its meaning. Some report that portals open during that hour, which is why it is considered the ideal time for you to speak with the angels, the teachers of other lives , or just to receive interplanetary vibrations.

Every time the clock strikes 11 hours and 11 minutes (or 23:11), many people post this number on their social networks and associate it with making a wish; however, do you know its meaning?

The meaning of this number refers to a spiritual connection, which has a relationship with angels , according to various specialists on the subject.

The numbers 1, 11, 111 and 1111 are angelic digits and call to have "positive thoughts, so you must focus on your desires and not your fears, " according to Doreen Virtue, an angelologist. In this way, it is said that if the clock strikes 11:11 it is the precise moment to focus your energy on a positive desire.

The 1111 in history

In the story, the number 11:11 is related to the first plane to hit the Twin Towers . The flight was American Airlines number 11; It is believed that on the 11th of the 11th month of the year 2018, at 11 am, the armistice entered which "ended the First World War." Donald Trump's name is 11 letters long, just like the last three presidents of the United States.

The Pentagon was built on September 11 and the mission to reach the Moon was on Apollo 11.

Los Angeles and 1111

According to angelologist Doreen Virtue from the United States, who has specialized in the subject, the number 1, 11, 111 and 1111 belong to the category of " angelic " digits . This is what they mean: "Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting in form. Focus on your desires, not your fears."

What is believed in 1111

As a popular saying, 11:11 symbolizes a good time to meditate or make a wish. If you see the clock at that time it is time to think about your goal.

According to the astrologer Mía 11:11 is a significant event.

"Try to understand: Mercury and the Sun join their energy to bring to light something that had not been made conscious. This energy helps us to 'extract' and understand how to use the tools we have learned, to use our wisdom, to strengthen our intuition, "he said on his Facebook page.

Twin numbers are often known as Angel Numbers or Spiritual Numbers. Do you often find a sequence of numbers 1111? Confused? Are you sure this is just a coincidence, or maybe a message from God? If you see it often, this is a message for you, a message in the form of angelic numbers.

Finished answering a telephone call

You see a summary call having a sequence of 11 minutes 11 seconds. Seeing the clock always shows the number 11:11. Don't even accidentally see billboards or brochures with this serial number! Is it really a coincidence? I agree if you call it a coincidence, but a coincidence that has meaning. Twin numbers are divine messages conveyed from angels, in response to your prayers.

Why do we see Angel Numbers? 

Whether you are aware or not, God always answers your questions. The human mind always has troubling questions, and we always ask Him to be given an answer. For example, you feel sad because you have some life problems. Or you want to do a certain purpose, but don't know how to start. Whatever the situation, we always wonder, will this work? Will i be ok? Even though you may not realize it, these thoughts radiate in the form of energy waves. God has a way to communicate with you in subtle ways that we have never realized before such as intuitive dreams, sudden inspiration, a piece of song lyrics, or angel numbers.

Research shows that all angel numbers have vibrations of energy that correspond to certain experiences. So, if you happen to see a number sequence repeatedly, it can be a guide from a guardian angel to give you the answers you need. So these numbers are a finer way for angels to communicate with you.

The Meaning of the Angel Number 1111

Many numerologists regard this sequence of numbers as "the call of spiritual awakening". Angel number 1111 is a sign for you to pay more attention to your mind, because everything you have ever thought about will soon become a reality. Whether something you want or not is all your mind, it will come true. Through number 1111, guardian angels tell you to remain positive. Through positive thoughts, your desires will soon turn into reality. On the other hand, if your mind is filled with ugly thoughts, it will also come true.

The angel number 1111 consists of four times the number 1. Number 1 according to numerology, has a very strong vibration that has meaning.

  • New beginning
  • Ambition
  • Success
  • Creation
  • Individuality
  • Happiness
  • Achievement
  • Spiritual growth

Number 1 has meaning, that we ourselves create our reality through the thoughts and emotions that we emit every second. The angelic number 1111 tells you that the portal between dimension 3 and the dimension of divinity has been opened, so that the manifestation will be faster. All thoughts whether good or bad will soon be realized before you realize. This universe is like a copier, mirror, or boomerang. The thoughts and emotions that you emit will come back to you in the form of real life experiences. Don't worry about the bad thoughts or fears that you might have expended until now, positive thoughts are a way that is stronger than your fears. So have a fine mind, and be calm about anything.

Spiritual Meaning of Twin Flame 1111

Often see angel numbers 1111 have a spiritual message so that you better monitor your thoughts and emotions to continue feeling as good as you can, and don't let bad thoughts enter your mind in any way. Think of everything you hope for, and pray for your life goals to come true. Leave all negative thoughts because what you think is in the process of becoming your reality!

The angel number 1111 does have a very positive message for you, because this number as any notification that you have ever wanted will soon be realized. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter. The important thing is, maintain a positive view of life, no matter what the situation. Remember, the situation you are experiencing right now is the result of your previous thoughts! So if you want to create a good and blessed reality, change the way you think, act, and always feel good. Isn't that easy actually?

I understand, maybe we sometimes feel difficult or forget to keep thinking positively, especially you are worried or feel bad about something. In such cases, you can do prayer, pray, meditate, or just sit calm your mind in a quiet place, and communicate through the mind with your guardian angel to help. Your guardian angel will help through signs, symbols, and intuition, so you must really be able to catch a message at that time. Next time, if you see the twin number 1111 somewhere, try to smile, relax, give thanks, and think about what you want, that's how God tells you what you want will come to you soon.

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