Dreaming about a party is something very common because since we have the use of reason, for one reason or another we always go to a moment of celebration. We just have to see in what context the party happens, how we see ourselves in it, if we see ourselves alone or accompanied, happy or sad, sober or drunk, if we danced or simply watched others do it.

In short, parties have many connotations, and despite the fact that party is generally a sign of happiness, it turns out that this is not always the case in dreams. This seemingly happy dream may contain meanings that are adverse or contrary to joy.

Pay attention to your dream, remember every detail, it is right in the details where the key point for interpretation is.

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Check this article carefully and be amazed, because as the saying goes: "all that glitters is not gold"". Likewise with dreams with parties, every party is not synonymous with happiness in the dream world.

Dream about family party

This dream is a harbinger of an early meeting , which you have long desired. You feel nostalgic for happy moments that you lived in the past. There is a good connection with your family, so you will have support when you need it.

Also, it is one of the most recurring dreams in people. Dreaming of this type of party can mean two things. In the first interpretation, there may be a real event nearby. With this, what you want is for it to happen quickly to enjoy it to the fullest.

The other meaning is that you have a long time without holding family gatherings and you are overcome with nostalgia to relive them. This can also be interpreted as an excellent relationship and bond of family union.

Dream of a party of many people and you are unwrapped

You don't care what people think about you. You are very easy going in all contexts.

Dream of a party of many people and you are shy

You are very aware of "what they will say" , you are concerned about the opinion of others about you.

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Dream about wedding party

It means or is related to abundance . If everyone at the party is happy and there is food in large quantities, it is evident that you will have plenty. If the party is modest the opposite may turn out.

Now, in the case of a modest party, it means the opposite. In this case you should take some forecasts in terms of finances. Take care of the economy of your home, especially if you have resorted to a loan. If the dream event is a marriage, you may be ready to take this step.

Meaning of dreaming of a modest wedding party

A moment of austerity will come, you must take economic forecasts. Some business is not going well, surely you have taken loans and this gives you bad energy vibes.

Dreaming about drunk scandalizing at a party

You will have some losses due to the hypocrisy of some people in your immediate environment. If there is an uproar, arguments and lawsuits, it implies that soon the dreamer or someone in his family will get sick.

Dream about organizing a party

You have something to celebrate , and you attach great importance to personal relationships. This is not bad, if you like to be like this, cultivate this aspect. Makes you a special person, who thinks of others.

Dream that you are hosting a party

If in this party there is disorder caused by the liquor, it is interpreted that you will soon be a victim of ingratitude and slander. Take care of the people with whom you are establishing work and friendly relations because it is on that side where problems come.

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Dream about marriage party

It is a sign that you feel prepared and eager to get married . If you already have your partner, do not hesitate to go ahead. Everything is well aspected. The forecasts are positive.

Dreaming of birthday party

You are living a moment in your life in which you feel very comfortable with what you have achieved, you like the people around you, your work.

Birthday parties are quite recurring. Every day many people celebrate their name day. If it is your own birthday, it is a sign of great personal self-esteem. In addition, you also hope to be recognized for what you have given as a person.

If you dream of a birthday party for a family member or friend, it means that someone is going to help you selflessly. If so, you should express deep gratitude and don't miss out on that opportunity.

If the birthday party in the dream is maternal, it means that you will have a good and abundant life. If people dance at this type of party in a dream, it is interpreted as knowing something about a friend. In this case, you will receive great news from someone you appreciate in a special way.

Finally, dreaming of parties also has its negative aspects. If you eat cake it is possible to have anger or some disease in your relationship environment. Gifts can be unexpected, positive or negative things. They also symbolize commitments with people who are suddenly not close. If you feel like you forgot a friend or family member's party, you feel guilty about something wrong.

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Dreaming of someone else's birthday party

Currently new goals may arise , you are moving towards your goal. Do not stop everything is arranged for you to get good results.

Dreaming of your own birthday party

Good self-esteem , since you consider yourself worthy of being honored, celebrated. You behave very well in your various fields, so you feel worthy of recognition. You expect from others a little of what you have given so much.

Dreaming about a friend's birthday party

Someone close to you will help you, and it is important that you express gratitude to that person. Do not miss this opportunity. That person has given everything to support you without interest, the least you can give is your thanks.

Dreaming people dancing at a birthday party

You will receive good news about a friend . This will be very important to you, because he is someone to whom you have a special affection and want good for him.

Dream about your mother's birthday party

You will have a long and prosperous life . You will be offered a new beginning. It is a good dream that predicts projects that will have good results. Take this opportunity to ask yourself interesting challenges.

Dream about eating birthday cake at party

There may be some minor disgust or illness in your close or family or work environment. Take precautions so that this situation does not cancel you for any reason.

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Dreaming of gifts at a birthday party

Surprises, unexpected things await you . You will have social obligations not necessarily to your liking, or that you will acquire commitments with people not so close to you.

Dreaming about forgetting someone's birthday party

Whether you are a friend or a family member, you may feel guilty that you have done something wrong. You have probably made someone uncomfortable. It should not be anything very serious or relevant.

Dreaming that you're at a party that you don't know anyone

It is manifest insecurity . You feel lonely or socially disqualified. You should try to find one or two good friends. Do not feel insecure and lonely, there are people who have affection and esteem for you.

Dream about a party where there is an assault

They are enemies that stalk you and are waiting for the right moment to attack you. If you manage to escape unscathed, it means that you will not find any impediment in your work or in your relationship.

Dreaming you're sad at a party

This dream indicates that you will soon receive bad news , including the probable death of a loved one. Prepare to receive the impact.

Dreaming of a surprise party

You are an optimistic and positive person . You always expect the best from others. You give a lot and suppose that you will receive in the same proportion, not out of interest but because you really believe in people.

Dream about a party and you're the center of attention

You must analyze about this: Do you usually give to others as much as you receive? It seems that this is a weak side of your behavior. The dream rebukes you in some way and urges you to change your attitude towards others.

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Dream about a village party

This is a sign that you should spend time on relaxation and the release of tension. Also leave room for your sexuality. You are working hard and exhaustion is evident.

Dream about a joyous old people's party

Your businesses are doing well today , but you are worried about what conditions you will reach at that age. You should take care of yourself from now on, to ensure that you will have a dignified old age.

Dreaming of a children's party

Excellent news is coming . It may be the beginning of a new friendship or the event of a relationship, or the arrival of that job offer that you have been waiting for. There will be new things that will make you feel like a child. The best is yet to come.

If the children look healthy and happy, it indicates that they want to form a happy family and home.

Dreaming of a traditional festival

It has to do with your roots in traditions . To the memories, to the learning that you have obtained in the family, from people older than you.

Dream that you are not invited to a party

It can represent that you feel excluded from your social group and that your friends have started to leave you behind due to bad attitudes that you have shown.

You must put the bad mood aside to enjoy happy moments with friends.

Dream about religious holiday

It is related to your moral codes and your spiritual world . It is your connection to your beliefs and the values that you exhibit according to their precepts and teachings. You are reflecting on your spirituality and your peace.

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Dreaming you're late for a party

You will suffer humiliation and humiliation . You must guard against some people who treat you badly. On the other hand, you are evading your responsibilities, preferring to depend on other people. This is not a good thing for you.

Dreaming of a party where there is bondage

This dream announces infidelity in marriage . It is a loss in business or jealousy controversy between lovers.

Dreaming you're at a costume party 

You are surrounded by friends who are betraying you . You must take care of yourself to the maximum, envy is very evil. This dream also implies suspicion and mistrust towards others. Especially if people cover their faces with masks and you can't recognize them.

Dream about luxurious party and you feel comfortable

This can speak of abundance or great security . If you see yourself dancing, insinuate that you expect good results in the activities you are doing.

Dreaming of luxury parties

Luxury is generally related to the activities you do. If you are having fun in this type of dream, it denotes abundance and security. If there is dancing, they represent good business results.

Now, if you feel uncomfortable in a dream of a luxury party, it means the opposite. Luxury accompanied by discomfort denotes insecurity or vanity. It is advisable to review yourself to be more authentic and eliminate vanity.

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Dreaming of servants at the party is a sign of some marital infidelity. If you arrive late to the event, it is interpreted as some humiliation is at hand. It can also mean that you are avoiding responsibilities and your dependence on others is greater.

Finally, dreaming that you are not invited to parties is a sign of exclusion. This may be because there are certain behaviors that distance you from others. Put aside the negative so that you can have joy with your close companions.

Dream about luxurious party and you feel uncomfortable

It reflects a feeling of insecurity or vanity at the same time . You pretend to conceal your insecurities. You need to be more authentic and drop the poses.

Dreaming of partying with friends

You have a good relationship with your friends who appreciate each other. If a friend is not having fun in the dream, you should review your relationship with him specifically.

Dreaming that you are at a party in inappropriate clothes

You have serious self-esteem issues , and perhaps some inferiority complex. Perhaps you have realized that you do not fit into your social circle. It is possible that your way of being is diametrically opposed to that of the people you frequent. Try to make a group change progressively, this will give you a new air and greater motivations.

Dream about the party cake

They are obvious signs of happiness in your life. You are living moments of lasting joy. And all these moments will be permanently reflected in your life. Try to fix this dream well in your memory, because in some way it is your amulet of happiness.

If at another time you dream of something that does not go down the line of happiness, you will also solve and be victorious.

Dream about clowns at the party

It has two connotations . A negative connotation, related to the fact that there are people around you that you cannot trust. It is the fear you feel of making a fool of yourself in front of others.

The positive connotation indicates that there will be many pleasant surprises in the future. If this dream transmits joy to you, it is an announcement of an important stage of satisfaction.

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Dreaming of outdoor parties

You will be presented soon, wonderful opportunities that will allow you to travel this will bring you much happiness. It may also be a job promotion but in this job you will have to travel.

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