7 Photo Collage Apps For Android And iOS You Need To Know About!

7 Photo Collage Apps For Android And iOS You Need To Know About!

With smartphones, we have a camera handy to record all the moments and publish them on social networks. Nothing more natural that we also have tools to do that neat editing in the image or a stylish montage.

Check out 7 photo collage apps you need to know!

1. Fotor - Photo Editor & Collage

Fotor - Photo Editor & Collage

Considered a “small Photoshop” by the BBC, Fotor - Photo Editor & Collage offers different collage styles. It has one of the most classic to those with magazine page face.

In addition, it has a wide range of effects and filters and refinishing tools (from small to large changes). For even greater customization, sticker, frame, and letter collections are always up to date, often ensuring new design options.

Fotor also offers the possibility of photography licensing on PxBee . The platform operates a photo market that connects the creative community of the app, through which the user can market images for various projects.

Fotor - Photo Editor & Collage is available for Android and iOS .

2. FotoRus - Photo Editor

FotoRus - Photo Editor

FotoRus - Photo Editor offers over 100 different styles of collages. These include square, portrait, landscape, strip, and other formats. The user also finds hundreds of stickers that can be used to achieve a funny, delicate effect, etc.

Image editing features, in turn, include functions such as filters, text, lighting, light pen, and other adjustments. There are also items for the embellishment of the photographed. They ensure removal of blemishes and bags under the eyes, skin whitening, and more.

Want to take a photo with the effects already applied? The so-called PIP camera offers different functions that can be used on images with just one touch. Ideal for producing the best selfies.

The app also offers the possibility for the user to make a secret album, where they can save photos with privacy.

FotoRus - Photo Editor is available for Android and iOS .

3. BeFunky


BeFunky sets out to be the most feature-rich photo editing app in the world. To achieve this goal, it offers a variety of frames, stickers and fonts to customize your photo.

In the effects catalog, it has over 32 different options, some of them unique. For collages, a wide variety of designs and styles are available.

A wide range of choices are even offered for photo editing, with features like cropping, sharpening and adding vignettes. It is also possible to change elements such as exposure, hue, saturation, among others.

BeFunky is available for Android and iOS .

4. Moldiv


Collages with combinations of up to nine photos, with 180 frame options. Mounts with layouts from 100 popular magazines, poster or themed album. These are some of the features Moldiv offers.

For the editing of images, there are more than 180 filters in 12 themes. You can use blur effects, photo booth, beauty retouching, among others.

There are even camera options like Silent Shutter, self timer, mirror mode, location tag and more.

The app also provides design tools such as over 100 text fonts, 560 stickers and 80 background patterns;

The Moldiv is available for Android and iOS .

5. Pixlr


Pixlr offers over 2 million combinations of effects, overlays and filters. With a simple interface, it has useful tools for both a professional photographer and anyone who has never edited a photo.

Layouts , backgrounds, and spacing control are tools for producing collages. You can use them to create the overlay and blend of different layers, achieving a double exposure look.

In addition to a variety of filters, the app features varied effect options, shadow and tone control, and a wide variety of text and border fonts. For beautification, there are features like stain removal and teeth whitening.

The Pixlr is available for Android and iOS .

6. PicsArt Photo Studio


PicsArt is a collage maker, drawing tool, photo editor and more in one app. Just in the collage part, the app offers hundreds of free templates and images to use as backgrounds. They are mesh, grid and free style assemblies.

For photo editing, you can crop, clone, adjust curves, and add text. The user can also apply artistic filters (including HDR) and double exposure with layers of adjustable transparency. There are also options of frames, stickers and cliparts.

Want more? The PicsArt Draw drawing tool features customizable brushes, layers, and professional drawing tools.

The PicsArt is available for Android and iOS .

7. Photo Lab photo editor, art and effects

7. Photo Lab photo editor, art and effects

Photo Lab is another photo editor that combines different collage options and various effects. But it has unique styles. Just keep an eye on the app to see that they are very different!

More than 800 items, including frames, filters and effects, that generate unique results. A funny or, perhaps, mystical air. A very psychedelic effect or one with GIF style.

The app even features stickers and other elements that can be added to the photo, celebrity collages, monsters and other characters. It all depends only on creativity.

The Photo Lab is available for Android and iOS.

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