Amazfit Bip: Tricks, Applications and Tools to Squeeze your Watch to the Fullest

Amazfit Bip: Tricks, Applications and Tools to Squeeze your Watch to the Fullest

The arrival of smartwatches on the market, or smart watches, has allowed us to add interesting functions to traditional watches. A good example of this is the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip 2 , a versatile smartwatch that can even detect arrhythmias or atrial fibrillation in real time.

Do not think that enjoying all these advantages has a high price, the Amazfit Bip is around 80 euros, being able to find it for less money in some stores. If you have already done with this great Xiaomi smartwatch, be encouraged to squeeze it to the fullest with the following tricks, apps and tools.

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Amazfit Bip: best apps, tools and tricks for the watch

6 tricks to squeeze your Amazfit Bip

Disable functions to increase the battery

Xiaomi boasts that its Bip watch can reach up to 45 days of autonomy with a single charge. However, for the battery to last so long you must do without some of the smartwatch’s functions . The more you dispense or limit the operation of the more “active” functions, the more the watch will hold up without the need for charging.

Notifications are one of those functions that consume a lot of battery, although the one you need most is the detection of heart rate minute by minute . As the name implies, it is constantly functioning, consuming energy without stopping. By limiting these functions you can see how the autonomy of your Amazfit Bip is closer to those 30-45 days mentioned by Xiaomi.

Don’t forget the automatic Do Not Disturb mode

The smart watch of the Chinese manufacturer has a very interesting way that will allow you to forget for a few hours of notifications. Do Not Disturb is a function that silences the sound of the Amazfit Bip, you just have to activate it so that the alerts on the device are not accompanied by vibrations . Also, if you set it to Auto, it will be automatically enabled when the watch detects that you are sleeping.

Choose from thousands of designs for the dial

The Mi Fit app on your mobile will not only allow you to configure settings on heart rate detection or add apps, it also shows you designs so you can choose how the next aspect of the Amazfit Bip sphere will look . From Dial settings> Dial stores you can select the new design of your watch.

If Mi Fit options don’t convince you, you can always download the Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, choose and install the design you like best. Then, go to Watch Appearance Settings in My Fit and select the design you just downloaded. After synchronization, your Amazfit Bip will already have the look you have chosen.

Disable involuntary movement at night

To avoid having to always press the button when you want to see the notifications, you may have activated the Raise your wrist function to view information from My Fit. This tool will be very useful during the day, but at night it can cause the screen to turn on constantly when you move while you sleep.

Do not worry, you can program the operation of Raise the wrist to see information so you do not have to activate and deactivate it every day. From the function itself in Mi Fit, select the hours during which you want the watch not to turn on when you move your wrist.

Set reminders to not forget anything

Your Amazfit Bip can also become your best ally when it comes to reminding you of events that you cannot forget under any circumstances. Open the Mi Fit app and continue with Profile> My devices> Activate event reminder to add the reminder on the desired date. Once the time comes, the clock will vibrate to remind you.

Program the button for specific workouts

Within the clock setting you can program the long press of the button to activate a specific training. Enter the Long press of the button, choose the activity you want to set as default and press the button again. To disable this option, enter the long press settings and select Disable.

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4 apps to control your Amazfit Bip

My fit

The first essential application for your Amazfit Bip is Mi Fit, the one we have talked about earlier in this article. By linking your smart watch with the Xiaomi app, it can offer you statistics about your daily life, information about workouts, personal sleep assistant, event reminders, etc.

As we have also seen before, from Mi Fit you can configure the clock settings, being able to change even to the design of the dial. When you also analyze your physical activity, Mi Fit will send you a message to recommend you exercise when you have been standing for too long.


Another of the most useful apps for your smartwatch is Gadgetbridge, which has several functions to fully squeeze the device. First, it has a search tool to find the Bip when you have lost it . In addition, it makes a backup of the data in external storage.

You can also synchronize your alarms, event reminders, health data, sleep analysis and configure notifications and other parameters so you don’t miss anything in your Amazfit Bip.


The availability of this app only for iPhone means that not all users can enjoy it. Despite this inconvenience, AmazTools is a good tool to change the design of the watch face, being able to create an original, control Spotify music, convert the Amazfit Bip into a remote control for the mobile camera, and synchronize the workouts with Health Kit

Notify & Fitness for Amazfit

Finally, we recommend you download Notify & Fitness for Amazfit on your mobile to have full control of the Xiaomi smartwatch. This app has a long list of functions that will greatly increase the possibilities of the smartwatch , starting by adding controls to handle music playback .

In addition, with Notify & Fitness for Amazfit you can customize notifications depending on the contact, ignore unwanted messages in WhatsApp groups, receive alerts when your heart rate exceeds the limit, use its anti-theft function, synchronize and export data to Google Fit, and configure alarms and reminders, among other options.

In general, all these applications significantly increase the functionalities of your smart watch. Do not hesitate to download them and analyze all their tools to know what they can bring you, and what not . Thus, you can squeeze your Amazfit Bip to the fullest and not be left alone to see the time.

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