Social Media Dictionary: The 100 words of the Community Manager

Social Media Dictionary: The 100 words of the Community Manager

Today we have something special for you. I present the Community Manager’s dictionary. We thought it would be great to help our readers and for those interested in Community Manager and Social Media, to gather definitions in the dictionary with the most used words and concepts of our classes.

This way you have a lot of content on hand to refresh your memory or to learn new things, which always comes in handy. They are not all, there are many more! At the moment we start with 100 definitions, that are explained with our words to understand them even better and with some other advice.

100 very important words in Marketing

A for Advertisement

Shortening Url:

A tool that allows you to reduce and compress in fewer characters any Web address. Recommended above all to share a link on Twitter and make the most of the 140 characters. I recommend or the Buffer automatic shortener which are free and work quite well.


It is an online advertising platform of Google to set up paid ads in which you can set up campaigns focused on your target public potential taking into account your keywords. I leave a link to one of our Pinterest boards to learn more through SEM Infographics, Adwords and search engine marketing.


It is one of the extensions of Google Chrome that serves to block banners, ads, and advertising when you browse the Internet. Access this link to install Ad-blocker in the bar of your browser and this if you want Ad-blocker in the shortcut from the application panel.


They are the abbreviations of the word “Advertising” which means advertising. As you have seen, most social networks include a section allowing brands to advertise. In the case of Facebook “Facebook Ads”, on Linkedin “Linkedin Ads”.


It is along with AdWords, one of the main tools for advertising on the Internet. Adsense is used to include ads on your own website, while with Adwords you promote them in search engines and web pages. It is a way to monetize your blog or page as long as you use it with control. A blog full of advertising can cause rejection or directly a high percentage of bounce and exit the page.


The concept that comes from the merger of two words “Advertising and Game”. Are those advertising campaigns that implement games as part of the promotion of a product, organization or idea. A technique on the rise and increasingly practiced that originated in the United States.


Affiliates are people or companies that maintain a mutually beneficial commercial relationship between them, where both parties obtain some type of benefit. These types of agreements usually arise between companies and their suppliers or between independent businesses.

Organic Reach:

It is a percentage or numerical data that evaluates the impact and the number of people who have seen a publication in a natural way, without any type of promotion or paid advertising. You can find out the organic reach of your posts through the statistics of your Facebook Fan Page.

Viral Scope:

It is a unit of measure that calculates the number of people who have seen a publication through other contacts. Measures the evolution and impact of a publication in any type of format. Social networks such as Google Plus, for example, through the Echoes show the viral reach of a publication indicating how and what people have shared a content.

Web Analytics:

It is the way to measure and analyze the traffic data of a website, through which it will allow us to make the best decisions and optimize the business objectives. In our Google Analytics guide with 35 metrics and key functions, you can find out how to successfully develop your social media strategy.


It is “Application Programming Interface”; we can understand it as the key that allows us to carry out the connection between several different platforms, connect them together and use them for a specific purpose that we need to carry out.


It is a downloadable computer application, both on mobile devices and computers, which plays a useful and complementary role for the user. There are thousands! For example, some of the most used and we recommend in our Community Manager course are Feedly, TweetDeck, Buffer, Pocket, Google Hangouts, Hootsuite, Mailchimp.


It is the profile photo that is associated with the posts and comments of a user in social networks or blogs. I advise you to configure your avatar so that users can easily identify you. If you use WordPress, configure your avatar through Gravatar, which is a useful and intuitive tool to manage one or several avatars.

B For Buffer


The business relationship that arises between two companies “Business to Business”, social networks such as Linkedin are the perfect framework to generate connections and business opportunities of this type.


In this case, the business relationship that takes place between company-client “Business to Consumer” is carried out directly between the company and the final consumer. In this sense, social networks favor this type of relationship as they allow direct communication between the brand and the client.


Rating, distinctive or award granted by an application or social network to users when they achieve some type of goal or objective. It is part in most cases of gamification processes in which a game is proposed among users as in the case of Foursquare.


It is a floating element of promotion or advertising of products or services that may appear at the top, bottom or sides of the page.

Black Hat:

This is the name of the set of SEO techniques that are illegal or not approved by Google. Are all those traps and actions to get through the fast and false route to improving positioning.

Blog Post:

It is the technical name that receives the action of publishing an entry or article in a blog.

Blog Roll:

It is a widget that we can install in our blog and visualize in the form of a list the blogs that we follow and that we recommend to our readers.


It is when a group of people come together to bring together creative ideas and actions to develop a project. It is a great way to work as a team and propose new improvements, proposals or solutions among all.


It is the set of strategies that are put into practice to build and make visible the brand of a company or product. Through online marketing and social media, different strategies can be developed for a brand to increase its notoriety, the number of sales and its popularity.

C for Content


It is an automatic system of file copies so that users of a web page see the data faster and do not have to load twice the same. If you have a web page it is essential to enable the Cache so that the web loads fast. This will help you in the usability of your page and its positioning.


At first glance, it is the means of communication through which a message is disseminated. In social media, we call the account that a user has on YouTube to broadcast their videos. It is a direct, visual and dynamic way to consume and broadcast content on the Internet.


The circles are part of the social network of Google “Google Plus” and serve to have the contacts organized. You can create new ones and include in them the people you want as well as in the twitter lists. Unlike twitter lists, the name of the circle is not public. Circles can be edited, customized and shared with other users.


It is the content management system and refers to the program that gives the structure to web pages to later reach us in a simpler way and allow the editing, management, and administration of our blogs and websites.

QR Code:

It is a generator of information through an encoded image scannable by mobile devices that gives you information about a person, brand, product or service.

Online Community:

Group of people with the presence on digital media and social networks that share and dialogue in the 2.0 environment generally around a brand or theme.

Community Manager (CM):

The person in charge of managing and invigorating the online community that revolves around a brand. Among its many functions, the CM is a content creator, manager of the brand’s online reputation as well as analyzing and using metrics to measure the results of the implemented actions.

Value Content:

It is the content that helps and brings real value to users. On the Internet, we could distinguish between value content, commercial content and fill content. By publishing valuable content instead of commercial content, we are going to make it share in social networks, retain our users and reach new ones.

Duplicate Content:

It is the text that Google detects as a copy made from an original document. Copy and paste or publish in two or more different sites the same text generates duplicate content.

Liquid Content:

It is that material, document or content that once created and elaborated can be transformed and adapted to any other format. The difficult thing is to create good content, how easy it is to adapt it to other forms. Always try to create liquid content because you will save work and you can publish the same idea in different media and social networks. From a video, you can make a post, an infographic and so on.


A cookie or computer cookie is a small piece of information that is recorded on your computer when you visit a website and that allows the website to track your activity.


Corresponds to the concept “Cost per Click”. It is a way to market and finance advertising on social networks. The advertiser pays an agreed price only when users click on the ad.


It’s a bid strategy for online advertising. In this case, the advertiser pays according to the number of impressions, that is, for the times that the advertisement is seen or not clicked.

Creative Commons:

It is an organization that grants public and flexible licenses to documents of general interest so that they can be used and reproduced without commercial interest by the rest of the users. Any user and author of content can register their documents in Creative Commons and choose between different types of CC licenses.


Corresponds to “Customer Relationship Management” and is a type of platform by which a company manages all its business contacts, its links on the web and social networks. CRMs have become a fundamental tool in commercial work teams.


Action by which companies and brands generate creative content through their own customers, fans or internet users. This term has been generalized and put into practice mainly to encourage participation in social networks.


These acronyms come from the English concept “Cascading Style Sheets” that comes to mean something like “cascading style sheets”, within the administration panel of our website we have this section that serves to include different template editing codes, color, shape, and elements that make up the web.


They are the acronyms of “Click Through Rate” or percentage of clicks. It is a ratio to measure the effectiveness of a text or an advertisement. It is used to know the percentage of clicks in an Adwords ad or for a Google result in SEO. It is a data expressed as a percentage (%) that results from dividing the number of clicks among the number of impressions.

D for Delicious


It is the administration area of ??a blog, known by all as a desktop from where all the options can be managed.


It is the name by which a brand, a person or a company is registered on the Internet to have its own “name” .com, .es or .org. Domains are paid annually and their price ranges between 5 and 15 dollars per year.

E for Engagement


E-Commerce means electronic commerce and is the set of actions related to the purchase and sale of products or services in the online medium.


It is one of the most innovative options of the Google+ social network that is part of a publication. Through the echoes, you can see the evolution and impact that a publication has had among users. Graphically represents how many people have shared a publication and the impact it generates as well as the most influential people in your environment.

Facebook EdgeRank:

The algorithm that calculates and displays on each Facebook wall, the most relevant news or publications of each page. It basically depends on three factors: the age or time that elapses since it is published on the Fan Page until a user sees it on his news wall, the affinity with the page and the participation or weight generated by each of the publications between users and fans.

Disco Effect:

It is a comparison that is used in marketing to refer to the negative effect caused by a publication that does not have any type of participation. What happens if you go to a disco and there is nobody? Do you stay to dance alone? I don`t believe. As the behavior of users before a publication without comments is similar, as a rule, few people like to be the first and the disco effect occurs.

Email Marketing:

A set of strategies whose main objective is contact with customers, the promotion and information of products and services of a brand through email. Absolutely not an outdated method, email marketing is still one of the most useful tools to take advantage of the database and contact your customers.


They are the people who show you their support and help you spread content and publications. They can arise spontaneously in social networks or be people from your closest circle. From now on your task will be to detect your best ambassadors and take care of them to continue generating positive links.


It is the feeling of belonging and emotional union between a brand and a user. It is the goal of any brand or company in social networks and I give you two essential tricks to achieve it: base your strategy on content marketing and generate in each of your networks the highest possible participation.

Incoming Links:

They are those links that are on other pages to our website. Getting them to link you will be one of your main objectives to improve your positioning. Google understands these links as recommendations and will be more valued if it is from a page with authority and if it is your own theme.

Outbound Links:

They are those links that are on our website and direct to others. It will be advisable that your outgoing links are correct and you do not have any broken ones. To check this you can use Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Internal Links:

They are links within our website that redirect to other content within the same blog or page. Put another way, is when we link within an article to another article or information also created by us. Having internal links will improve your page’s visit time and positioning.

Market Study:

It is the previous analysis that any company must do to understand its sector. Through these studies, detailed information is obtained on the internal and external characteristics of the market in question, the target audience and the state of supply and demand.

Browser Extension:

Are those applications that we can install from Google Store or from the application itself by creating a shortcut in the menu of our Google Chrome browser.

F for Feedly

Fan Page:

Also called a fanpage, it is the platform that Facebook offers to companies, brands or organizations to make visible and connect with users. Unlike a profile, a Fan Page does not have a fan limit and it is possible to have access to the statistical information of the page.


Also known by RSS file is the format in which the content of the blogs is shared. Apart from the WordPress reader I recommend Feedly to have quick and easy access to your favorite blogs.


The main action of communication 2.0, which consists of the dialogue and communication between users being bidirectional. Generating and participating in dialogue with the users and customers of a brand is the basis of any social media strategy and one of the main objectives of the Community Manager.


Abbreviation used in twitter that refers to the term “Follow Friday” (#FF) in the form of a hashtag that is used to recommend and greet outstanding contacts on Friday of each week.


They are the followers of a user or brand on Twitter. We always recommend not obsessing with the number of followers of your account because it is not the most important thing. On the other hand, it is the constant, active and sharing the content of interest. Even so, you have available these 70 tips and tricks of Twitter that will help you improve your followers and participation with your community.


They are small gifts, files or free samples that are shared through web pages or blogs. In most of our articles, you have additional content that you can download for free in exchange for a tweet or a like on Facebook.


They are the abbreviations of “File Transfer Protocol” and a computer program of administration that allows transferring files between the hosting and the Web page.

G for Google


The marketing technique that introduces the dynamics of games and contests as part of the promotion and advertising of a product.


The term that refers to the positioning and geographical location of a business, person or place through coordinates that allows placing any element on the map. It is a fundamental tool for applications and commercial through mobile marketing.


It is a graphics format that comes from the English term “Graphics Interchange Format”. They are images that are characterized mainly by being animated and moving.


It is a free program that allows you to register and configure an avatar in such a way that an image or photograph that becomes visible every time you participate or leave a comment on networks or blogs is associated with the name of the individual.

H for Hootsuite


It is one of the flagship products of Google, on the one hand, it is a means of communication of instant messaging that allows video calls and also in a medium to make live video conferences through the social network Google Plus and a Youtube channel.


It is a label formed by a word or set of words preceded by the symbol pad (#) that transmits an idea, name or concept that is normally associated with a message or text. Its use has been extended mainly in social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus.


Computer service that allows a user to host and store the elements that make up a web page, file transfers via FTP and create email accounts from a domain. It is essential to hire a hosting if you need a website or a blog using


It stands for “HyperText Markup Language” and consists of the computer language with which web pages are created and managed.

I for Internet

Inbound Marketing:

It refers to the set of non-aggressive marketing techniques with the potential client or consumer that are characterized by basing their strategy on three fundamental pillars: SEO or positioning, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


In social media is that person who has the ability to viralize and share content with a large number of people.


It is an image that combines texts and graphics forming a visual scheme that transmits, quickly and intuitively, concepts and information. Some of the best known free tools to create your own infographics and that I recommend you are Pictochart, or Here you have, in addition, 500 infographics for the Community Manager that can serve as inspiration.


Informative document of the state of the action plans in the different Social Media strategies and that includes quantitative and qualitative data coming from the result of the web analytics.

K for Klout


In the 2.0 environment, it refers to the rating system that applies to users who share and publish content. In this way, each member can get positive or negative votes that will increase or decrease their Karma. A greater Karma more prestige and notoriety among users.


They are the most important keywords in a message or text. By themselves, they have meaning and are those that encompass the general sense of content. It is essential to make good use of the Keywords if we want to attract titles and improve search engine positioning.


They are the abbreviations of “Key Performance Indicator” and are those indicators and measurement tools from which useful information of the level of performance of a campaign or marketing strategy is obtained.

L for LinkedIn

Landing Page:

They are static pages or home pages with information and general content where users go when visiting a web page.

It consists of an SEO strategy, of positioning in search engines, which consists of achieving or “building” strategic links to improve the SEO results of a page or website.


The process by which a user registers and accesses the account with his name, email or password in a tool, an online platform or a social network.

M for Marketing

Personal Brand:

Set of strategies focused on enhancing the abilities and aptitudes of a person in the online medium.

Content Marketing:

Are those marketing strategies focused on providing useful content and help to users through mainly the blog and social media marketing.

Online Marketing:

It consists of that set of marketing techniques and strategies that are developed and take place in the online medium and through communication 2.0

Mass Media:

It is a type of communication that is carried out through mass media or traditional mass media such as television, radio or the written press.


It is a data administrator. Structure and classifies information that in turn describes another element from which you can obtain detailed information about its characteristics.


It is a computer program or application to generate content with the peculiarity of having a limited number of characters.


It is a rational administrative data system that is used primarily to upload and save files belonging to web pages, mainly databases. We use them for our WordPress to store content, our texts, comments, etc. They are like a great online excel where you save data from web pages and applications.

P for Pinterest

Page Rank:

It is the numerical value with which Google qualifies web pages and platforms, including social networks. It is a representative value of the quality and importance of the website.


It consists of all those acts where users are active in the form of comments, opinions or sharing content on social networks and blogs.


It is an additional application that brings new and improved services and tools to the blog and to the configuration of the website.


It is a container of content in audio format (mp3, mp4, radio) downloadable and generally free used in blogs and web pages.

Target audiences:

It is the group of people or market niche potentially receptive to a product type or business area. They are the people to whom a brand is directed to sell and promote their products.

R for Retargeting


It is a numerical and statistical data that informs of the number of people that have entered a web page and automatically the seconds have left.

Online Reputation:

It is the set of opinions and experiences (positive or negative) of users and consumers that revolve around a brand, product or company generated in the 2.0 environment and social networks.


It is a feature of those pages and web designs that have the ability to adapt to all types of mobile devices without losing resolution or quality in the content.


It is a new advertising technique that consists of showing the user related products, a kind of personalized filter of products and services in which it is more receptive to receive information.


They are the abbreviations in English of “Return on investment” that means the return on the investment. It is an indicator that measures the benefit against the expense of the investment of a project.


The acronym “Really Simple Syndication” is a type of format called XML that allows you to share, read, receive and store information from blogs and web pages.


They are the abbreviations of the word “Retweet” and it is frequently used on Twitter and it consists in sharing the Tweet of another person.

S for Social Media


In social networks, segmentation is the action by which a publication is directed to a group of people with a specific profile. , age, marital status, occupation or tastes. Brands and companies use Facebook segmentation to increase the effectiveness of the publication among their target audience.


Corresponds to the concept of “Search Engine Marketing” and is the set of actions by which a product or service is promoted in the form of an advertisement and that has a cost to the advertiser.


They are the famous acronyms of “Search Engine Optimization” and are all those techniques that improve and are focused on the optimization of content (pages, blogs, videos) in search engines in an organic and natural way.


Small phrases of specific code used in WordPress that serve to call a more complex function already predefined. They are present in almost all editing and creation tasks in WordPress: layout of the text by means of columns or drop-outs, insert slideshows, maps, buttons and practically anything that comes to mind. The easiest is to implement them using plugins.


The abbreviations correspond to “Social Media Optimization” and are the set of actions that aim to boost and optimize the presence of a brand in different social networks linking and uniting with each other.

Social Media Manager:

Professional responsible for planning the average social strategy of an organization, product or company.


In social media refers to an email, comment or unwanted junk content that is mainly associated with the commercial content.


Micro SMEs with limited initial capital and flexible and adaptable to the market with customer-oriented products and services. Generally, they are projects linked to innovation, development, and entrepreneurship.


Marketing technique whose objective is to connect and link the user directly with the content counted in the form of graphics or audiovisual history.

Street marketing:

The marketing strategy that consists of carrying out advertising campaigns and events of a brand in the urban environment or public places.


People who have registered and registered before giving their information to a brand or company and give their consent to receive information or news related to the products or services of the company.

T for Twitter


It means the target audience. It is that set of people most receptive by their characteristics to a product, brand or service. It will be essential to define and get to know your target audience well in order to know how to contribute value in social networks.

Web Traffic:

They are the visits that a website has. We can differentiate between the number of visits, number of unique visitors and number of page views. The number of page views will always be greater, then the number of visits and finally the number of unique visitors.


It consists of writing textually an audiovisual content. As you probably know, Google does not understand multimedia content, so it is highly recommended to transcribe them to position with that text.


Technique by which the same content can be transformed and adapted to other formats.


The user of the 2.0 environment that is characterized by providing destructive criticism and negative comments without much foundation. As they say in these cases if you meet a Troll “do not give him food” or do not feed his game. It is better to accept criticism if it is deserved


They are the abbreviations of “Trending Topic” and it is one of the most famous abbreviations of Twitter to assign the most important and influential topics of the moment. You can see the trending topic according to the country or city you choose.


It is the message with which we communicate on Twitter and is characteristic for not being able to exceed a total of 140 characters. Apart from the text, a tweet can contain several elements such as an image, a link, one or several hashtag (#) or include a mention to one or several users (@)

V for Video

Video Marketing:

Marketing strategy whose main objective is to transmit, promote a product or service through videos.


A viral content, of whatever kind, is one that is disseminated and shared like wildfire between different users and through different media and social networks. The objective of any marketing campaign is to “viralize” its contents.

Video Blog:

Means of communication formed by a gallery or collection of videos created by one or more authors. They can be of any theme. Online video services such as Youtube are the perfect platform to disseminate this type of audiovisual content.

W for WordPress


Webinars are events or conferences that take place in the online medium.


A small easy-to-install computer application that can provide various functionalities to the website.


It comes from the Hawaiian term “wiki” which means fast and are those platforms or information systems of easy and agile consultation. The most famous of all is Wikipedia.

Y for YouTube


They are the people who create and upload videos to YouTube and who have turned their channel into something more than a hobby, becoming, in many cases, their profession. The Youtuber earns money for the advertisements of the videos or for showing sponsored products.

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Well, so far the first part of our dictionary. To begin with, it’s not bad, right? Great if you liked it and I hope it has served to discover and learn new concepts and buzzwords from this changing and evolving world.

By the way, have you missed any definition or have doubts about a specific concept? Do you propose a new one? We could give shape to the best Social Media dictionary among all. If so, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, I will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. You can also leave suggestions and share if you liked.

Thanks for reading the blog.


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