Could You Have More Than One Fitbit On An Account? How To Do It?

The way into a joyful life is guaranteeing and giving your very best to keep up with your wellbeing. The current innovation and related improvements simplify this goal and are simpler to accomplish for people like you and me.

There is no capacity for devices, gadgets, and applications intended to advance a fitter way of life for individuals having a place with a wide range of foundations and ways of life, empowering them to eat well, remain dynamic, and commit time for their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Among these helpful wellness gadgets, Fitbit is perhaps the most famous decision. With an ever-increasing number of individuals picking to utilize the helpful Fitbit gadget to stay aware of their wellness objectives, you might wind up enticed to get in on the fun too. We are here to provide it with our blessing: it is certainly worth the speculation!

You should clasp the wellness tracker onto your wrist, put forth your wellbeing objectives, sync it to your cell phones, and presto!

Certain individuals like to involve numerous Fitbit gadgets for different purposes, including separate ones for outside and indoor exercises.

You would likewise really like to have the option to deal with all of your FitBits through an advantageous and durable stage that gives you admittance to everything simultaneously. In any case, the inquiry remains:

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Is It Possible To Register More Than One Fitbit To One Account? How To Do It?

The response to the past inquiries is yes; you essentially need to know how you can add numerous Fitbit gadgets to your current record to synchronize the entirety of the information and make it work. We will help you through this cycle to make it more straightforward for you in this aide.

It is workable for you to utilize just a single adaptation of the Fitbit portable application on one telephone and use it to oversee two distinct Fitbit gadgets. To make this work, notwithstanding, you should physically set it up:

Ensure you have downloaded and set up the Fitbit application from the App Store or the Play Store on your gadget.

Open the application and pick Join FitBit.

Sign in utilizing your current record accreditations.

Under the Account tab, find and tap on the choice that says “Set Up a New Fitbit Device.

Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to wrap setting up the new gadget.

The application will presently consequently switch between your gadgets relying upon your utilization.


Regarding the dashboard, you will want to see the value in a total and all-encompassing perspective on your general Fitbit movement instead of individual dashboards for every one of the associated gadgets.

Concerning the warnings, you will get notices on all of your associated FitBit gadgets if you oversee them through an Apple gadget and they are inside the scope of the iPhone. If you are utilizing an Android or Windows gadget, all things being equal, you will see the notices on one of the gadgets inside the predefined range.


Short version, you can’t. It isn’t feasible to enroll FitBits with various individuals on a similar record. It is because your FitBit account is your information bank; when you pursue your record, you are approached to enter individual data, for example, stature and weight, so your insights can be determined, and your objectives can be changed as needed be. What should make another record or each exceptional client to get the most reliable estimations of your everyday action and wellbeing status.


Whether you have bought another FitBit gadget or lost/harmed a current one, it is feasible for you to eliminate it from your record:

Send off your FitBit application.

Go to the Today tab.

Tap on your profile picture.

Pick your gadget from the given pictures.

At long last, tap on Remove or the rubbish symbol, relying upon what is displayed to you to eliminate that gadget from the told all.

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